The Best Dog Bike Trailers Review Read Pros and cons

Think about what type of riding you want to do. Consider the terrain and climate. Think about your dog’s comfort.

We have listed the top features we consider to be essential for a dog bike trailer. You want something that is durable and high-quality so it can handle whatever adventures you plan.

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Dog Bike riding with a Dog trailer can significantly change the way you bike. It takes some time to get used to the feeling.

Here are some things to remember:

  • It is important to consider all angles
  • It takes some effort to accelerate
  • Cruising downhill feels like towing a parachutist
  • Pedaling uphill is like towing a trailer.

Handling will be affected by the weight of your dog, trailer, and Dog bike.

Dog Bike
Dog Bike


Some trailers have mesh panels to allow for ventilation, while others have a stronger fabric. Mesh is more susceptible to tears if your dog scratches it, but it allows for fresh air to circulate through the trailer.

You should also consider the frame’s material. Aluminum frames are lighter than steel frames, but they last longer.

Steel is heavier than aluminum but can still be welded together if it does break. Steel can also handle heavier dogs, so it is worth considering if your dog is large.

We advise against using plastic frames because they are both inexpensive and easy to break.


You get what you pay, just like with all gear. A dog bike trailer of high quality can last for many thousands of miles while a cheaper one might break quickly.

  • Materials Aluminum and steel vs. plastic
  • wheels are the spokes made of aluminum or plastic? If they break, plastic wheels can be removed but spokes can still be replaced.
  • Skewers– Is it easy to get rid of them?
  • Tires– How likely is it that the factory tires will get flat? (We replace all of our tires with Marathon Schwalbe We had only 3 flats on the entire trip.

To get an idea about the durability of different options, take a look online at Dog bike trailer reviews.

Dog Bike
Dog Bike


We found the suspension to be a useful feature in some dog bike trailers. This was especially helpful when we were cycling on gravel roads in South America.

You can skip suspension if you ride on roads and bike paths. Dog Bike trailers are capable of handling bumpy terrain without suspension.

Suspension reduces the impact of riding in rough terrain. Although your dog will be more comfortable riding on rough roads, the trailer is going to be heavier.


A warranty is a great option. It’s a good idea to get additional protection if you are unsure about how your dog will handle the trailer or if it gets rusty in the garage.

We love Amazon return policy.

Size / weight

The size of your dog will determine the size trailer that you need. A large trailer for your dog will be necessary if you have a large dog.

To ensure they are comfortable in their rig, measure their length, width and height.

Many of the trailers in this guide are available at REI. Before you commit to buying, we recommend stopping by REI to see if the trailer is right for you.

You will want to maximise the space inside your dog’s room while still keeping his weight down.

Dog Bike


Some pet trailers are available with separate attachments that allow for use in other sports.

You can use the wheel and handle of many to make your senior dog more mobile.

Some dogs come with ski attachments so you can pull your dog around for a change.

Other important features

Safety FlagA high safety flag isn’t necessary but it is a nice addition for riding on busy roads or in urban areas.

Brake System: Some trailers come with a hand brake, which is useful if you’re stopped on a steep hill and need to relieve some of the load.

Rain coversIf you are planning to ride your dog on a bike tour, it will probably rain. You should make sure your trailer has rain protection.

Pockets: Interior pockets Dog gear You can keep your dog safe from drowning in a seawater of treats and water bowls in the trailer.

Entrance: You should consider whether the trailer was made for children or for dogs. There will be a different entrance.

Pets have more room to enter than kids trailers, which face the rear of the Dog bike. The entry point is in the back.

Visibility: Bright colors make it easier for drivers to see that you are carrying special cargo. If night falls during a ride, make sure you have a spot where you can attach a red blinky light.

PetSafe bike trailer for dogs Review

Dog Bike
Dog Bike


  • LIGHTWEIGHT ALUMINUM – A lightweight aluminum frame allows you to ride your bike with your best friend.
  • A RIDE WITH A VIEW: Allow your pet to enjoy the view from the back, side and front ventilated windows. Give shade from the sun.
  • SAFE AND SECURED: The trailer’s safety tether attaches to your pet’s harness and keeps them safe while on the trails. A weather-resistant trailer also has reflectors for increased visibility
  • EASY CONNECT: The trailer hook quickly connects to your bike; at the end, you can easily disconnect the hitch from your bike and collapse the trailer for storage
  • STORAGE POUCHES – 3 pockets on the trailer’s exterior allow you to take your dog’s leash and treats along with you on your adventures
  • SIZING: A medium trailer can hold dogs up to 50 lb. The inside cab measures 26in L x 17in W x 20in H. A large trailer can hold dogs up to 110lb. The inside cab measures 33in L x 22in W x 26in H
  • Important Information: The trailer will not work with tricycles that are equipped with a Shimano gear set.
Dog Bike

Aluminum Frame

You can bring your pet along if you’re not up for a ride but you still want to go. You can cycle to the dog park with your pet, getting a good workout and keeping them safe. The HoundAbout II is the perfect solution for pet owners who are worried about tying their pets to a bike. Your pet will enjoy the ride. Solvit’s design has an extra-wide wheelbase with a lower center of gravity to ensure exceptional ride stability. It also makes it easier for pets to get in and out.

There are special pockets that can hold keys, cellphones, water bottles, keys, treats, and other gear. To block weather and wind, the front door of the trailer has a mesh layer with a zipper, as well as a clear vinyl layer. You can use them in different configurations, depending on the riding conditions. The large sunroof allows pets to look out from the windows and provides plenty of airflows. Pets will be comfortable while on long rides with a removable and washable cushion. Easy assembly and folding

  • A new model option offers a light, rust-proof ALUMINUM frame.
  • A larger size is suitable for pets up to 110 lbs.
  • This is a great option for pets with joint problems or older pets.
  • Unique design allows pets to enter and leave more easily.
  • A wider wheelbase means a more stable ride.
  • Constructed of 600d polyester with waterproof flooring, and available in steel or aluminum options.
  • It features a front door with a waterproof layer and mesh screening layer, and a rear door that has mesh screen. There is also a sunroof.
  • Multiple pockets for water bottles, personal items, leashes, treats, and poop bags.
  • A cushion that can be removed and washed.
  • A safety leash that can be adjusted to keep your pet safe while you’re riding.
  • 16″ and 20” air-filled tires (medium or large).
  • Included universal bicycle hitch. Additional hitches are available separately.
  • Easy assembly and storage.

The PetSafe Happy Ride Aluminum Dog Bike Trailer is ready to take you on trails and wagtails. You can easily ride your dog along with you on bike rides thanks to the lightweight and durable frame. 

To keep your pet friend safe and secure in the trailer, attach the safety tether. The ventilated windows on the side, rear and front will allow your dog to enjoy the ride. 

The 3 storage pockets on the trailer allow you to store your dog’s water, treats and leash. The bike hitch can be quickly detached from your bicycle at the end of an exciting day. You can also collapse the trailer’s sides for storage. PetSafe is here to make sure you and your pet have a happy life together.

KiraKarla Review

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Top 5 smartest Dog Breeds

Overall a great product that has allowed us to take our pooches to far more places. And when we camp we use it to move firewood, ice, or anything else with ease. We have two dogs, one is about 50 pounds and the other about 60 pounds so we definitely push this contraption to its maximum. Even with them bouncing around I haven’t had any problems. It is easy to fold down and not too heavy to move around.

Dog Bike

Item Details

Size: Large, Aluminum Frame

Item Weight25 Pounds
Item Dimensions LxWxH33 x 33 x 22 inches
Maximum Weight Recommendation110 Pounds
Dog Bike

What We Think of the PetSafe Bicycle Trailer

We love the PetSafe Bicycle trailer for so many reasons. It has one downside: it’s quite expensive, but that doesn’t limit how many people can benefit from the trailer. Its weight limit is the best part of this bike trailer. It can comfortably carry 110-pound dogs, so almost any breed of dog can be safely towable behind your bike.

This model is built with safety in mind. The universal coupler allows for secure attachment to any bicycle. This ensures that no one will attempt to attach the trailer to their bike and put their safety at risk. The trailer also has an interior safety tether to make sure your dog cannot run or fall out.

Other great features include pockets for treats, water, and leashes. It is lightweight and compact for easy storage. This trailer will make you and your dog feel safe and comfortable no matter where you are going.

PetSafe designed the PetSafe dog bike trailer. The trailer comes with a safety leash that can be adjusted to make sure your dog stays inside.

This trailer has plenty of storage space and breathable mesh. You can also choose from steel or aluminum for the dog bike trailer frame.

Dog Bike


  • Comfortable cushion
  • Maximum airflow for your dog
  • Sunroof. Sunroof. Your dog can enjoy the sun while you work.
  • Aluminum wheels
  • Foldable storage
  • Front door with a waterproof layer
  • 3 pockets to hold treats, leashes, and poop bags.


  • It can be hard to fit certain trailer hitches to all bikes
  • No flag
  • For larger dogs, a shorter interior length is better
  • This slant is for bikes with 26-inch wheels. This slant is used on bikes with 700cc rear and front wheels.
  • It can be hard to assemble
  • For bikes equipped with Shimano gear sets, this is not compatible

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