A Puppy Shower should be a private event. It’s a joke! Puppy showers are great fun, and you can talk about them as much as you like.

There are no rules and no etiquette requirements. There are some unique considerations, however, because the “baby”, in question, is actually a dog.

It doesn’t matter if the adoptive family, friends, and, most importantly, the dog (if he can attend), are having fun.

You’ll see that it’s great for people to draw inspiration from other events and to adapt them to the new dog. This will make your event memorable!

What Does A Puppy Showers Look Like?

A puppy shower is typically held a few weeks before the puppy’s arrival.

This gives the new dog owners time to buy or prepare things for their pup, and it also lets them have some fun with friends who will be part of this journey together.

There are no rules about where to hold these events: they can take place at home,

Many hosts host a puppy shower in the same way as a baby shower. There are lots of baby blue and pink decorations, and G-rated games.


There are no set rules for decorating puppy showers. You are free to be as extravagant as you like or as minimalistic as you wish.

Keep decorations out of reach for your dog and any canine guests. 

If your dog gets their hands on decorations, you could end up with a messy mess. Some decorations could even pose a danger to your pet’s health.

Puppy Showers

Where Do Puppy Showers Happen?

Puppy showers can happen anywhere you like, as long as it is puppy-friendly. Some people decide to host their puppy shower at home with immediate family and friends.

Others have a “puppies on parade” event in which all the guests bring along an adorable puppy from home that they want to share with everyone else!

What Should I Do?

As one of the hosts for your puppy’s new life adventure, there are some things you should do before deciding whether or not to throw a party:  Ask yourself what type of person will be attending the puppy shower: dog lovers who would love nothing more than a chance to cuddle up with puppies all day or those who might think this sounds absurd?

Puppy Showers
puppy showers

Tips Will Make your puppy likes showers

  1. Fun centerpiece ideas include a dog toy box that is either bone- or fire-hydrant-shaped. After the party is over, the guest-of-honor can take the toys home in the toybox.
  2. Decorate with inexpensive dog biscuits. For a unique touch, tie one to a gift bow. If you are serving light meals, write on them using a Sharpie pen. Glue them onto tent cards or game cards. For door prizes, write the names of your guests on them. There are many uses for these cards.
  3. You can set the scene with paw print balloons or crepe paper.
  4. You can continue the theme by using tablecloths or plates with paw prints, bones, fire hydrants, or other dog-related motifs.
  5. A handmade tablecloth made from doggie-print fabric. It is decorated with pompoms, inexpensive biscuits, and rawhide chews.
  6. Tape the walls with tape and cut out bones or paw prints.
  7. Choose a theme: Mexican Fiesta or Hawaiian Lau, Western, Mardi Gras Movie stars, Celebrity “dog” stars, Popular Cartoon Dogs like Scooby-Doo, Pluto, Scooby Dog.

Safety tip: Keep chewable decorations out of reach for puppies’ eager jaws.


A puppy shower should include games. You can be creative and adapt the games for baby showers to suit your puppy theme. 

You can draw many traditional baby shower games, and it takes only minor modifications to make them suitable to be used for puppy showers. 

These are just a few ideas to help you get started.

  1. You can make a simple game of BINGO with the name of your new puppy and some pieces that are dog-bone-shaped.
  2. For a prize, partygoers would have to guess how many treats were in the jar.
  3. Guests carried dog-treat necklaces around their necks, which they would surrender if they accidentally said “dog” or the “puppy” words.
  4. They also competed for prizes by listing songs that had “dog” as the title, and matching photos of celebrities and their dogs.
  5. As a souvenir of the party, you can set up an album with photos of the puppy as well as blank pages so guests can add their dog-raising knowledge.
  6. Find out the weight of your pup
  7. Who is that puppy? Photos of puppies can be brought in by guests with dogs. The prize goes to the person who matches the most puppy photos to the correct adult dog. This is not a difficult task, as you already know. This is basically a way for guests to show off their dogs.
  8. Name contest – Ask your guests to submit 10 ideas and then read them aloud. If you wish, you can add rules such as letters from your name or the names of pets. Voting is possible for guests to vote for their favorite. Important: Guests don’t have the obligation to choose the best one.
  9. This one is for the dogs. Send the dog and his friends on a treasure hunt. This is a good idea to avoid if your dog has food aggression to avoid fighting.
  10. Round Robins – Invite the guests to form a circle around the puppy. The guests will call the puppy one by one and ask her to lie down, sit, or stand. The puppy’s fastest and most concise response wins.
  11. Pin the puppy’s nose – Draw a picture or enlarge one of a puppy or dog, then pin the puppy’s nose or tail on it.
  12. You could make a memory game by placing 15-20 items from dogs on a tray and giving your guests 30 seconds to look at it. Then, you can see how many they remember. Dog races or fetch could be organized if dogs are part of the celebration.
  13. Doggie Backpack Races – Have guests write down a place on a blank sheet of paper such as “the kitchen” or “underneath the bed.” The puppy needs to find all these places within thirty minutes without help from his owner while wearing an over
Puppy Showers
puppy showers

When to throw a new puppy showers

– If your puppy is a rescue or if you’ve just adopted a puppy, any time is good for throwing them one.

Shadow Puppets – Make two puppets out of cardboard with holes in the eyes and mouth to allow seeing through them.

Fill up an empty box with crumpled paper so that it becomes high enough to cover their heads when they’re standing inside.

They can then play hide-and-seek by covering themselves from head to toe before running around the room trying not to be spotted first!

What food and drink to serve at a puppy shower

  1. You can make delicious pet-themed food that you can share with your human friends. You could make dog bones with a cookie cutter or popcorn with a label that says “popcorn” for healthy snacks. (Here’s a list of 15 pet-friendly food options. You can serve snacks in dog bowls. Adults can also enjoy a special “Salty Dog” drink or a non-alcoholic “Puppy punch.”
  2. Make sure that there are water bowls available for the dogs at the party. Make sure all the dogs have access to water. Keep the puppy food and treats away from other people’s food.
  3. A puppy shower is incomplete without a cake. Make sure to choose a pet-friendly cake. This Puppy Cake mix combination is a great choice for DIY puppy shower cakes.

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How to do puppy showers during covid

One of the best ways to make puppy showers fun for your pup is by making sure that other people are considerate.

One important step in this process is making sure they have access to water and puppy food.

Make a dog-friendly cake for the party, or buy one from a bakery Or Online (most bakeries can accommodate special requests).

Some animal shelters offer adoptable puppies with their rescue cookies. You may also want to give each guest a small treat bag containing puppy treats so they feel like part of the celebration too!

Puppy shower gifts

When giving gifts to dogs I prefer to choose items my dogs enjoy. This would include Nylabones for chewing and KONGs to stuff with peanut butter or treats.

And my favorite squeaky balls which are miniature tennis balls, Sadie, are all great gifts. These balls are only available at Target, so we make sure to stock up whenever we go.

Furminator brushes are a great gift for dog owners who don’t want to spend too much. 

This brush is great to use between grooming appointments to maintain your dog’s hair under control.

A puppy shower is open to anyone who is not a dog owner, dog lover, or both. You can give the gift of a gift certificate to a store so that new dog owners can shop.

Don’t let your guests go home empty-handed. Make homemade dog and human cookie treats to make “Doggy Bag” party favors. Your local dollar store may have paw print party favor bags.

Here are More puppy shower gift ideas for you to consider:

-A puppy toy that they will enjoy playing with and won’t be difficult or dangerous for them. -Puppy food of their favorite flavor so there is always something available when puppy hunger strikes!

-Treats such as biscuits, cookies, biscotti, muffins, or even cupcakes if it’s your party theme.

You’ll want these just in case the pup gets hungry between meals. And don’t worry about spoiling him too much–pups can eat lots of treats without gaining weight.”

Puppy Showers
puppy showers


Safety should be your main concern at your puppy shower.

Puppy showers are fun for both people and dogs. However, humans and dogs have their limits. Keep in mind that puppies can easily get overwhelmed and can develop deep-seated fears. 

The experience should be fun, but not too lively that your dog hides under the couch.

Space for pups to rest in peace and quiet is a good idea. You could create a separate space or, if outside, a carrier/kennel or picnic blanket to cool down in.

Even with socialized, trained dogs, supervise play. You should always have a first aid kit and the number of the emergency vet on your phone. Keep trash out of reach and food away from pets.

Also, remember to bring extra cleaning supplies and poop bags. Puppies can do the same things as puppies.

Who Should You Invite?

Choose wisely when it comes to your guest list. A puppy shower is not for everyone, but that’s okay.

Invite only the people that will be a significant part of your dog’s life. This allows your pup to meet and begin to form relationships and connections early. 

Your pup will feel at home when you invite your guests back later.

Your guests should be reminded that this is a great opportunity to share your joy and to thank you for being so helpful.

Canine guests should be well-behaved dogs that are socialized and trained to behave. This will help avoid any dog drama.

It is not what anyone wants to see a group of wild hounds in one place, causing havoc and teaching bad behavior to your puppy.

Invite your friends and family to visit frequently so that your dog can become accustomed to other furry visitors.

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