Why does my dog carry around food bowl?

Dogs are some of the most loyal animals out there. They love their owners unconditionally and they want to please them at every turn. If you’ve ever owned a dog, then you’ll know that they always seem to have something in their mouth. What’s going on?

Dogs eat for two reasons: hunger and pleasure. When they’re hungry, they’ll go looking for food, but once they get full, they’ll stop eating until they’re hungry again. This is called ‘hunger-driven feeding’.

The other reason dogs eat is because they enjoy the taste of food. In fact, dogs have evolved to prefer certain flavors over others. For example, chocolate is one of their favorite treats.

So if your dog has a sweet tooth, he may be carrying his bowl around just so he can eat it. It’s also possible that he’s trying to keep himself occupied while waiting for you to come home. He may not even realize what he’s doing!

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Reasons Your Dog Carries Its Food Bowl Around

There are many different reasons why your dog carries his food bowl around. Some of these include:

Hankering For A Meal

If your dog has been left alone all day and hasn’t eaten anything, he might start to think about how good a meal would taste. He could be thinking about his next meal or maybe he wants to make sure he doesn’t miss any meals.

Keeping Himself Busy

If your dog is bored, he might decide to take up some sort of activity to pass the time. He could be walking around with his food bowl in his mouth, chewing on it as he goes. Or he could be playing fetch with his bowl.

An Attack Of Nerves

If your dog is nervous or stressed, he might try to calm himself by carrying his bowl around. You may notice him pacing back and forth or sniffing the air.

Teething Problems

A teething puppy will often chew on things like toys or his bedding. As soon as he starts to chew on an object, he’ll want to hold onto it. So he’ll pick up his food bowl and carry it around with him.

Your Dog May Be Trying To Get Attention

Some dogs carry their bowls around when they’re feeling lonely. They may feel sad or anxious and they don’t want anyone else to see this. They might also be trying to attract attention from people who aren’t paying them much mind.

He Could Have An Eating Disorder

Some dogs suffer from anorexia or bulimia. These conditions cause them to overeat or undereat. If your dog seems to be constantly carrying his bowl around, he may be suffering from one of these disorders.

Instinctual Behavior

There are times when your dog will do things without realizing why. Maybe he’s following his instincts or maybe he’s just curious. Either way, he won’t understand why he’s doing it.

How Can I Stop My Dog From Carrying His Food Bowl Around?

You can help prevent your dog from carrying his food bowl around by making sure he gets enough exercise and playtime. Make sure he gets plenty of fresh water too. Also, give him lots of praise and affection whenever he brings his bowl back to you.

You can also teach your dog to leave his bowl at home. Start by giving him a treat every time he leaves his bowl behind. Then gradually increase the number of rewards each time he behaves correctly. Once he learns to leave his bowl at his own house, you can move on to teaching him to leave it at your place instead. This will allow you to control where he eats.

If your dog continues to carry his bowl around, talk to your vet. There are some medications available which can help reduce anxiety and stress levels. However, these drugs may have side effects. Speak to your vet before taking any medication.

Is It Normal For Dogs To Carry Food Bowls Around?

It isn’t normal for dogs to carry food bowls around. But if you notice that your dog is doing this regularly, there are ways to stop him. Try to find out what’s causing him to behave in this way. If you’re able to identify the problem, you can work towards solving it.

Why does my dog try to hide her food bowl?

Dogs sometimes hide their food bowls because they don’t want other animals to steal it. They may also hide their bowls to keep other pets away from it. Some dogs even hide their bowls so no humans can get close to them.

Why Does My Dog Pick Up His Empty Food Bowl?

When your dog picks up his empty bowl, he’s probably looking for something to eat. He may think that the bowl has been left somewhere and he wants to check it out. Or he may think that someone dropped the bowl while he was distracted.

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Why Does My Dog Pick Up Her Food And Eat It Somewhere Else?

Your dog may pick up her food bowl and take it outside to eat. She could be eating outdoors because she doesn’t like being inside. Or she could be picking up her bowl to clean it.

Why does my dog carry his water bowl around with him?

Various factors could have caused your dog to tip its bowl over. However, the most likely causes are dirty or stale water, that your pup felt like wetting his fur due to the heat, or that your pet was just feeling bored.  Canines love to tip their water bowls, so investing in a weighed-down water bowl is always a good idea. Also, always ensure your pet’s drinking water is clean by regularly changing the water in its bowl. 

Why does my dog carry his food to the carpet?

The reason why your dog carries his food bowl to the floor is because he’s hungry. Your pet might be trying to avoid getting into trouble. In addition, he may be trying to keep his food safe from pups who would otherwise snatch it off the table.

Why does my dog dump his food and eat it off the floor?

This is one of the most common reasons why dogs throw their food. They may feel like they’ve eaten enough already, and they want to go back to work. If your dog eats his food off the ground, he may be suffering from indigestion. He could also be experiencing stress.

Why does my puppy lick himself after he eats?

Puppies lick themselves after they finish eating because they’re still digesting their meal. The licking helps them clear their system of any leftover food. It’s normal for puppies to lick themselves after meals, but excessive licking could indicate health problems such as worms or fleas.

My dog keeps dropping her food bowl! What can I do about it?

It sounds like your dog has a bad habit of dropping her food bowl. She may have been taught to drop the bowl during feeding time, so she thinks it’s okay to do this whenever she wants to eat. Try giving your pet new bowls instead of using the same ones over and over again.


According to We Love Doodles. There are a few things to consider when determining the primary cause of your dog’s behavior. 

When it first began doing this, what else happened

In the case where your dog did not always carry its food bowl around, it would be helpful to think about what else happened when it first started doing so. Changes in its diet that made it hungry, anxiety caused by something or learning that the behavior is rewarded might be the reason why it started doing it suddenly. 

When your dog carries its food bowl around, what is different?

Taking into account other differences may also help you understand why your dog tends to do that. It may be more likely that your dog is doing it because it is hungry if it tends to do so more when not fed yet.

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why does my dog carry his food bowl around

What to do if your dog carries its food bowl around with it

You have a few options to choose from when dealing with this behavior. 

Encouragement of the behavior should be avoided

It could be that it has learned that certain behaviors are rewarded. It would be better to reward it for good behavior and to avoid rewarding it for bad behavior. 

Feed it at the same time

Additionally, it could be that your dog has been carrying its food bowl around because it doesn’t know when it will be fed, and so he wants you to remember to feed him. It would be helpful to feed it at around the same time each day in order to avoid this. 

Give it other things to carry

You could also give it things to pick up that you don’t mind it picking up. You could give it a toy or a bone.

Make sure that it is getting the right diet

In addition, it would ensure that the animal has been eating the right foods and getting the right amount of calories, as it might be doing so out of hunger.

Redirect its attention

When it seems likely that it will pick up its bowl of food, redirect its focus onto something else. You will be able to break the habit of picking its food bowl up if you do this repeatedly.

Get help

A dog behaviorist may be able to help you if your dog has been doing this excessively or is not stopping. If you do so, you should be able to figure out what has been causing the behavior and what you can do about it.

Limit the reasons why it may be anxious

Alternatively, it may be anxious because of something else. By letting it pee, eat, and exercise before leaving it, you would minimize the chances that it will be anxious. 

How To Train Your Dog To Stop Moving Their Bowl?

If your dog has a habit of moving his bowl while he’s eating, try training him to stop doing this. Start by placing a toy at the bottom of his bowl. When your pet tries to move his bowl, gently grab the toy and place it back inside. Repeat this process until your pet learns what you’re teaching him.

Why does my dog lay by his food bowl?

If your dog lays down next to his food bowl, he’s probably waiting for you to feed him. If you see that your dog’s lying near his bowl, you can encourage him to come closer by offering him some tasty treats.

Why does my dog spit out his food then eat it?

Dogs often spit out their food before they eat it. This behavior is called regurgitation. Regurgitated food is usually harmless, but if your pet spits out food on purpose, it could mean there’s something wrong with his stomach.

Why does my dog leave pieces of food around the house?

Some dogs leave small bits of food around the house because they enjoy the smell. Others do this because they’re hunting for prey. Still others do it because they’re playing with their food. Whatever the case, it’s best to discourage your dog from leaving food around the house. You should remove all scraps of food from the house. This will prevent your pet from having an accident.

Dog pushing food bowl away with nose and not eating?

A dog may push away his food bowl when he feels too full. As soon as he finishes eating, he’ll start searching for more food. So, make sure your pet gets enough exercise and playtime. Also, give him plenty of treats to reward him for eating well.

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Conclusions On Why does my dog carry his food bowl around?

It is possible for your dog to carry his bowl for a variety of reasons. You can better understand what they are telling you if you pay attention and understand why they do so. Playing with a bowl is a fairly normal activity for dogs.

There may be an underlying problem if they are suddenly refusing to eat while doing so. If your dog shows any signs of illness, you should take them to the vet.


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