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Food for dogs has always been just that. When it came to feeding my family dog, I didn’t think twice about what I was giving him. My dog may not have been receiving much nutrition from conventional dog food, which isn’t as healthy as it could be.

In contrast to dog food, Pet Plate specializes in food for dogs. Their nutritious meals for pups are made from high-quality, human-grade ingredients, prepared in USDA kitchens, flash-frozen, and delivered straight to your door.

There’s something incredible about the whole thing. Media outlets like Forbes, Fox5, CBS News, and Newsday have featured the brand because of its loyal social following of 100k+. There was even an episode of Shark Tank about Pet Plates. As a result, this brand is doing something right.

During this Pet Plate dog food review, I’ll find out what that is and if it’s worth your money. To give you the full scoop, I’ll examine the company’s subscription, feedback, deals, and more.

Pet plates: what are they?

With Pet Plate, you can get 100% human-grade ingredients and dog food delivered to your door. It is formulated by a board-certified veterinary nutritionist and contains USDA-approved meats, fresh fruits and vegetables, and no artificial ingredients, preservatives, or by-products.

There are four flavors available on Pet Plate:

Barkin’ beef combines beef, apples, beef liver, carrots, potatoes, and pumpkin

There’s nothing better than tail waggin’ turkey – a combination of turkey, apples, rice, carrots, turkey liver, and pumpkin

A lip-licking combination of lamb, apples, broccoli, lamb liver, quinoa, and sweet potatoes

Chompin’ chicken – chicken, sweet potatoes, apples, lentils, flaxseeds, and green beans

In order to keep our pup interested and ensure he is getting a variety of foods, we get all four flavors. To ensure a well-balanced diet, each food is also infused with a custom mineral and supplement blend. Food comes in pre-portioned and pre-cooked containers, making mealtime easier.

Analysis of the ingredients in PetPlate dog food

This dog food contains beef as its first ingredient. In a dictionary definition, beef is “the clean flesh derived from slaughtered cattle” and includes skeletal muscle or muscle tissues of the tongue, diaphragm, heart, or esophagus. A dog’s body requires all ten essential amino acids to survive, which are naturally found in beef.

In addition to sweet potato, there is another ingredient. Dog food containing sweet potatoes is gluten-free and contains complex carbohydrates. A natural source of dietary fiber and beta carotene, they are also high in vitamin A.

Potato is the third ingredient, a gluten-free source of digestible carbohydrates. Potatoes have only modest nutritional value for dogs, except perhaps for their caloric content. Another ingredient is beef liver, organ meat derived from a named animal and therefore regarded as beneficial.

Beta-carotene, minerals, and fiber are all found in carrots, the fifth food item on the list. Lastly, the apple is an apple that is high in fiber as well as nutrient-rich.

In the seventh ingredient, peas are listed. Carbohydrates can be found in abundance in peas. Moreover, they are rich in natural fiber, like all legumes. When judging this dog food’s meat content, it must take into account that peas contain about 25% protein.

In addition to complex carbohydrates, beta-carotene, and dietary fiber, pumpkin is the eighth ingredient. Dicalcium phosphate is the ninth ingredient, likely used as a dietary calcium supplement. There are further items on the list after this.

Nevertheless, this PetPlate product’s overall rating is unlikely to be affected by ingredients ranked so far down the list (other than nutritional supplements). There are four notable exceptions. The first oil we find is safflower oil, which is nutritionally similar to sunflower oil. Omega-6 fatty acids make these oils less nutritious than canola or flaxseed oils since they contain no omega-3 fatty acids.

Its resistance to heat damage makes safflower oil an excellent cooking oil. The inclusion of salmon oil is the next point to note. Omega-3 fatty acids such as EPA and DHA are naturally found in salmon oil. Dogs and humans benefit from these two high-quality fats due to their high bioavailability.

Fresh and pure salmon oil may be considered a valuable addition depending on its level of freshness and purity. Furthermore, it appears that none of the minerals listed here are chelated. As a result, they may be harder to absorb. Higher quality dog foods usually contain chelated minerals.

Last but not least, this recipe contains taurine, an amino acid associated with heart health. Some dogs have been found to be deficient in taurine, despite taurine not being considered an essential nutrient in canines.

The presence of taurine in this recipe is beneficial since taurine deficiency appears to be more common in pets that consume grain-free diets.

Analyses of nutrients

It’s easy to see that PetPlate fresh dog food is a better-than-average wet product based on its ingredients alone.

A reading of 31% dry matter protein, 22% fat, and 39% carbohydrates is displayed on the dashboard.

As a group, the brand has an average protein content of 29% and a mean fat level of 16%. Together, these figures suggest that the overall product line has a carbohydrate content of 46%.

A fat-to-protein ratio of about 55% is also present. Therefore, this PetPlate product contains.

It has a high protein content. Fat content is below average. As compared to typical fresh dog food, it has an above-average carbohydrate content.

This profile still looks like one fresh dog food that contains a substantial amount of meat, even when you take into account the protein-boosting effect of the peas.

PetPlate: Our Personal Experience

You can start using PetPlate by answering a few questions about your pup (if you have more than one, you will add them later). By determining your dog’s size, age, breed, and activity level, PetPlate will determine the right nutritionally balanced portion size.


You can then mix and match any of the four different recipes: beef, turkey, chicken, or lamb. You can also read the detailed ingredients and key benefits of each formula on this screen.


You will receive a customized meal plan once you enter your email address. Two options are available at this point: PetPlate as a full meal or as a topper.

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PetPlate: How Does It Compare?

If you’re committed to your pet’s health, PetPlate is a high-quality dog food you can’t go wrong with. Their customer support is excellent, and ordering and delivery are a breeze with PetPlate.

See how other dog food delivery services compare to PetPlate in our article comparing the best dog food delivery services. In addition to all-natural kibble and auto-ship dog food, we also review “human-grade” meals.

does a subscription have to be purchased?

Pet Plate is a subscription-based service. Depending on your pup’s needs, the food will be delivered. Unless you make changes in your account before the next delivery, it will automatically renew.

You can pause, skip, or cancel your membership at any time

If you need to pause your account for some reason, it is very easy to do. As Cashew grows, we have done this a few times when his eating habits change.

You can pause your subscription by logging into your account. You can unpause your account once you are ready to ship again.

There is no need to worry about canceling if you decide the service is no longer for you, or if you do not like it anymore. You can cancel your next delivery by logging into your account before it renews.

It states on their website that if you need to change anything about your account, make sure you do it by Thursday (the week before your order ships).

Address changes

In addition, updating your address is very easy. The address in our account has just been updated to reflect where we were staying while traveling back east last summer. No problems were encountered during delivery.

What is the cost of a pet plate?

Depending on your dog, the cost of a pet plate varies.

The full meal plans at Pet Plate start at $2.50 per day and include free shipping. Since every dog is different, the exact price will depend on factors such as age, weight, activity, and more. Fill out your pup’s profile to determine your exact cost!

For us, the weekly salary is between $90-120. Despite his age, Cashew is very active and weighs 70 pounds. A morning walk (45-60 minutes), an evening walk (not as long), and a lot of playtime are all part of his daily routine.

Depending on his hunger, he consumes three to four 12-ounce containers per day. If we need to add more food next week, we’ll adjust.

In addition to full meal plans, they offer meal toppers.

What is the shelf life of pet plates?

As the food is fresh, it needs to be refrigerated or frozen. For up to five days after defrosting, you can store the food in the fridge.

Upon receiving our delivery, we defrost about 10-14 and place the rest in our deep freezer. As soon as we run out of stock in the fridge, we will defrost more. We go through three to four small containers (12 ounces each) a day with Cashew.

treats for pet plates

Adding treats to your order is now possible with Pet Plate!

Chicken, apples, vegetable glycerin, pumpkin, vinegar powder, and rosemary extract are all organic ingredients.

Cashew loves them and we add them occasionally (we rotate his treats to keep him interested). My husband also loves homemade treats – he goes nuts over these 3-ingredient peanut butter banana treats.

What do customers think of Pet Plate dog food?

I provide examples of customer reviews regarding Pet Plate meals, the subscription service, and customer service in this section of my Pet Plate dog food review. I checked out the brand’s website, Consumer Voice, and The Goody Pet to get the full picture.

On, Pet Plate has a rating of 4.3/5 stars from 365 reviews. It was noted in one 5-star review that the food helped the customer’s dog lose “some much needed excess weight.” Their pup is now “much more peppy” and his acid reflux has been greatly reduced.

As Consumer Voice notes in their review of Pet Plate dog food, the company’s food contains “all-natural ingredients,” has “great customer service,” and offers “free shipping,” but it is more expensive than other dog food subscription services, even though I think its prices are reasonable.

Despite this, Pet Plate dog food received a 9.1/10 rating in the review.

A Goody Pet weighs the pros and cons of a Pet Plate. Among its pros are that it’s made from high quality, natural ingredients for your dog’s health, as well as being super tasty. Subscription plans also allow you to switch things up, which is ideal for fussy eaters.”

Based on the review of Pet Plate dog food on The Goody Pet, one of the main concerns is that there are no samples available. Dog food that is personalized and fresh is pretty standard. There are many repeat customers (and dogs!) who enjoy Pet Plate.

Pet Plate Dog Food: Is it worth the money?

The information I found on and off the company website suggests Pet Plate meals are packed with nutritious ingredients, made in the USA, and thoroughly enjoyed by dogs.

During this pet food review, I also found that shipping was fast, easy, and on time. The main issue I found in reviews was in regards to samples, which, in the case of personalized fresh food, isn’t always possible. Picky eaters can get their money back with the brand’s money-back guarantee.

My final verdict in this Pet Plate dog food review? If the price is right, I think this brand is worth checking out if you have a small to medium sized pup.

Promotions & Discounts on Pet Plate Dog Food

After signing up for a Pet Plate meal plan, you’ll receive 60% off your first order. Once you’ve placed your order, you can refer a friend to get 60% off. When they sign up, you’ll get 1,000 Pup Points to use on your next order. FYI that’s $50 off.

Pet Plate’s shipping policy: what is it?

On Fridays, Pet Plate processes charges and ships orders the following Monday. If your order needs to be changed, it’s best to do so on Thursday before it ships. There are no other shipping options available for customers. They offer free ground shipping on all orders.

During transit, Pet Plate orders are packed with dry ice to ensure your pup’s meals stay frozen and fresh. In case the containers do not arrive frozen and cold to the touch, contact the customer service team at The containers are packed with enough dry ice to last five days.

Pet Plate’s return policy: what is it?

If your pet does not like Pet Plate meals, keep in mind that it can take dogs some time to adjust to a new food. Pet Plate provides detailed feeding instructions with every order so you can ensure you are following them correctly.

Send an email to and they will give you a refund if you ordered just one or two Pet Place recipes. If it’s your first order, send an email to and they will give you a refund.

Uneaten meals should always be donated to Pet Plate instead of thrown away.

Get Pet Plate dog food by signing up

Follow these steps to sign up for the plan at

  1. To get started, click ‘Start Now’.
  2. Complete the questionnaire
  3. Select a meal plan and treat option
  4. Please provide your shipping and payment information
  5. It’s time to eat!

Overall rating of PetPlate


In addition to variety, nutritional value, pricing, customer support, customization, and more, our team determines the overall rating.

The pros and cons

There are six recipes on Pet Plate: beef, turkey, chicken, lamb, pork, and venison.
In the dog profile, health issues are not taken into account (only food sensitivities).
All-natural, fresh ingredients without preservatives or fillers, human-grade, USDA-certified.Since it ships frozen in large #5 plastic containers, it takes up a lot of freezer space.
There are two subscription plans for pet food or you can create your own.Shipment containers require a lot of insulation, which cannot be composted at home.
You can pause, skip, or cancel auto-shipping at any time.It is not possible to customize delivery frequency.
BPA-free and recyclable packaging is used throughout. 
Cookies can be supplemented with organic treats. 
A 100% money-back guarantee is offered. 
Shipping is free. 
Customer service that is responsive. 
The product is made in the United States.


Pet Plate is owned by who?

Pet Plate is owned by Ronaldo Webb. Over 15 million meals have been prepared for clients across the US since he began cooking his pet’s meals at home.

Pet Plate is made in what country?

A USDA kitchen in upstate New York prepares Pet Plate’s meals. Human-grade ingredients are used in their meals.

Pet Plate is located where?

Hudson Yards is the headquarters of Pet Plate.

What is the process for canceling my Pet Plate subscription?

Follow these four simple steps to cancel your Pet Plate subscription:
Access your account by logging in
Your dog’s name will appear when you click on it
Go to ‘Manage Subscription’
On the subscription cancellation page, click ‘Cancel Subscription

Can Pet Plate be shipped to Canada?

Since Pet Plate only ships to the 48 contiguous states, they do not offer international shipping to Canada.

Is PetPlate ever recalled?

A recall or legal action has not been taken against any of PetPlate’s products due to content in its four years of operation. Neither PetPlate nor its products have ever been the subject of a lawsuit or other public drama.

PetPlate is good for dogs, right?

There is no doubt that PetPlate dog food is good. PetPlate provides a wide variety of nutrients to your dog through whole human-grade food. In addition, the service offers personalized nutrition, which ensures that your dog gets all the nutrients she needs.

Ollie or PetPlate: which is better?

In both companies, chicken, turkey, beef, and lamb are the main ingredients, but Ollie’s recipes seem to offer more variety. There are recipes for chicken, turkey, beef, and lamb on PetPlate. Sweet potatoes, apples, broccoli, and a host of vitamins and nutrients are also included in each recipe.

PetPlate is raw dog food, right?

The PetPlate dog food is not raw, it is lightly cooked.

After Shark Tank, how is PetPlate doing?

With over $4 million in sales in January 2019, PetPlate has reached over 4.2 million customers since Shark Tank. In 2021, PetPlate raised $9 million from investors including DFE Capital Management and Fernbrook Capital Management, 301 INC, for a total of $13 million.

Do stores sell PetPlate?

On July 19, Pet Supplies Plus began stocking PetPlate fresh dog food products at 60 select stores across the country, effectively expanding its fresh pet food offerings.

Does PetPlate dog food contain grains?  

PetPlate offers both grain-free and grain-inclusive fresh-cooked dog foods. The brand earns 5 stars because each recipe contains a substantial amount of named meats as its primary source of animal protein. Four to five stars are awarded to other flavors and recipes.


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