Top 6+ Best wagons for dogs who can’t walk

Taking your dog for a walk is one of the best things you can do for him. However, if he’s physically unable to walk, a wagon is the ideal solution.

There are tons of different types of wagons, so it can be hard to choose the right one for your dog. To help you make the right choice, we’ve put together this list of the 6 best wagons for dogs who can’t walk.

It is great to walk, jog, or simply transport your dog without exerting much effort with a dog wagon stroller.

There are some significant differences among most models despite sharing the same basic design. These differences will help you choose the best dog wagon stroller for your pet. Its first advantage is that it comes in a variety of sizes – for both large and small dogs – and in a variety of types, so you can choose the one that is right for your pet.

You can also use a dog wagon stroller for jogging or simply transporting your pet from place to place. You can also get suspension systems, cup holders, and other features to make your life easier, such as a suspension system and cup holders.

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wagons for dogs who can't walk

When choosing a dog wagon or stroller, how do you make the right choice?

The American Pet Products Association (APPA) estimates that Americans will spend $123.6 billion in 2021 on their pets, including wagons and strollers for their pets. If you’re committed to continuing your walks, runs, or hikes together, you should consider the following things when choosing a wagon or stroller:

Your dog’s size

You can find many styles of small pet strollers, and they may even fit several of your little canine friends at once. If you have two dogs who prefer their own space, you can purchase a double dog stroller. Dog strollers often have mesh covers that can be closed, allowing your dog(s) to sniff and watch the scenery while staying safe.

You may also want to consider a larger stroller for medium dogs. These strollers look much like small dog strollers but have the advantage of being pushed rather than pulled. They may also have mesh windows to keep your dog from jumping out mid-ride.

A wagon may be more dependable for large or giant breed dogs. If you already have a child’s wagon, you might be able to repurpose it for your dog. Make sure that the sides of your DIY dog wagon are tall enough to prevent your dog from falling over the edge as you navigate rough terrain, corners, and bumpy sidewalks on your first walk!

Whether you plan to walk, run, or bike

Dog jogging strollers are called dog jogging strollers because they are often three-wheeled and offer a smoother ride when running. Traditional strollers or wagons are ideal for walking and hiking.

It may be a good idea to purchase a “pull-behind” dog wagon if you enjoy riding your bike. These wagons are designed to attach to your bike. So, you can take your dog with you for a short walk around the neighborhood, or a much longer walk around your favorite city park. For better visibility on the road, many bike carriers are also equipped with reflectors or safety flags.

Where are you planning to go?

Besides the terrain, you will also need to pay attention to how you plan to travel. If you plan to travel on trails and across grassy hills, you should look for a vehicle with a larger and more durable tire if you plan to travel over rough ground. If you happen to find a soft ground or a muddy spot in the path, these all-terrain wagons or beach wagons won’t get stuck as easily! They’ll be easier to pull or push through grass, too!

What is the size of your garage and car?

If you do not have enough room to store and transport a large wagon or stroller with sturdy sides, big wheels, and even a canopy, you might want to choose a fabric wagon with collapsible sides. These wagons are very convenient, but check the weight capacity before buying one for your large or giant breed dog. They can be stored in much smaller spaces.

The Best wagons for dogs who can’t walk

1. Mac Sports Heavy Duty Steel Frame

Product 1

Featuring a strong steel frame construction and durable construction, this wagon is perfect for dogs who are unable to walk. For anyone looking for a wagon to transport their dog, the MAC Sports Folding Utility Wagon is a great choice, because it is compact and collapsible. It is also versatile, as it can be used for carrying other items like groceries, beach gear, and more.

You have to lift your dog into the wagon since there is no entry point for your dog. It’s great value for the price of $98, and it’s perfect if you need something durable to use for a long time.


  • Holds up to 150 pounds
  • Handle that can be adjusted
  • Collapsible and compact


  • Occasionally, the handle slips off, which is not very secure.

2. BingoPaw Large Dog Stroller Jogger

Product 2 1

Designed exclusively for dogs, this stroller is ideal for pets who cannot walk long distances or are recovering from an injury. It has a large interior, so multiple animals can be carried at the same time. The stroller also has zippered enclosures that allow animals to enter and exit safely.

Additionally, the EVA vibration-absorbing wheels provide the animal with a comfortable ride, while the rear locking foot brakes keep the stroller in one place when not in use.

We highly recommend this wagon to anyone who has a dog who is unable to walk. It is well-designed and provides both the pet owner and their pet with a safe and comfortable experience. It costs $199.98, which is an affordable price for the utility it provides.


  • Supports up to 120 pounds
  • Designed to last
  • Comfortable seating
  • There are two points of entry
  • Transportable when folded


  • Bringing it inside and outside is a bit heavy.

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3. VIVOSUN Heavy Duty Collapsible Wagon

Product 3 1

VIVOSUN Heavy Duty Collapsible Folding Wagon is the perfect way to transport a dog that is unable to walk. The wagon is made of durable materials that won’t tear and has a large carrying capacity.

The handle is adjustable and the front wheels rotate, so you can easily maneuver it over any terrain. The best part is that the wagon folds up easily and can be stored in a single hand, so you can take it with you wherever you go.

The main advantage of this wagon compared to others is that you can also use it for gardening or carrying other things. If your dog is messy, you’ll appreciate how easy it is to clean the fabric. For dogs with difficulty walking as well as their owners who want an easy way to transport them, this wagon is an excellent choice.


  • It can carry up to 176 pounds
  • Materials that are durable
  • Handle that can be adjusted
  • The front wheels rotate
  • Easily folds and stores


  •  The only downside is that it is a bit heavy to lift after it has been folded.  

4. Vergo Dog Stroller Pet Jogger Wagon

Product 4 1

As well as being the most expensive wagon on this list, the Vergo Dog Stroller Pet Jogger Wagon is also the highest quality. Featuring a large interior space and mesh windows for ventilation, as well as a safety leash to keep your pet safe, it is made from tough carbon steel and high density oxford fabric.

A safety leash allows you to keep your pet secure when they’re inside this wagon. Additionally, the 360° swivel front wheels and large back wheels with a locking system make it easy to take on different terrain, and the whole thing can be folded up and stored easily. In terms of wagons for dogs who cannot walk, this is the wagon you need.


  • Materials of high quality
  • An interior with plenty of space
  • Wheels that swivel 360 degrees
  • Folds and stores easily
  • Safety leash included


  • Getting the dog in was a little difficult. It would have been easier to enter from the rear and just open the door.

5. Moon Lence Collapsible Utility Wagon

Product 5 1

Designed for dogs who can’t walk, the Moon Lence wagon is durable, easy to set up and store, and has a large capacity. Its 360° rotating front wheels make it easy to move around, and its universal wheels make it suitable for multiple applications.

In addition to carrying your dog, you can also use it to carry groceries or gardening tools. The maximum load capacity is 220 pounds, which is higher than all the other choices!

Our recommendation for dogs who are unable to walk is this one, as it is both affordable and has a high capacity. There is a one-year warranty included as well.

If you want to use the Moon Lence wagon in the rain or sun, you’ll need to buy a cover separately. Overall, the Moon Lence wagon is an excellent choice for dogs who cannot walk independently.


  • 220 lbs weight capacity!
  • Setup is easy
  • It’s durable
  • Wheels that are universal
  • Ground clearance is lower


  • The cover is not built-in

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6. Hikenture Folding Wagon Cart Portable Large Capacity Beach Wagon

Product 6 1

With its stainless-steel frame and wheels that move in all directions, Hikenture’s fully adjustable beach wagon is a great alternative to plastic carts.

The flexible all-direction handle is also a neat addition, and the wagon can be folded into a small size for easy storage. It weighs 22 pounds and can carry up to 175 pounds. In addition to the reinforced steel frame and all-terrain wheels, it can be rotated 360 degrees.

The combination of durable construction and high usability makes Hikenture’s folding beach cart one of the best options.


  • Since the foldable piece that becomes the bottom of the storage space is removable, it folds very neatly to a much smaller size than all my other wagons
  • Metal frame folding is designed to fold much smaller than other frames
  • There is a rain cover included
  • Good pulling system and a very sturdy
  • higher than others to provide more storage
  • Sturdiness does not come at a higher cost
  • Hikenture’s customer support has always been excellent


  • Putting it in the bag on your own is a little challenging.

What is the best dog wagon for you?

Your dog’s needs will determine which wagon is best for you. If you want the best quality, choose the Vergo Dog Stroller Pet Jogger Wagon.

It’s the best choice if you’re looking for an affordable option. Last but not least, if you are looking for a wagon that offers good value and a lot of capacity, the Moon Lence is a great choice.

You’re best off choosing the Double Pet Jogging Stroller or the Vergo Dog Stroller Pet Jogger Wagon if you want a wagon with a built-in cover. Your dog will love going on adventures with you, no matter what wagon you choose!

What can you do when your old dog can no longer walk?

The first thing you should do is make sure your dog isn’t suffering from any health problems. You may need to take your dog to the veterinarian so she can be checked for hip dysplasia, arthritis, or other conditions that could cause her to stumble.

Once you know your dog is healthy, you can start thinking about what kind of mobility device would work best for her. There are many different options available, including wheelchairs, scooters, and carts.

But before you buy anything, you should think about whether your dog needs something permanent or temporary. A wheelchair or scooter might not be appropriate for your dog. After all, she doesn’t really need to move around much anymore. She probably won’t use it unless she gets into trouble.

Do vets recommend dog wheelchairs?

Yes! Many veterinarians recommend dog wheelchairs for dogs who can’t stand up on their own. The reason is simple: if your dog falls over, she’ll likely break her hips. That’s a painful injury that requires surgery.

So by giving your dog a wheelchair, you’re preventing her from ever needing surgery. Plus, a wheelchair makes it easier for your dog to stay active. She can still play fetch, chase balls, and run through the park.

Can I put my dog in a wagon?

Wagon Dogz are designed specifically for dogs who can’t get up on their own. They’re lightweight, portable, and easy to clean — just throw them in the washing machine.

You can even attach a leash to the side of the wagon so your dog can pull herself along. But remember, wagons aren’t meant to replace regular carts. Your dog will still need to practice balancing herself while pulling the wagon.

How do you move a dog that can’t walk?

If your dog can’t walk, there are several ways you can help her get around. One option is to teach her how to ride in a car. Another option is to give her a cart. And finally, you can try using a wagon.

If you decide to go with a wagon, you’ll need to find one that fits your dog’s size and weight. It shouldn’t weigh more than 20 pounds.

It’s also important to choose a wagon that’s sturdy enough to hold your dog’s weight. Some wagons are made out of plastic, which can crack or break under heavy loads.

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