Vectra 3d killed my dog – How safe is Vectra 3D for dogs?

Pets and homes suffer from flea infestations, which makes topical preventives crucial to ensuring your animal’s comfort. It is true that many products are available to protect your dog against fleas, but many of them do not offer the same protection against other common insects. There are many insects that can cause discomfort to dogs, including ticks, mosquitoes, flies, and mites.

Among the topical preventives that work to combat these pests is Vectra 3D for Dogs. Using dinotefuran, permethrin, and pyriproxyfen in combination, your pet is protected against insects.

The insecticides and adulticides repel certain bugs while paralyzing and killing others on contact; pyriproxyfen, an insect growth regulator, prevents the development of fleas in their early stages, breaking the life cycle of these parasitic pests.

A single dose offers protection against these pests for up to a month. The fast-acting preventive reduces the number of ticks significantly within the first 24 hours while destroying fleas within two hours of administration.

Vectra 3D is also available in four different formulations to ensure that there is a dosage that is appropriate for dogs of every size. To reduce the risk of side effects, preventives which contain insecticides should be administered carefully.

We developed this guide to help owners better understand Vectra 3D and assist them in identifying and reducing side effects.

Additionally, understanding the risks associated with the ointment can help identify other illnesses caused by vectors, such as Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Lyme disease.

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Preventing fleas and ticks with natural versus chemical methods

Whenever possible, I choose a natural product, but sometimes a little bit of chemical assistance is all that is needed.

My former employer was a large outdoor retailer, and I’ve tried most of the natural bug repellents available on the market. The chemical insect repellents, like DEET and Permethrin, worked much better than all of them.

I was bitten less often by bugs using natural repellents, but it never stopped.

That’s what I’ve experienced with my dogs as well. I didn’t feel Chester and Gretel were fully protected by natural repellents when there were no bugs.

Natural repellents reduced the discomfort, but they still got bitten. Infected ticks and fleas can spread diseases with just one bite.

It is important to me to use something I know will work in all conditions when it comes to protecting my dogs against diseases or illnesses caused by insects. That is why I chose Vectra 3D for dogs.

Identification and reduction of side effects

In order to minimize adverse reactions, Vectra 3D for Dogs must be used correctly. For this reason, it is vital that you read the directions carefully before using this product. When you apply the wrong formula or too much solution to your pet, chemical burns will result in the skin of your pet.

You may end up having serious complications if your pet consumes the product if you apply it in the wrong place.

The ointment may also cause restlessness and anxiety, in addition to chemical burns at the application site. If there is irritation at the site of application, this may be a direct result of the treatment.

Lethargy, sweating, racing heart, loose stools, vomiting, fever, and excessive thirst may also occur as a result of the treatment. Also, it is very important to make sure the formulation does not come in contact with your pet’s eyes or is not ingested by them.

Cats are also toxic to Vectra 3D. Therefore, until the product has completely dried, cats should be separated from dogs receiving this treatment.

Furthermore, dogs and cats in these households should be watched to ensure that the preventive is not licked while it is still wet. Last but not least, Vectra 3D should only be used on dogs and puppies over the age of 7 weeks.

Consequently, pregnant, nursing, debilitated, and elderly dogs should not use this product. Likewise, dogs with skin sensitivities, such as pruritus, may not be able to tolerate topical preventatives of this strength. Vectra 3D may not be compatible with certain medications.

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In Vectra 3D Flea and Tick Prevention, what are the active ingredients?

Permethrin is a synthetic version of a bug deterrent found in nature, which is the primary ingredient in Vectra 3D flea and tick prevention.

Additionally to permethrin, Vectra 3D contains Dinotefuran and Pyriproxyfen, making it a triple-action formulation.

Fleas and ticks are both repellents and killed by these three ingredients.

Insecticidal compound permethrin is manufactured from the chrysanthemum flower. It biodegrades rapidly when it comes into contact with soil and water. Directly applied to the skin, less than 1% of the active ingredient is absorbed.

Dinotefuran – Dinotefuran disrupts an insect’s nervous system, causing the insect to stop eating within several hours of contact and die soon thereafter. mammals. A mammal’s nervous system is not affected by it, as it is specific to insects.

When accidentally ingested, it will be rapidly eliminated from the body (in urine) because it works by contact with the skin.

By mimicking a natural hormone in insects, Pyriproxyfen disrupts their growth, mainly affecting insects and eggs. Humans and other mammals are not likely to be affected.

How to Deal with Side Effects

You should call your veterinarian if your dog experiences any of the side effects associated with Vectra 3D. Your pet must be washed of this medication within four hours of application in order to provide optimal relief. The majority of the treatment is absorbed within this period, so a bath with colloidal shampoo may provide relief after this period.

Consult your veterinarian if symptoms persist so you can provide secondary relief. A pet suffering from skin irritation can be treated with antibiotic spray or ointment. Misuse-induced symptoms should be treated according to the problem.

In the event that the solution enters your pet’s eyes, you should rinse gently for up to 20 minutes and consult a poison control center or a veterinarian for further guidance.

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Vectra 3D alternative

Insects have become resistant to common pesticides, making spot-on flea and tick preventives for dogs more common. As a result, many dogs’ preventives contain ingredients that are too toxic for cats and kittens.

In spite of its toxicity, the drug is very effective at killing ticks, lice, and other pests, but cats still need to be protected from them. As a special treat for these felines and their owners, Vectra produces a formula specifically formulated for cats.

With this simple topical formula, all life stages of fleas are killed, and kittens who are 8 weeks of age or older are completely safe. There are also two formulations of this treatment for small and large cats. 

Furthermore, Vectra for Dogs is available in a weaker form. The formula only works to kill and repel fleas- but is ideal for dogs who may not be able to handle Vectra 3D or for households with both dogs and cats.

How can Vectra 3D kill fleas and ticks for dogs?

Among other topical preventatives, Vectra 3D caught my attention for a few reasons

The product doesn’t just kill, it repels – Unlike many other topical products, Vectra 3D prevents bugs before they bite your pet, thus preventing the transmission of diseases.

This product kills and repels 15 different species of bugs – many preventatives only treat fleas and ticks. Vectra 3D also kills heartworm-causing mosquitoes (which can transmit heartworm disease), biting flies, sand flies, lice, and mites (except mange mites).

A stronger effect for a longer period – Some monthly flea and tick treatments require a waiting period to fully work, while others lose effectiveness over time. Vectra 3Dbegins to work immediately and remains effective for the full 4 weeks. 

Vectra 3D was more effective than Frontline® Plus, or K9 Advantix® at every time-point against brown dog ticks in a 2015 study cited by Parasitology Research.

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Review of the Vectra 3D

Vectra 3D did not disappoint me. It has been on my wish list for years.

Considering that the most common side effects are not likely to be life threatening, and the diseases Gretel can contract from fleas or ticks can be life threatening, I don’t believe it carries any life-threatening risks.

We have been using Vectra 3D for 3 months and Gretel weighs only 10 lbs. Vectra 3D looks to be a great option for us, and I was prepared to stop using it at any negative sign.

A little vial with an applicator comes with most topical flea and tick treatments. There is no need for scissors to open it – and the rounded application tip is unlikely to scratch Gretel’s skin.

Having my dog protected from disease-carrying bugs has made me feel more relaxed on our hikes. As a result, I’m glad we can visit the local park without fear of fleas and ticks biting them.

This flea and tick treatment is definitely worth recommending to other dog owners.

What if I get VECTRA 3D in my eyes or on my skin?

You should hold your eyes open while rinsing them gently with water for 15 to 20 minutes if they are in the eyes. Make sure your contacts are removed.

You should seek medical advice on how to proceed. Immediately contact a doctor if swallowed. Remove contaminated clothing if it is on the skin. After 15 to 20 minutes, rinse the skin with plenty of water. See a doctor right away for advice.

After applying VECTRA 3D, can my pet bathe or swim?

Sure. Providing your pet is immersed in water through bathing or swimming, VECTRA 3D remains effective in controlling fleas and ticks for an entire month. 

Nevertheless, for maximum effectiveness and to protect the environment, it is recommended not to bathe or immerse your dog in water until the application site is dry. Temperature and air exposure influence how long it takes, although it may take several hours.

Based on studies carried out under controlled conditions, the first bathing took place 48 hours after administration and was repeated weekly without affecting efficacy against fleas or ticks.

During the 48 hours following treatment, we do not recommend that a treated dog enter surface water sources (rivers, streams, sea) so that aquatic organisms will not be adversely affected.

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Is VECTRA 3D effective on immature fleas and ticks?

Sure. Ticks in their immature stages are more vulnerable to active ingredients than their adult counterparts. Consequently, they are more easily killed.

The insect growth regulator pyriproxyfen is contained in VECTRA 3D. For 2 months after application, VECTRA 3D remains effective against all stages of flea development.

VECTRA 3D contraindications: what are they?

Cats should not use VECTRA 3D. Permethrin cannot be metabolized by their unique physiology, therefore, 

Cats should not be treated with VECTRA 3D. The VECTRA 3D may be harmful to cats if applied to them, or if they ingest it if they groom a recently treated dog. In this case, you should notify your veterinarian immediately.

Additionally, VECTRA 3D should not be used in animals with known hypersensitivity to any of the active substances or to any of the excipients.

What happens if VECTRA 3D comes into contact with delicate fabrics or materials?

A few fabrics and other materials can stain when exposed to VECTRA 3D. A room free from susceptible surfaces is the best place to administer VECTRA 3D. If your dog comes into contact with susceptible materials or surfaces, you should wait until the application site has dried. Avoid shaking your dog after administration.

The product should be removed as much as possible with an absorbent cloth prior to cleaning the surface.

What should I do if VECTRA Felis gets in my eyes or on my skin?

When calling a poison center or doctor or going for treatment following human exposure to VECTRA Felis, have the product container or label available. In the case of contact with the eyes, hold them open and rinse with water slowly and gently for 15 to 20 minutes. Contact lenses should be removed.  See a doctor or poison control center for guidance. 

For treatment advice, if swallowed, contact a poison control center or doctor immediately. If able to swallow, have the person sip some water. If your doctor or poison control center tells you that vomiting is necessary, do not induce it.

An unconscious person should not be given anything. Take off contaminated clothes if they are on the skin. Immediately soak the skin for 15 to 20 minutes in plenty of water. For treatment advice, contact a doctor right away.

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What should I do if a cat is accidentally exposed to VECTRA 3D?

In the event that VECTRA 3D is accidentally administered to a cat, or if a cat is exposed to it after interacting with a treated dog, the following guidelines are recommended:

To remove any residual product from a cat, wash it with washing up liquid after administering the product directly. Maintain the body temperature of the cat afterward. Consult your veterinarian.

When my dog exhibits unexpected signs following VECTRA 3D administration, what should I do?

Veterinary advice can be obtained.

When is the best time to administer VECTRA Felis?

VECTRA Felis should be administered at the end of the day.

What does VECTRA 3D do to control immature flea stages?

Fleas hide their immature stages in their environment. Pets sleep in places where fleas hide their immatures. Larvae develop from flea eggs. Larvae avoid sunlight and feed on flea dirt.

Their movement is random, but they do not move more than 30-50cm from where the eggs are dropped. Pyriproxyfen, at a concentration of just a few milligrams, is a highly potent insect growth regulator.

Upon contact with the treated dog (hairs, skin particles, dust, etc. ), it dissipates and disrupts the immature stages of the fleas. This kills immature fleas and prevents them from becoming adults. According to Bouhsira et al. (2012), the treatment also sterilizes adult female fleas that are exposed to treated dogs, so that they cannot lay eggs.

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Can I use VECTRA 3D on my dog and my cat at the same time?

A cat is at risk if he or she ingests VECTRA 3D or comes in contact with it. This may occur if the site has not dried yet after application or if the cat grooms a treated dog.

Keep your treated dog away from your cat until the application site is dry following treatment to prevent oral exposure to VECTRA 3D. When the product is still wet, cats should be prohibited from grooming dogs. This must be immediately addressed by a veterinarian.

What does VECTRA Felis do to kill fleas on my cat?

Dinotefuran and pyriproxifen work together to protect against VECTRA Felis.  By contacting fleas with these ingredients, they are killed.

Does VECTRA 3D kill fleas and ticks on my dog?

Dinotefuran, Pyriproxifen, and Permethrin combine to protect with VECTRA 3D. Fleas and ticks are killed and repelled when these ingredients are combined.

In contact with your dog’s skin and hair, parasites land on them. They are more likely to become exposed to the active ingredients in VECTRA 3D as they move across the dog’s body to find a place to bite the more they move on the dog

They will be affected sooner. VECTRA 3D first causes a “hot foot” reaction in ticks. These parasites have very sensitive sensors in the legs, which are sensitive to permethrin and cause them to run off the dog (hot foot effect). It is physically impossible to bite them when they climb back up the fur without biting.

A flea’s feeding behavior is disrupted quickly by VECTRA 3D. When compared to untreated dogs, feeding is strongly reduced within five minutes after infestation and once the product has translocated.

As a result of the synergy between dinotefuran and permethrin, fleas are knocked down quickly and start dropping off the animal without any chance of recovery.

Is my dog too young and too heavy to apply VECTRA 3D?

You can use VECTRA 3D on puppies as young as 7 weeks old or more than 1.5kg in weight.

When does VECTRA 3D start working?

VECTRA 3D has been studied and proved to reduce flea feeding within five minutes and kill fleas within the first six hours for dogs that have not previously been treated (therapeutic) and within 2 hours for dogs that have been treated previously (residual).

The efficacy of VECTRA 3D against ticks lasts for 48 hours after the application. 

Against flying insects, activity also begins very quickly.  Sandflies, mosquitoes, and biting flies are repelled by Vectra 3D within 24 hours of administration. Stomoxys flies and Aedes mosquitoes are killed by VECTRA 3D within 30 minutes of exposure to a treated dog.

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After applying VECTRA Felis, can I brush my cat?

Certainly. The effectiveness of VECTRA Felis is not affected by repeated combing of cats.

As a precautionary measure, we recommend not brushing or combing your cat until the application site has dried completely to reduce your exposure to the active ingredients.

How should VECTRA 3D be administered?

Ideally, VECTRA 3D should be administered at the end of the day or before walking your dog.

It is possible for your dog to experience unusual sensations after having VECTRA 3D applied. While this phenomenon occurs, your animal will be more comfortable if he is distracted or sleeping.

Applying the product in the evening will allow time for it to dry during the night, which reduces the risk of human contact.

For VECTRA 3D to work, do parasites have to bite?

no. Parasites are killed by VECTRA 3D when they contact your pet’s fur.

Do I need to remove ticks from my dog before applying VECTRA 3D?

Yes. In order to prevent your dogs from contracting pathogens, you should remove ticks as soon as possible.  Remove the ticks using an appropriate device. The tick’s entire body, including the mouthparts, should be removed. The tick should then be destroyed.

What age does my cat need to be before I can apply VECTRA Felis?

Cats as young as 7 weeks old or at least 0.6kg can be treated with VECTRA Felis.

VECTRA 3D controls other parasites besides fleas and ticks?

Yes. A full month of protection against other major vectors such as mosquitoes, biting flies, and sand flies is guaranteed with the use of VECTRA 3D.

Can VECTRA Felis be used on animals other than cats?

No. VECTRA Felis should not be used on any other animal.

Why should I be concerned about fleas on my cat?

The flea is a parasite that feeds on blood and multiplies rapidly.  Your pet and your family may contract dangerous diseases when they bite your cat.

Is VECTRA Felis harmful if it comes in contact with fabrics or house materials?

Some fabrics and other materials are susceptible to stains caused by VECTRA Felis.

For this reason, you should wait until the application site is completely dry before allowing your cat to come in contact with your sofa or other surfaces.

VECTRA Felis should also be administered outside or in a room without surfaces that are susceptible to your cat.

If your cat shakes after administration, make sure he’s not shaking. You should immediately clean the product if you come into contact with it. Absorb as much of the product as possible with absorbent paper.

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In order for VECTRA Felis to work, do parasites have to bite?

No. Pets’ fur is infused with Vectra Felis, which kills parasites.  There is no need to bite.

Is it necessary to worry about immature fleas?

Fleas are not capable of feeding on animals while they are immature, but they are a significant proportion of flea populations and will develop into new adults that can feed on your pet.

If my dog licks itself, what should I do?

There is no need to worry. VECTRA 3D is safe when given at up to five times the maximum dose to young dogs. If you want your dog’s effectiveness to last as long as possible after administration, you should distract them while the VECTRA 3D dries.

If my cat licks itself, what should I do?

There is no need to worry. There have been no reported adverse effects associated with VECTRA Felis when ingested at doses up to 4 times the maximum dose in young cats.

In order to maximize the duration of efficacy of VECTRA Felis, we recommend that you keep your cat distracted while the medication is drying.

Once VECTRA 3D has been applied, what happens to the active ingredients?

The active ingredients in VECTRA 3D move/translocate from the application site to the entire body surface within minutes and remain there for up to a month after application. 

In dogs treated with VECTRA 3D, dinotefuran is partially absorbed through the skin, resulting in systemic exposure. However, this systemic exposure does not affect the efficacy of the drug.

Through the skin, Pyriproxyfen can also be absorbed from VECTRA 3D. VECTRA 3D does not absorb permethrin. The plasma levels of fluoxetine always remained below the limits of quantification during the pharmacokinetic study.

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Can I apply VECTRA Felis more than once a month?

VECTRA Felis should only be taken once every 30 days. A more frequent application is not needed unless your veterinarian recommends it. A complete month of protection against fleas is provided by VECTRA Felis.

Can I apply VECTRA 3D more than once a month?

During a 30-day period, you may only apply VECTRA3D once. The powerful flea and tick protection of VECTRA 3D do not require more frequent applications.

Can my pet bathe or swim after applying VECTRA Felis?

There has been no testing of this. As a precaution, your cat should not be bathed or immersed in water until the application site is dry.

When does VECTRA Felis begin to work?

Fleas are killed within two hours (>95%)

Do other medicines interact with each other?

No interactions have been reported.

After applying VECTRA 3D, can I brush my dog?

It is. After repeated combings of dogs, VECTRA 3D remains effective. However, you should not brush or comb your dog until the application site is completely dry in order to reduce your exposure to the active ingredients.

VECTRA 3D can be used on pets other than dogs?

Yes. VECTRA 3D should not be used on cats or any other animals.


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