The Best Porch Dog For You

The following article is about top outdoor dog houses with porches. Sure, dogs like to run around and play outside with their toys but they also like to have a rest which is very convenient in dog houses with porches. It provides both a warm and a cosy space accompanying a porch where your dog can enjoy the sun.

When choosing a dog house several factors including size, price, material, and design should be taken into consideration. Several dog houses are listed below to help you to make the best choice. To get more detailed information read our article about a dog house with a covered porch.

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1. Weather-proof Outdoor Dog House – Tangkula

Our first suggestion is Tangkula Weatherproof Outdoor dog house. This house is perfect for its design and quality. As it looks like a real house it will become a beautiful item in your garden. In addition, it is made of fir tree wood that guarantees long-lasting usage for any kind of weather.

The porch is higher from the ground ensuring dryer space for your dog. 3 main sizes are available. The smallest one is for a dog of 20 kg and the largest is for a dog of 27kg. One more important thing is that it is easy to assemble. Without any doubts, your dog will love it.

2. Boomer & George Log cabin Dog house with porch

Our second suggestion will be feet for those dogs that like laying under the sun. Boomer & George log cabin dog house with porch is made of kiln-dried fir. It is 31m wide and 38m high. The floor is 12sm high from the ground thus your dog is protected from cold, insects, and heat. The house also has a window for air circulation. This house is also a quite good choice.

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3. Antique Dog house by Boomer & George

Another Boomer and George indoor dog house have an antique design. It is big enough for two dogs. One big room can turn into two medium-sized spaces if your dongs would like to have their own rooms. This dog house is made of fir and of course it has a covered porch. It is worth mentioning that waterproof products such as asphalt are used for the roof.

4. Log cabin dog house with porch

The next one is a log cabin dog house with a covered porch. It has a very beautiful house-style design.  Being made of high-quality pinewood it is quite weather-resistant.   

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5. Cabin pet shelter with porch

Last but not least is this dog house cabin pet shelter with two doors and a deck for relaxing under the sun. This large dog house is a good solution for sheltering two puppies. They will never get bored while playing with each other.

However, if they want to be separated don’t forget about our antique dog house listed above.

Hopefully, our 5 suggestions will help you to find the best option for you. When choosing a dog house do not forget to pay attention to all the factors. Do not forget to also check out our article about luxury dog house indoor.

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