Best subaru outback dog barrier

Your dog jumps in the front seat, blocking your view, and creating the risk of a car accident? Do you worry about the safety of your family, yourself, and/or your dog while driving? Are you concerned about the scratches and paw prints left on your Subaru Outback by your dog?

The love you have for your dog exceeds the love you have for your Subaru Outback. Therefore, when driving or taking a road trip with your dog, it is crucial to protect both of you.

When the car is moving, it’s ideal to have a barrier between you and your pet to prevent accidents from distracted driving and to keep your pet safe.

The best carpet barriers can be found right here if you’re looking for them. In this guide, we will give you the most comprehensive guide to finding the best pet barrier for your Subaru Outback.

Quick Summary

1. Travall Guard – Best overall

2. Pawple Dog – Best Budget

3. PetSafe Happy – Editor’s Choice

The Best Subaru outback dog barrier

Keeping your pet and the rest of your family safe on the road is only possible with a pet barrier.

A list of 9 leading pet barriers for the Subaru Outback can be found below. They will certainly improve the safety and comfort of your pet while traveling.

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Top 5 smartest Dog Breeds x
Top 5 smartest Dog Breeds

1. FEANDREA Dog Car Barrier

subaru outback dog barrier

Do you have a dog that is a bit naughty in the car? He is prevented from jumping onto the front seats by this mesh barrier that attaches to the headrests of the rear seats. Traveling is safe for everyone!

There are two main panels and two side panels on this wire mesh that can be adjusted in length to fit most cars, SUVs, and trucks

With its sturdy steel construction, this mesh dog guard is strong enough to keep even large dogs from obstructing your vision. Additionally, it does not make any unpleasant sounds during the drive once it is installed

A smooth surface prevents injuries to your dog. It also prevents the interior of your car from getting scratched. But most importantly…you! You can use this grill barrier with a lighthearted attitude.

Easy-to-follow instructions and hook-and-loop fasteners make the installation of this barrier a breeze.

What we Like

  • Prevents your dog from jumping into the front seat when driving.
  • Strong enough to prevent even large dogs from obstructive behavior.
  • A smooth surface prevents injury to your dog.
  • Does not make any unpleasant sounds when installed.
  • Lightweight and easy to install.
  • Great for traveling with your dog.

What We Don`t Like

  • The product does not work on cats.

2. Bushwhacker – Cargo Area Dog Barrier

subaru outback dog barrier

Your Subaru Outback and your dog will be safe, secure, clean, and protected with the Bushwhacker Dog Barrier. With this soft mesh material, your furry companion is much safer in the event of an accident or sudden stop.

Metal piping holds everything firmly in place on this durable pet screen. An inch-long tubular frame has no sharp corners or edges and the scratch- and tear-resistant mesh is attached to it.

Despite its lightweight design, Bushwhacker Dog Barriers are incredibly strong. It is easy to set up and easy to see through this thoughtfully constructed pet barrier. Keeping your pet safe, secure, and protected on road trips is easy with this barrier.

What we Like

  • Easy to set up and remove.
  • Strong, durable construction.
  • Scratch- and tear-resistant material.
  • Sturdy metal tubing holds everything securely in place.
  • Pet friendly, easy to see through.

What We Don`t Like

  • I wish the mesh was attached to the bar on the same side as the straps
  • It could have been a bit longer

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3. MidWest Pet Barrier Wire Mesh Car Barrier

subaru outback dog barrier

Wire mesh fashioned into a car barrier for dogs by MidWest is durable, adaptable, and fully adjustable for your Subaru Outback. Your dog will be contained to the vehicle’s cargo area, preventing dangerous distractions for drivers.

Pets will love this easy-to-install, adjustable barrier. Two inches of heavy-duty mesh and five and nine-gauge wire will secure your dog. Protect your vehicle’s interior from tears and damage with rubber feet on adjustable rods. 

Having a black e-coat finish maximizes your visibility while driving and minimizes glare from the sun. Rubber molding is wrapped all around the barrier to protect your dog and interior.

What we Like

  • Easy installation.
  • Adjustable to fit most vehicles.
  • Prevents pets from jumping up onto the seats.
  • Black powder coat finish protects against scratching.
  • Fits most Subaru models.

What We Don`t Like

  • Assembly Is Hard

4. Guardian Gear Pet Safety Vehicle Barrier

subaru outback dog barrier

This Guardian Gear Pet Safety Vehicle Barrier is designed to keep your dog safely contained within a specific area within your Subaru Outback. Strong and durable, it is constructed with tubular steel and wire for long-term durability.

With its unique design, it can be adjusted horizontally and vertically. Each pole has a rubber cap on the end. While protecting your Subaru Outback interior fabric and rugs, the caps secure the barrier.

It takes minutes to set up the barriers in your Subaru Outback and no tools are required. For pet parents with larger dogs, the Guardian Gear Pet Safety Vehicle Barrier is an excellent choice.

What we Like

  • Easy to install and adjust.
  • Protects your Subaru Outback interior from damage.
  • Can be used in conjunction with other Guardian Gear products.
  • Available in different colors.

What We Don`t Like

  • The bars don’t stay put as well as they should

5. Walky Guard Adjustable Car Barrier

subaru outback dog barrier

Dog guards such as the WalkyGuard Pet Barrier can be mounted on a headrest. It covers the entire surface area from side to side and has a universal fit. The Subaru Outback’s extendable rear headrests allow it to easily fit your car.

Rubber tips and powder-coated steel bars make up the WalkyGuard pet barrier. In addition to vertical bars attached to the headrest stems, there are five horizontal telescopic bars attached to individual headrests. The barrier is attached to the seat using brackets and clamps. 

It is easy and quick to assemble, without any tools needed. For the barrier to attach to your Subaru Outback, you would need adjustable headrests.

What we Like

  • Easy installation – no tools required.
  • Universal fit – fits all cars.
  • Safe & secure – prevents pets from jumping into the backseat.
  • Comfortable for both dog and driver.
  • Attaches quickly and securely.
  • Can be used for other vehicles, too.

What We Don`t Like

  • Seats cannot be lowered until the barrier is removed. 
  • Non-adjustable headrests aren’t compatible

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6. Pawple Dog Car Barrier for SUV’s

subaru outback dog barrier

With the Pawple Dog Barrier, road trips with your dog will be safe and comfortable for both of you. Steel wires are used to construct this unit, which attaches to the headrests of the seats in your Subaru Outback. Installation and removal are accomplished quickly.

Pawple Dog Barrier has protective pads at all the right places to protect the interior of your vehicle. This pet barrier fits your Subaru Outback perfectly and is fully adjustable. It fits neatly around the opening since the side panels slide outward.

Strong metal buckles are attached to the straps. For safer driving, this barrier has a unique see-through design that eliminates blind spots.

What we Like

  • Easily installs and removes.
  • Protects the interior of your car from damage.
  • Eliminates blind spots.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Made from steel wire.

What We Don`t Like

  • Cannot cover large dogs completely

7. Travall Guard Compatible with Subaru Outback

subaru outback dog barrier

Travall Guards are specifically designed for Subaru Outback BS 2014 – 2019 to fit snugly and precisely. You cannot transport your dog or your trunk contents through the Travall pet barrier. Between your trunk and back seat area, it serves as a protective barrier. 

Between the mesh, there’s plenty of room to see what’s going on behind you. It’s easy to install and fits securely into place. The barrier fits snugly into place and does not rattle once installed.

The good news is that there is no residual damage if you decide to remove the guard at any time from your Subaru Outback. This product is designed to be reliable for years to come.

What we Like

  • Easy installation.
  • Prevents pets from escaping.
  • Removes the need for a car carrier.
  • Provides peace of mind knowing your pet is safely contained.
  • Can be removed when traveling.

What We Don`t Like

  •  Price

8. PetSafe Happy Ride Metal Dog Barrier

subaru outback dog barrier

PetSafe is one of the most trusted brands in the pet industry. PetSafe’s Happy Ride metal dog barrier is a durable way to keep dogs contained while driving. As the barrier is deployed, the tension maintains its position, and the rubberized caps prevent it from slipping. 

It has a rattle-free design that minimizes road noise. The barrier has quick-connect features that make setting up fast and easy, and the brand has been around for over 30 years.

What we Like

  • Easy to set up and use.
  • The rattle-free design keeps road noise down.
  • Quick-connect features make setting up fast and simple.
  • Made by the trusted brand PetSafe.
  • Durable construction ensures long-lasting performance.

What We Don`t Like

  • Permanent marks WILL be left by the feet that secure it to the headliner.

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9. rabbitgoo Dog Car Barrier for SUVs

subaru outback dog barrier

Your dog is safe and comfortable in the cargo area with a Rabbitgoo Dog Car Barrier. The barrier’s main panel and two side panels can be adjusted to fit any Subaru Outback.

Designed with a wire mesh and rust-resistant material, it is made of high-quality steel. It gives the dog a safeguard in the case of an accident since the wire-mesh design won’t block your view in the rearview mirror.

A nylon strap and metal buckle attach the barriers to the headrests, and they can be removed with ease. They are resistant to dogs pulling hard. A Rabbitgoo dog barrier can be easily installed and removed without any tools. It can be folded up for easy storage and is portable. 

What we Like

  • Safe and secure way to protect your dog from accidents in the car.
  • Easy installation and removal.
  • Can be used in any Subaru Outback.
  • Made of high-quality materials and sturdy construction.

What We Don`t Like

  • Fixed headrests are not recommended
  • Price

Guide to Buying the Best Pet Barriers for Subaru Outback

Subaru Outback pet barriers are the best on the market for keeping your dog safe and secure. The best option for your Subaru Outback depends on your pet’s needs before the vehicle.

As you now have all these descriptions at your fingertips, you can hopefully choose the best based on your preferences.

When choosing a dog barrier for your Subaru Outback, there are a few factors you need to consider:

Height and Width 

Pet barriers can vary in height and width. Make sure it fits properly into your Subaru Outback and keeps your pet safe. Be sure to measure the area you wish to secure before you purchase a pet barrier. Expandable barriers can also be considered. (1)


When installing your barrier, pick one that won’t damage your car. If you are fixing or tying them, rubber and straps work best since they won’t damage the base by digging into it.

Barrier Transparency

Assessing how a car dog barrier will impact the driver is vital when selecting one. The ideal pet barrier should be transparent so that the rearview window can be clearly seen. If possible, the driver’s view should not be restricted.

Installation ease

Dog car barriers can be easy to install or more difficult, depending on the materials and design. The best dog barriers should be simple to install and remove. 

You are likely to skip a barrier that requires a lot of time and effort to install on short trips. Your dog might be in danger.


To keep your dog from easily destroying your pet barrier, you’ll need to make sure it’s chew-proof. This will keep your pet safe and allow the barrier to last as long as possible. 

Metal pet barriers provide more security and durability than other types of barriers. Pet barriers should be made of sturdy steel and finished with toxins-free finishes.

Pet barriers made from manufactured materials are often not as durable and can contain harmful chemicals. (2)

Fit for Everyone

You should be able to secure the pet barrier in your vehicle perfectly. You should make sure the option you choose fits well in your Subaru Outback and has a universal fit.

Make sure the pet barrier is firmly anchored. You won’t have to worry about your dog jumping into the front seat. Additionally, your car seats will be protected against scratches, drooling, and shedding hair as an added bonus. (3)

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Here are some tips for traveling with your dog

It’s not unusual for your dog to be the messiest passenger in your car, as well as the cutest. When you are ready to protect your car with seat covers, you should think about the rest of your trip. Consider the following recommendations:

During the ride, restrain your dog. The safety of you and those around you depends on controlling your dog’s movement.

Take several short trips with your pet before you embark on a long trip. This will get him accustomed to traveling in the car.

Dogs shouldn’t stick their heads out of windows to get fresh air. If you suddenly stop or have an accident, it is extremely dangerous. Pet carriers are an option you might want to consider.

Pick an appropriate spot for your pet in the car. You need to do this if you want to travel successfully with your pet.

Ensure your vehicle is pet-friendly. To protect your car and add comfort for your dog, invest in pet barriers, car seats, and/or floor covers.

Plan rest stops for your dog so he can take a break, drink water, walk, and eat. 

Practice obedience and manners before you take off. It’s best if your dog knows the basics, such as “sit” and “stay”.

Keep your pet’s regular food with you when you travel to ensure its health. You should also bring bottled water with you.

In the event that your pet is sick and needs medication, make sure you have enough to last the duration of your trip.

If you are taking your dog on a long journey, make sure you pack their favorite toys, blankets, and beds so that they don’t feel anxious.

Make sure you have emergency supplies at hand. Do some research ahead of time about the veterinarians and animal hospitals in the area you will be visiting.

Take into account your dog’s size, weight, size, and anxiety level. 

If your dog is in the same area as your suitcase, cooler, or anything hard or sharp, do not store them.

You and your animal companion can ensure a safe and comfortable trip if you plan ahead and follow these tips.

What is the best pet car barrier material for a Subaru Outback?

You’ll want to make sure that the pet barrier you choose is chew-proof so your dog won’t destroy it. Make sure the material keeps your dog safe and makes the barrier durable. 

Wire or plastic are the most common materials used for dog travel barriers. Despite the fact that these materials are not harmful, dogs can chew through them if they are in the mood. 

Consequently, we recommend using a mesh dog barrier rather than one made from solid materials, as a mesh dog barrier is less likely to be chewed through.

For small dog breeds, what is the best travel barrier?

Small breed dogs should always be safely secured in a vehicle so that they don’t become a distraction for the driver or put themselves at risk of serious injury in the event of an accident.

We always urge dog owners to use a travel barrier for this reason. These are products that block your dog’s access to parts of the vehicle that you do not want him to explore while still allowing him specific amounts of room to move. This makes them ideal for keeping your dog secure while traveling!

Which is the best type of dog SUV travel barrier?

The barriers used in different situations are designed differently, as you can probably guess. It’s best to get a vehicle that can fit snugly inside the door frame of your small dog breed and has an opening that is no wider than 4 inches so your dog won’t get his head stuck. 

There is yet another benefit to these car dog travel barriers for Subaru Outbacks: many of them come with a storage pocket that you could use for storing toys and treats for your dog, or even their leash and collar when exiting.

Are dog travel harnesses and pet car barriers compatible?

While it’s a good idea to restrain your dog when traveling in the car, there are a few things to consider. You must buy a restraint if your dog must travel unrestrained in many countries or US states.

The harness is a better choice, as it distributes pressure evenly around a dog’s shoulders, and it is easy to adjust. It is important to check before buying a harness if it is designed for use with a seat belt. It is also worth considering whether your dog needs a pet car barrier. 

Use the back seat of the car as a divider to give him his own space if he has a seat in the car. It may be easier to purchase a pet car barrier if other people are in the car. 

In addition to holding the dog in one place, they prevent him from getting in your way or under your feet. As well as providing a bit of privacy for your dog, they may reduce his anxiety while traveling in the car.

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Which is the best dog barrier for SUVs?

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a dog travel product is the breed and size of your dog. If you’re transporting a large breed dog in your car, you shouldn’t use a barrier that sits inside the doorframe since this could make him uncomfortable when he tries to climb over it.

Those who have an SUV and want a dog travel barrier would be better off getting one that attaches to the seat of the vehicle instead so that your dog will be confined to an area where they can stand up and move around without any difficulty.

Installing a Subaru Outback dog car barrier is it easy?

If you’re not used to putting things together, installing dog travel barriers can be a bit of a letdown.

There are several products on the market that come with diagrams showing how to install them that is easy to understand.

In order to prevent accidents during transit, you should only use the parts provided with the barrier in question.

Does the Subaru Outback require a pet barrier?

In order to keep her safe on the road, I want to take her into our Subaru Outback. The barrier that comes with the car doesn’t fit her comfortably.

Does anyone have experience using something similar in their Subaru Outback? How well did it work? I thought about putting her on my lap, but I know it would be incredibly unsafe.

Like you, I have an active dog who needs to be in the back or she’ll run around the car. Would the barrier that comes with my Subaru Outback 2011 be okay, or do I need to purchase something else?

We have seen two different styles of barriers available to keep your dog in the backseat – one type sits on top of the seats, and the other hangs over the backseat.

We believe it’s best to get a barrier that hangs over the backseat since it makes the back area feel more enclosed and secure for your pet.

You should be able to get a dog travel barrier that fits the specs for your car if you get one that meets those specs

Which is the best dog car barrier for large dogs?

You need a dog car barrier that works with your specific brand of car. Your pet’s size also has to be taken into consideration.

You’ll need a metal dog car barrier to accommodate the extra weight of large dogs such as Alaskan Malamutes who weigh more than your average large breed.

A pet car barrier is usually made of mesh, plastic, or metal and attaches to the headrest in your car. When the dog moves, the mesh design becomes loose. Your dog can hit the barrier directly into the interior of your car, posing a safety hazard. 

You want a plastic strap that is flexible but reinforced for maximum protection. Despite being able to move around, the dog cannot break out of the barrier.

What does universal fit mean?

Certain dog travel barriers are only compatible with certain types of vehicles, but this is not true for all of them. Dog car barriers that fit both sedans and SUVs are among the most popular products on the market today.

What is the best way to install a barrier?

If you are installing a dog travel barrier, you should always start the process by placing the barrier in the back of your vehicle and setting up the barrier where your dog will be confined. In this case, it should be easy to determine how much space between the barrier and any windows is required.

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Which pet barrier is best for a truck?

Using a dog travel barrier in a truck is not something most products are designed for. Your truck probably won’t be able to accommodate a dog travel barrier unless it has an extended back office.

Some owners have had success attaching some of the more universally designed dog barriers to the headrests of their trucks, however.

Barrier transparency – what does it mean?

In essence, dog travel barriers prevent your dog from getting in the way of you while you drive by keeping them in a particular area of the vehicle.

Since they allow your dog to see out through them while still keeping them contained within a safe area of the car, many of these products include transparent sections.

In conclusion 

Our review should have helped you find a pet barrier that meets your needs. It is of utmost importance to keep your dog safe and sound at all times, including while in a vehicle. Keeping your pet safe in the cargo area is easy with a sturdy barrier!

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