What Parasites Rabbit Poop You Should Read This First

What parasites are in rabbit poop?

  • As parasites rabbit poop , they are host-specific and don’t use mammalian intermediate hosts,
  • which means that parasites won’t be transmitted.
  • to other animals or people.
  • Rabbit also carry low risks of bacteria zoonotic agents such as Salmonella species,
  • Escherichia coli or Campylobacter species because,
  • for the most part,
  • parasites are not foodborne pathogens.
  • Campylobacter bacteria, Escherichia coli,
  • also known as E Coli,
  • is ingested with raw meat and causes infection.


Parasites Rabbit Poop
Parasites Rabbit Poop

Can my dog get sick eating rabbit poop?

Dogs can pick parasites up from eating a rabbit’s poop, and some parasites in the faecal matter of rabbits might be able to infect dogs as well.

If your dog eats feces that are infected with parasites,

he or she may become sick too if you don’t get treatment for him or her quickly.”

The common parasites found in rabbit feces include tapeworms (Taenia), roundworms (Ascaris lumbricoides) whipworm eggs/larvae (Trichuris trichiura).

Ectoparasites such as fleas and mites are also commonly seen on rabbits

which can carry zoonotic agents like Rickettsia rickettsii bacteria.”

Parasites Rabbit Poop
Parasites Rabbit Poop

Common Internal Parasites

Coccidia: If your pet has diarrhoea and weight loss, you may be suffering from coccidia, one of the most common internal parasites in rabbit Poop. This disease has two forms.

The most severe type affects the liver and can lead to loss of appetite, diarrhoea, liver failure or death in severe cases. The other way affects the intestines.

The rabbit may lose weight, experience diarrhoea and become dehydrated, or it may not show any signs. Without rapid treatment, young rabbits can die from severe dehydration and bacterial infection.

Cryptosporidium: These organisms can cause diarrhoea and

generally only affect very young rabbits.

Worms: Pinworms are the most common type in rabbits,

but they can also have roundworms, whipworms or stomach worms.

Symptoms may be weight loss or not gain.

Obeliscoides cuniculus is a stomach worm that can infect rabbits who eat fresh grass,

but your pet may not have any symptoms unless the infection is severe.

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Seek veterinary care immediately if you notice lethargy, loss of appetite or weight loss. Always feed the storage of your rabbit, purchased hei from high-quality grass, never weeds from your garden, as it may contain pesticides. 

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