Do beagles shed How to Deal With Shedding

Do Beagles Shed? Yes. Beagles have shorter coats than most people realize. Dogs shed quite often, but it is not unusual for them to do so. It all depends on their breed, health, and pregnancy status.

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Some dogs shed all year. Some dogs shed only occasionally. Some others don’t shed as much.

Do beagles shed
Do beagles shed

Beagles history

It is not known where the name “beagle” came from. The word “beagle” may have come from the French word for open throat or the Old English word for small.

Some believe it could have been derived from the French word “bugler,” meaning to bellow, and the German word “beagle,” meaning to scold.

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It is also unclear about the breed’s history, as we know today didn’t develop until the 19th Century. From 400 B.C., Greek documents.

The Romans could have brought small rabbit-hunting dogs to England, possibly breeding them with local hounds.

William the Conqueror brought Talbot hounds, now extinct, to England during the Norman Conquest of 1066. These dogs are believed to be the ancestors of the Foxhound and Beagle.

Elizabeth I (1533-1603) kept Pocket Beagles as small as 9 inches tall in her packs. These tiny dogs were often depicted as having short legs and pointed noses in paintings.

These dogs were originally used for hunting, but they quickly lost their popularity because they couldn’t run fast enough.

In the 1700s, fox hunting became popular in England, and the Beagle fell out of favor as the larger Foxhound became the dog of choice. The breed could have been extinct if it weren’t for farmers in England, Ireland, and Wales, who kept packs of rabbit and hare hunters.

In the middle of the 1800s, Reverend Phillip Honeywood started a Beagle pack in Essex, England. These dogs are believed to have been the ancestors of the modern Beagle.

Rev. Honeywood was bred for their hunting skills and not for looks. Thomas Johnson, an Englishman, was responsible for breeding Beagles that were both attractive and excellent hunters.

American breeders began to import Beagles from England around the same time. This was to improve their dogs’ appearance. For hunting fox, many of the English imports were raised to a height of around 15 to 17 inches at their shoulders. American breeders began breeding them smaller to hunt rabbits.

The “Patch” Beagle breed was developed in New York by Willet Randall around 1880. This line is predominantly white, with a large tri-colored spot. Because they could run so fast, they were popular in the 1940s & 1950s. Many people today call them “Patch” beagles, or lemon and white or red-and-white beagles.

In 1884, the American Kennel Club was founded. The first Beagle specialty club was also established. The AKC started registering the Beagles in the same year.

Five members of the National Beagle Club bought 508 acres of land in Western Loudoun County, Virginia, in 1916 to conduct field trials.

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It was purchased by Institute Corporate, which became a corporation. The Institute Foundation then leased the land to the National Beagle Club.

Today, the property is home to many activities of the National Beagle Club.

How Much Do Beagles Shed?

Many people believe that dogs with longer hair shed more than dogs with shorter hair.

This is, however, not always true.

The Beagle sheds moderately. It is a double-coated breed, despite having a short, smooth appearance.

The length of the hair makes shedding less obvious.

They shed very little throughout the year, but their shedding peak is around spring.

It happens again during the fall when they shed their hair to prepare for cold or hot weather.

Do beagles shed

How to groom your Beagle

When it is warm outside, you can brush your Beagle’s hairs so that they are blow-dry. If grooming indoors, be sure to keep your Beagle standing on a towel.

You can remove dead hairs by using a grooming tool or a mitt. It can fall back into the hair and cause a bad odour.

Regular brushing of your Beagle will reduce hairs on clothes and furniture.

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Do beagles shed

How to Deal With Beagles Shedding


Your Beagle puppy should be groomed regularly. Take care of your dog’s ears, teeth, nails, and nails.

Beagles have thick coats, so it is important to remove any loose hairs at least once per week with a bristle brush or a glove for hounds.

Brushing stimulates blood flow to the skin and distributes natural oils to the skin, making the coat shine.

A massage may be a treat for the dog.

Brush your Beagle three times per week when he sheds his winter coat in spring.

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Dead hairs can be removed by bathing your Beagle once every three weeks.

A good bath will also remove dirt and oils from the skin, which helps prevent dry skin.

For healthy skin and hair, use a high-quality shampoo with a neutral pH.


The coat of a dog’s canine friend is affected by its diet.

Your dog’s hair will become weak and brittle if it isn’t getting enough nutrition. It is more likely to fall out.

High-quality food will help your Beagle grow his hair and prevent him from shedding as much.

To help maintain healthy skin and hair, you can add an Omega 3 supplement. These supplements can be easily found at pet shops.

Make sure your Beagle can drink clean, fresh water to eliminate toxins and bacteria.

It could be due to a seasonal change if your Beagle has loose fur.


Do Beagles shed less than other dogs with longer hair, but their fur can get into your carpet quite easily. It might be worth upgrading your vacuum cleaner or getting an attachment for it. This could save you time and help you save some money.


Brushing your dog can prevent excessive shedding. By spreading oils on his skin and improving his coat, brushing can help. Brushing can help remove dead hair before it gets into your home.


Many people don’t know that the right diet can help reduce the Beagles’ shedding. A well-balanced, high-quality diet will help him stay healthy and take care of his skin and hair.

Always give your Beagle the best food you can afford. You can give your Beagle puppy a healthy start to life by giving him the best food possible.

High-quality kibble will ensure your Beagle has plenty of nutrition. Omega fatty acids are essential for his coat and skin. As you know, healthy hair will not shed excessively.

Look out for Omega fats in your kibble Flaxseed, fish oil, and fish products. You can also search for micro-ingredients like vitamin E, biotin, and folic acid to encourage healthy hair.


You need to make sure your Beagle gets enough omega fatty acid if he is on a certain diet. This is the place to start. 

Supplements with omega fatty acids Come in. These supplements will not only help with his skin and coat but also reduce shedding. The most well-known fish oil supplement is the oil or pill form.


While we don’t recommend shaving your Beagle, some owners choose to trim their pets. This will undoubtedly solve any shedding issues temporarily.

This is a risky move because the topcoat grows back slower than the second coat. There is also a high chance that the second coat will not grow back as fast.

The texture of the fur will feel rough after shaving. This can irritate your Beagles skin. Velcro-type fur requires more grooming, which can make it more difficult for you. This is not something we recommend.

My Beagle sheds in clumps. Is this normal?

You should take your Beagle to the vet if he sheds excessively in clumps and patches. You could have a skin infection or other health issues. To prevent further complications, it’s better to get it treated as soon as possible.

Can I shave my Beagle?

No. A majority of dogs have coats because they are necessary. You are removing his natural defense system, and he will not be protected from the elements. Never, ever shave a dog.

What is too much shedding?

Although beagles shed quite a bit, there are two types of hair loss. His skin may become inflamed, scaly, or in patches, and his hair will shed in clumps or patches.

This is not normal. You should immediately seek medical attention. He will scratch or lick his sore spots often, but you may also notice other signs.

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Do beagles shed

Seasonal coat

Like most dogs, Beagles have a seasonal coat. Even if your climate is moderately warm, you should expect your Beagle’s spring coat to shed more.

This is because dogs tend to have a thicker winter coat, even though the temperature doesn’t drop much.

The light and temperature influence the winter coat of a Beagle.

When there is less sunlight, dogs’ coats will become thicker.

Although this is an evolutionary trait, it is still evident today.

Coat with two-layers

Beagles were originally bred to hunt rabbits and hares in the English countryside. Rain is a common occurrence in England. Beagles can cope with rain with a two-layered, also known as a double, coat.

Their undercoat is thick and soft to keep them warm. While their outer coat is longer and denser, it is also tightly packed with long hair.

This makes them waterproof. So, even though Beagles do not look like such obvious shedders, such as Golden Retrievers, your eyes might deceive you a little bit. A lint roller is a must-have.

Are Beagles more active in Spring or Winter?

Heavy shedding can occur in spring for beagles because their winter coat begins to shed.

It is perfectly normal to expect more shagginess in spring and winter.

Are Beagles hypoallergenic?


Hypoallergenic dogs are those that shed fewer skin cells (dander) than other breeds.

The real culprit for many allergic reactions is the Protein in the saliva and urine of dogs. Beagles produce allergens through their saliva. These allergens can then be spread throughout their fur when they lick their skin.

You can reduce allergens in dogs only by taking measures. 

Regularly bathe and groom them. Every 2 weeks, wash their bedding and all other things they touch.

People who are allergic to beagles should not own them.

Do Beagle Puppies Shed?

Double-coated beagles can still be found in the wild. A single coat of soft, newly-grown fur is given to beagle puppies upon their birth. This helps to regulate their body temperature.

Beagle puppies won’t shed their puppy hair until they are older, so you might be able to believe you have a dog that sheds little.

Your beagle puppy may take up to one year to develop its double coat. This includes the undercoat and outer coat.

Do Beagles Shed in Clumps?

Beagles don’t shed hair in clumps. Any signs of loose or large fur should be checked.

Fleas, ticks, and mite-infested beagles are more likely to scratch, lick and bite their skins more frequently, which causes the fur to fall out in clumps.

Are Beagles heavy shedders

Do Beagles shed a lot when you compare them with other medium-sized, long-haired dogs.

The appearance of beagles shedding is not helped by their tri-coloured coat. They are easily visible against different Colors of clothing.

Their hair is short, coarse, and prickly, which makes them ideal for permanently embedding into cashmere sweaters.

We would guess that each year, beagles shed enough hair to make about 6 sweaters.

There are other reasons to shed.

Acanthosis NigricansAlthough rare, this medical condition can happen. It can lead to fur loss from hormonal imbalances, hypersensitivities, friction. A veterinarian will perform testing to determine the exact cause. Steroids and/or vitamin E supplements may be used as treatment.

Allergic Dermatitis – This is the term that applies when a dog losses fur due to a contact allergy. It refers to any element that comes in contact with the Beagle. The most common culprits include inexpensive dog shampoo, rug cleaner, and lawn care chemicals.

Other than fur loss, there might be red spots on the skin, such as sores, blisters, or lesions. Once the cause of the dog’s reaction is established, it can be fixed. To determine the cause, a veterinarian will perform patch testing. The owner should then eliminate the element. For moderate to severe cases, steroids and/or antihistamines may be prescribed to aid the Beagle’s recovery.

Alopecia –It is a medical issue currently being investigated as the cause of this condition is unknown. It is currently believed that this could be an autoimmune disorder. It can be very sudden, and it disappears quickly. It can cause patches of thin fur, sometimes large enough to reach the dog’s skin. It causes no discomfort or itching.

Dermatomyositis This rare condition causes fur loss in the Beagle due to an allergic reaction to U.V. rays or sunlight. A small skin biopsy can confirm this condition. The dog’s skin and hair will also be affected.

Redness, irritation, scabs, and sores may occur. Dogs must be kept as far from the sun as possible if this condition is found. Prednisone can be administered in small amounts at first, followed by vitamin E.

Food and Flea Allergies – A thinning coat due to food or flea allergies is reversible and quickly diagnosed. If your dog experiences any unrelated fur loss, you should bring it to the vet immediately. However, in these cases, treatment at home will resolve the problem. A veterinarian will only prescribe steroids to treat severe swelling or antihistamines for dogs who cannot breathe well. This is only in extreme cases. The owner should also make changes in their home environment.

Flea allergies can be treated by treating both the dog’s home and the house with insecticides and foggers. Dogs with food allergies will usually be restricted in their diet to identify the ingredient.

Hypothyroidism is a condition in which the thyroid produces fewer hormones and slows down. The hair can fall out easily, and the coat may dry out before it starts to lose its fur.

A Beagle with an underactive thyroid can also gain weight and become weaker. The veterinarian can diagnose this condition by running thyroid tests. The veterinarian will prescribe medication. This is often necessary for the rest of the dog’s life. Dogs will usually make a complete recovery.


Now you are aware that the Beagle sheds a lot. But you also know how to handle it. You will see an improvement in your hair’s appearance by trying these tricks and tips. You must be patient and not give up after a week.

Establishing a routine for brushing is the best and easiest way to reduce his shedding. It is possible to reduce the amount of shedding by changing his diet and shampoo. He is well-known for his affection and intelligence.

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