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As many cuddles and kisses as a dog will give to a loved one is unsurpassed. This luxury is available to pet owners and will remain so in the future. Bad breath can make owners feel uncomfortable, which is unfortunate. The dogs also notice that the feelings aren’t reciprocated, which has a negative impact on them.

After searching for answers, our editorial team realized defeating bad breath is no small task. It’s a sign that something’s wrong with a dog’s bodily system and it needs to be rectified. Pup Labs, which recognizes this fundamental part of wellness, have devised a solution to eliminating bad breath from the inside and out. We are going to introduce Fresh Breathies in this review.

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What are Pup Labs Fresh Breathies?

With Pup Labs Fresh Breathies, your dog can have fresh breath from the inside out by reducing bad breath from the inside out. It’s a delicious chew that’s perfect for supporting and reducing your dog’s bad breath. Fresh Breathies by Pup Labs is chicken-flavored dental chews that are perfect for keeping your dog’s breath fresh.

All dogs are able to benefit from PupLabs Fresh Breathies, regardless of their breed or age. 
Using only the highest-quality natural ingredients, Pup Labs Fresh Breathies delivers 100% safety and effectiveness. Pup Labs Fresh Breathies have no harmful components, whereas this product contains only natural, healthy, and helpful ingredients.

Why is Fresh Breathies so effective?

As discussed above, Fresh Breathies improve the gut microbiome, which consists of millions of bacteria. The human health perspective has been discussed, but we should also consider the animal’s perspective. An excess of one good bacteria strain over another can easily cause dogs to be at risk, as can a complete absence of good bacteria. What is the point of caring about healthy bacteria?

First and foremost, they protect us from bad and harmful bacteria. When dogs sniff around, they tend to eat whatever they see. In order for uninvited parties to be barred from attacking their bodies, the gut must be strengthened.

Secondly, a healthy microbiome facilitates nutrient absorption by producing enzymes. Why would they consume food if essential nutrients couldn’t be extracted from it?

It turns out that one’s mental health is influenced by the quality of one’s gut health. Gut-brain axis is responsible for communicating between the gut microbiome and the brain.

One article suggested that gut bacteria send chemical messages to the brain. There are some types of music that are calming, while there are others that are distressing.

Researchers examined gut bacteria from 31 confiscated dogs from a home in another study to make a point. Based on their aggressive behavior (i.e., clearly aggressive versus not aggressive toward dogs), each dog was divided into groups. Researchers found that aggressive dogs tended to have higher levels of certain bacteria.

In addition, people tend to separate the gut from the immune system, but they are actually interconnected. In dogs, approximately 90% of their immune system is made up of gut-linked lymphoid tissue.

The state of one’s gut health naturally correlates with the state of one’s immunity. We will dive deeper into Pup Labs’ healing strategy, i.e., the ingredients, with this overall understanding of gut health and how it affects dogs’ health.

How Does It Taste?

Developed by years of research and hard work, it is an ideal solution for dogs’ oral and abdominal health. They didn’t compromise on the taste of the product at PupLabs, so they made it as good as possible.

PupLabs fresh breathies taste delicious, which is one of their best features. They are therefore popular with puppies and adults alike. How do PupLabs fresh breathies chews taste so good? The chews are enhanced with a delicious chicken flavor to make them irresistible to dogs. Additionally, puppies can digest them easily.

Benefits of Pup Labs Fresh Breathies

Pup Labs states that the Fresh Breathies can provide all of the following benefits:

You may be able to improve your dog’s breath with Pup Labs Fresh Breathies if your dog has bad breath. In addition to optimizing gut health and other aspects of health and wellness, the chews contain natural ingredients that help restore “sweet puppy breath.”

Pup Labs Fresh Breathies might help if your dog produces smelly farts. Your dog’s digestive tract odor may be improved by the supplement, according to the manufacturer.

Support Gut Health. Your dog’s gut health is connected to their overall health and wellbeing. Fresh Breathies by Pup Labs could help with breath, flatulence, and other aspects of health and wellness. In addition to promoting gut health, Fresh Breathies support the immune system, according to Pup Labs.

It gives dog owners peace of mind to know their dog is healthy. With Fresh Breathies daily, you can support a variety of internal benefits for your dog. An unhealthy gut can impact nutrient absorption and other aspects of your dog’s health and wellness, for example. Supporting gut health can have a wide range of health benefits for your dog.

Purportedly, Pup Labs Fresh Breathies can support dogs’ energy levels. In many cases, dogs with poor gut health and nutrient absorption have low energy levels. Dogs of all ages can become more energetic with Pup Labs Fresh Breathies by optimizing gut health.

Defend against age-related health decline: Dogs are more likely to develop illnesses and diseases as they age. With a blend of natural superfoods, Pup Labs Fresh Breathies can support healthy aging. Pup Labs claims the Fresh Breathies protect against bad breath, watery stools, itching, and scratching, as well as other symptoms that occur as your dog ages.

Support for joint pain relief: All dogs may suffer from joint discomfort at some point in their lives. The Fresh Breathies from Pup Labs could help relieve joint discomfort, making it easier for dogs to move around. It may be related to digestion and nutrient absorption if your dog has become less mobile recently. You can help your pup by using Pup Labs Fresh Breathies.

The coat and fur quality of your dog can be adversely affected by poor nutrient absorption. Pup Labs Fresh Breathies support nutrient absorption in your dog’s gut, making it easier for your dog to absorb fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients crucial to coat and fur health.

A dog’s digestive regularity and poop quality may be improved by Pup Labs Fresh Breathies. It is possible that Pup Labs Fresh Breathies could help in various ways if your dog has been having loose poop in recent months.

Do you see your dog scratching himself more often than usual because of itchy and irritated skin? There may be a connection between itchy, irritated skin and this problem. Itching and discomfort can result when the dog’s skin is dry. In other cases, the dog does not absorb nutrients well, resulting in unpleasant symptoms. There may be a solution in Pup Labs Fresh Breathies.

Support a Healthy Inflammatory Response: Both animals and humans suffer from disease and illness due to inflammation. Inflammatory responses can be supported by Fresh Breathies, according to Pup Labs. An injured or infected dog’s body typically releases inflammatory compounds, which can lead to pain and mobility problems. You can enjoy a variety of benefits by giving your dog Pup Labs Fresh Breathies daily.

Pup Labs Fresh Breathies are manufactured in a NASC-approved facility. Manufacturers of pet products are verified by the NASC for using safe and effective manufacturing processes. As well as Fresh Breathies, Pup Labs manufactures them in an FDA-registered facility.

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PupLabs Fresh Breathies: How Do They Work?

Using Pup Labs Fresh Breathies Reviews, you can help improve your dog’s gut health, making you feel happier, more energetic, and healthier. In addition to supporting a healthy microbiome balance in your dog’s gut, PupLabs Fresh Breathies also support a healthy inflammatory response.

There is a reduction in bloating and body odor, firmer stools, less scratching, and more energy as a result. It’s all wrapped up in a soft, chicken-flavored chew. Each of these nutrients works in harmony to restore your dog’s health safely and naturally.

You will have less mess to clean up in the yard with Fresh Breathies! It supports a healthy microbiome and digestion. In addition, your puppy will be happier, healthier, and more energetic, regardless of its age!

A few more weeks of use will result in a thicker and shinier coat, firmer poop, and less scratching and itching. When used continuously for 6 months, the best, long-lasting results seem to last forever. To keep your pup’s breath fresh, the chicken-flavored chews support healthy GI function.

In addition to spirulina, yucca extract, parsley, cinnamon, and champignon mushroom extract, each fresh chew is made with all-natural ingredients. They can both benefit your pup’s dental health and digestive system. The Pup Labs Fresh Breathies Review keeps your breath fresh and your gut healthy.

With it, you can maintain fresh breath, healthy gums, and healthy teeth. With Fresh Breathies, you can support or maintain your dog’s health from the inside out by rebalancing their gut microbiome. In addition, they have a delicious chicken flavor that your dog will love! The steps are as follows:

STEP 1: Give Your Dog One Soft Chew Every Day – For dogs under 50 pounds, give them one soft chew every day. For those over 50 pounds, two chews should be given daily. For every 50 pounds of body weight, one chew is recommended.

STEP 2: Continue giving every day for at least 30 days – It takes time for the nutrients to take effect. Moreover, rebalancing your dog’s delicate microbiome with billions of bacteria takes time.

The third step is to enjoy your fur kid’s newly found energy and health! After just one week, you should see dramatic improvements in your breath, body odor, stool consistency, and energy levels.

Pup Labs Fresh Breathies Reviews

How Do The PupLabs Fresh Breathies Manufacturers See The Future?

PupLabs was founded by Peter Tzemis. PupLabs’ founder came up with an excellent idea for something that can benefit both dogs and their owners. In response, he developed PupLabs fresh breathies chews, a remarkable dental health care product.

The pet’s hygiene and overall well-being are Peter’s top priorities. Providing dogs with a healthy gut and fresh breath is PupLabs’ primary mission.

The company also uses safe ingredients for the dogs and does not have any harmful or adverse effects. In order to promote good health naturally for dogs, PupLabs create high-quality treatments.

The following ingredients are added to Pup Lab’s Fresh Breathies

All five nutrients in Pup Labs Fresh Breathies work together to restore your dog’s health safely. The following ingredients are clinically supported and are listed below:

In addition to promoting a healthy gut microbiome, Champignon mushrooms provide a healthy inflammatory response that supports a healthy heart.

With Yucca Schidigera extract, you can say goodbye to those stinky dog smells by reducing bad breath, body odor, and feces odors. Mineral absorption in the gut is also improved by this ingredient.

Boosting the immune system effectively is made possible by Spirulina, a powerful antioxidant. It also aids in maintaining healthy intestines and heart health, according to customer reviews of Pup Labs Fresh Breathies.

Another potent ingredient that promotes strong bones and comfortable joints without any side effects is parsley.

Natural health experts consider cinnamon to be one of nature’s best-kept secrets for cardiovascular and dental health. Your pup’s digestive system and dental health will benefit from this ingredient.

Communication between the gut bacteria and the brain

Nerves and hormones communicate with the brain through gut bacteria. The Gut-Brain Axis connects the gut and brain.

Clinical studies show that gut bacteria send important chemical messages to the brain, and these chemical messages can significantly affect mood.

Different bacteria produce different chemicals, so the effects differ depending on which bacteria are in the gut. There are bacteria that produce chemicals that calm the body, while others cause depression and anxiety.

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Well-being and the Anxious Gut in Dogs

Non-human animals have been studied extensively to determine how gut bacteria communicate with the brain. The findings of these studies are relevant to pet health, which is great news for pet parents.

In mice, feeding certain probiotic bacteria (Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria) stimulated the release of chemicals in emotional regions of the brain. As a result of these bacteria, these mice were less anxious and depressed.

The gut microbiome may play a role in anxiety and aggression in dogs, according to a new study. 

Thirty-one dogs confiscated from a home where a dogfighting ring operated were studied for gut bacteria. The dogs were divided into two groups based on their aggressive behavior: dogs displaying clear aggression and dogs who were not aggressive towards other dogs.

Scientists found that certain types of bacteria tend to be more prevalent in aggressive dogs’ gut microbiome – after carefully sampling their poo. Aggression and other anxious behaviors may be influenced by certain types of bacteria in the gut microbiome.

Anxiety can sometimes lead to aggressive behaviors, according to the researchers. Aggressive behaviors are more prevalent in anxious dogs than in non-anxious dogs.

What do you think of Pup Labs Fresh Breathies Dosages?

It is easy to give your dogs Pup Labs Fresh Breathies. If you follow the manufacturer’s instructions for dosage and usage, you can expect the best results from PupLabs Fresh Breathies Chicken Flavored Chews. If your dog weighs less than 50 pounds, you should give him one PupLabs Fresh Breathies chew a day. Let’s say it weighs more than 50 pounds. 

Dogs should be given two PupLabs Fresh Breathies chews with PupLabs Fresh Breath Dental Chews. It should be consumed regularly by your dog. In order to achieve the desired result, it is recommended to wait two to three months. Depending on the health of your dog, it may vary. 

As long as the dog’s diet and lifestyle are improved, the benefits and results of PupLabs Fresh Breathies last for up to two years.

Pup Labs Fresh Breathies have the following drawbacks:

You can only purchase Pup Labs Fresh Breathies online. Offline availability is not available.
Don’t forget to be consistent every day! One of the best things about Pup Labs Fresh Breathies is that many customers report that this was the last product their dogs needed to maintain peak health.

What are the pricing and discounts for Pup Labs Fresh Breathies?

Only their official website offers Pup Labs Fresh Breathies. Listed below are the different packages that qualify for free shipping. In addition, there are the following:

Fresh Breathies are just $49 for one jar! Pup Labs Fresh Breathies is just $39 per jar, saving you $150 when you buy three jars for just $117! Six jars of Pup Labs Fresh Breathies can be purchased for just $29 each, saving you $360 in total!

There is free shipping and guaranteed results in a timely manner with this product. Regardless of age, anyone can benefit from Puppy Labs Fresh Breathies. You can request a refund if you are not satisfied with your results. With Pup Labs Fresh Breathies, you get a complete 180-day money back guarantee.

The final verdict on Pup Labs Fresh Breathies is as follows: It is my recommendation that you prefer Pup Labs Fresh Breathies! You will find remarkable results with this product since it contains no harmful ingredients. Whatever your pup’s age, this product will make him energetic and healthier.

You can count on me! Nothing is at risk or at stake. Refunds are available if you are unsatisfied with the results. Let’s get started, shall we? Don’t miss out on Pup Labs Fresh Breathies! 

Refund Policy for Pup Labs Fresh Breathies

You can get a money back guarantee for 180 days (6 months) with Pup Labs Fresh Breathies.

We guarantee a complete refund within 180 days if you and your dog are not satisfied with Pup Labs Fresh Breathies for any reason.

Pup Labs – About 

Peter Tzemis founded Puppy Labs, a company that manufactures dog supplements. With a simple goal in mind, the company created products that help dogs run, jump, and play while creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Pup Labs supplements contain no proprietary blends, fillers, or harmful ingredients. With the help of scientific research, the company creates high-quality pet health supplements. Whether your dog is 1 month old or 15 years old, Pup Labs has the supplement for you.

Pup Labs has launched Fresh Breathies as its first supplement.

Please use the following contact information to get in touch with Pup Labs:

  • Phone: 855-208-5890
  • Email: support@getpuplabs.com

Pup Labs intends to earn long-term loyalty and repeat customers by delivering the best products on the market, as stated on its official website.

All supplements are manufactured in an NASC-approved facility that is FDA-registered. Quality and purity are tested randomly on product batches by the company.

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Can shifting the microbiome of a dog help with behavioral issues such as anxiety?  

The health of your dog is equally important as consulting with a dog trainer if your dog is anxious or aggressive. Dogs with chronic digestive issues and atopic dermatitis can become uncomfortable and anxious due to gut bacteria imbalances.

Diet, medications (such as antibiotics), and the environment all influence the gut microbiome, which is an ever-changing ecosystem.

It is becoming clearer that it is possible to change signals from the gut bacteria to help calm emotions, reduce inflammation, and improve overall health.

Even though there is still much to learn, it is clear that the gut microbiome plays a significant role in our pup’s physical and psychological development. A healthy pet starts with a healthy gut, so we say.

You can find out exactly what’s living inside your dog’s gut with a microbiome test kit from AnimalBiome. Microbiome Reports include tailored recommendations for supplements to shift the microbiome community to support beneficial bacteria associated with lower anxiety and aggression levels in your dog.

Where can I buy Pup Labs Fresh Breathies?

There are no local retail outlets that carry Pup Labs Fresh Breathies in your area. The manufacturer’s official website is the only place where you can buy this product. 

You can take advantage of the best price and value by purchasing Pup Labs Fresh Breathies directly from the company’s official website.

Handling & Shipping

Worldview received Pup Labs Fresh Breathies. You will be contacted immediately if they cannot deliver the item and your money will be refunded.

Within 12 hours of receiving an order, it will be processed and shipped. You may have to wait 3 business days to receive your item during peak demand periods, such as holidays or weekends. A tracking number is provided for every order. A tracking email will be sent to you once your items have been shipped.

Pup Labs Fresh Breathies Reviews


Is it worth buying Pup Labs Fresh Breathies?

Pup Labs’ Fresh Breathies keep your dog active and healthy with great gut health. It relieves separation anxiety in pets due to its thoughtful design. This product works from the inside out by rebalancing your dog’s gut microbiome. 

Can all dogs use Pup Labs Fresh Breathies?

No matter what breed or age your dog is, Pup Labs Fresh Breathies is perfect for them. Natural ingredients are used in this product to help manage bad dog breath from the inside out.

Should a specialist be consulted before administering Fresh Breathies?

Before adding any new supplement to a pet’s regimen, a veterinarian should be consulted. Especially for pets who are currently receiving medication, this is true.

How should Fresh Breathies be administered?

A soft chew should be administered to dogs under 50 pounds once a day, while two chews should be administered to dogs over 50 pounds two times a day. Pup Labs recommends one chew for every 50 pounds of body weight.

For how long should Fresh Breathies be administered?

When it comes to strengthening gut health, consistency is key. In order to rebalance the gut microbiome, Pup Labs recommends delivery for at least 30 days.

What if you are not satisfied with Pup Labs Fresh Breathies?

You can request a refund if you are not satisfied with the results. There is a full money-back guarantee on this product. The 180-day money-back guarantee is supported by Pup Labs Fresh Breathies. Whether you fall in love with Pup Labs Fresh Breathies within 180 days, or you get your money back, you can make a simple promise. If you try our products, you have absolutely no risk. You have 180 days from the date you receive the product to request a refund.

How long will it take to notice results under Fresh Breathies?

You should notice a drastic improvement in your dog’s breath, body odor, stool consistency, and overall energy within the first week of treatment. It is anticipated that their behavior will improve over time (calmer and less anxious/aggressive). With a few more weeks, their coats will become thicker, shinier, and less itchy. The results, however, tend to last for at least six months if taken regularly.

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It is highly recommended to use PupLabs fresh breathies chews. Your dog will have a fresh breath after using these products since they have all-natural ingredients that are safe for dogs. PupLabs fresh breathies are safe for puppies and have equal health benefits for pups and adults.

If you want to keep your little one’s breath fresh, invest in PupLabs fresh breathies chews. It’s time to say goodbye to bad-smelling dogs and say hello to a new and happy pup. Take a look at PupLabs!

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