Is it OK for dogs to eat Nylabones? All You Should Know

Synthetic chew toys such as Nylabones are still a favorite among dogs. Do these toys pose any safety risks?

It can be challenging to find appropriate chew toys for dogs who love to chew. Bones and chew toys are essential for all dogs. They burn energy and keep them from getting bored. 

Some chew toys are safer than others, while others are far more interesting to the majority of dogs. There is an overwhelming number of options available.

Dog owners can easily access Nylabones, one of the most popular chew toy brands. Due to their synthetic nature, dog owners may wonder if Nylabones are safe for dogs. To ensure your dog’s safety while chewing and playing with these toys, you should consider several factors.

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What are Nylabone dog toys?

Chew toys such as Nylabones, which come in various shapes and sizes, are some of the most commonly bought chew toys. These are not edible and are made from rubber, plastic, or nylon. They can harm your dog’s digestive system if ingested. Nylabone treats and dental chews are, however, edible. However, we will discuss this further in the article. 

Dog Nylabone toys come in a variety of flavors, so you can choose the one your dog likes the best. In the case of dogs that have sensitive stomachs, or dogs who have allergies to specific ingredients, you should consider unflavored toys. Is Nylabone a safe toy for dogs and puppies? Is Nylabone dangerous for dogs?

Nylabones’ benefits

As a result of boredom or separation anxiety, Nylabones can prevent destructive chewing. It is risky for dogs to be left alone and unattended. When you leave them alone for several hours, such as when you go to work or to the store, the problem is aggravated.

The Nylabone is a great way to redirect your child’s chewing habit from your belongings to theirs, especially when they’re young. Some Nylabones have nubs on their surfaces that can be used as a dental chew since they have nubs on their surface.

Possible Risks

Nylabones contain non-toxic materials and encourage healthy chewing habits, but they can also become a hazard when left unsupervised, just like any other dog toy. Non-edible Nylabones should not be swallowed by dogs like traditional bones.


In addition to chicken, turkey, bacon, and peanut butter, Nylabones come in several flavors. As with your dog’s food, some dogs might be allergic to specific ingredients, so it is best to avoid those containing those allergens and choose one that is safer.

Damage to Their Teeth

Surfaces of Nylabones are made of durable plastic, rubber, and nylon with hard surfaces. Nylabones can damage the teeth of dogs who like to bite hard. When you press or scratch a Nylabone, it won’t show an imprint, indicating that it’s too hard for your dog.

There is always the possibility of broken teeth or chipped teeth when using hard bones or chew toys. The risk of tooth fractures in your dog is difficult to predict unless he has a history of such an injury. Generally, the risk is low and falls into the category of chewing on hard objects as part of being a dog.

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Despite being durable for long periods of time, Nylabones aren’t 100% indestructible. Chewers who are particularly aggressive and heavy can break through smaller bones. Dogs with sharp teeth can also accidentally swallow Nylabone shards when they break them off. 

If left unnoticed, swallowing large chunks of the Nylabone’s ends will negatively affect your dog’s digestion and cause gastrointestinal obstruction, which can be deadly.

You should take your dog to the vet immediately if it ate a Nylabone or parts of one. Describe how much you think your dog ate at the vet. An x-ray may reveal that your dog needs emergency surgery if the piece is too large to be expelled by your dog. 

When your dog plays with his Nylabone, supervise him to avoid an expensive surgery bill or a risk to his life. 

It is likely that your dog will pass through their system in a few hours if they swallow Nylabone dental nubs. Nonetheless, you should watch out for symptoms like bloating, vomiting, and a loss of appetite. 

White specks may appear in your dog’s poop as your dog chews on his Nylabone. Nylabone shavings are usually not a problem because they are so tiny. 

If a Nylabone gets smaller and smaller over time, the dog must be enjoying it – that’s a good sign. Dogs would likely lose interest in chewing their bones if they did not make any progress.

can dogs eat nylabones

Safety Tips for Nylabone

Nylabone’s website no longer uses this exact language, but the values it expresses remain the same. To keep your dog safe when using a chewy Nylabone or any other toy, follow these three safety guidelines.

Vigilance. Check the quality of the toy to ensure all parts are intact and that small pieces do not fall off during play. Make sure you check it every time before you begin playing with it. You should consider taking it away from your dog if it appears to be breaking down or the ends have shrunk significantly.

Supervision. In the same way that you wouldn’t leave a small child alone to play, you shouldn’t leave your dog alone to play. You will want to be on hand if a piece breaks off and your dog becomes choking hazard.

Proper Care. You will not want to abuse this product, since it is made up of nylon (basically a food-safe plastic). The best way to maintain its integrity and safety is to maintain a healthy storage environment. These toys are probably best kept indoors.

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Nylabones are safe for puppies?

It can be difficult for new owners to choose safe chew toys for teething puppies, especially when looking for the best options. There are several Nylabone puppy chew toys available. In order to ensure your puppy’s safety, most puppy chews have an age and weight limit.

You can give puppies Nylabones as long as you choose a size that is small enough for them to chew on and large enough to prevent them from swallowing it.

The chewing habits of puppies change drastically during the “teething” phase (usually when they are 12-24 weeks old) as their puppy teeth fall out and their permanent teeth begin to grow in. You may notice that their gums are swollen or bleeding, they are constantly whining, and they have mood swings.

When a puppy is teething, it often chews on anything it sees. Nylabone teething rings and teething pacifiers massage the puppy’s sensitive gums with their raised nubs.

Nylabones are good for dogs?

There’s a reason why dog chew toys are among the most popular supplies owners buy. Are Nylabones suitable for dogs just like other chew toys? The answer is yes.

Disclaimer: Nylabone’s Non-Edible Chew

Let’s take a moment to look at Nylabone’s disclaimer about non-edible chews before we discuss the safety precautions you need to take. Having this insight will give you a good understanding of what to expect when you ask, “Are Nylabones safe for dogs?””””

This disclaimer includes the following main points:

  • Non-edible Nylabones should not be consumed
  • In the event that the Nylabone goes missing in large chunks, take the toy away from your dog and contact your veterinarian
  • A dog’s system can easily pass through tiny bristle nubs if it ingests them
  • Ensure that the Nylabone is not damaged or missing parts on a regular basis
  • Nylabones cannot be boiled or washed in devices, such as dishwashers and washing machines
  • If the Nylabone becomes too small to chew, replace it immediately.

Dogs are safe from Nylabones 

Dogs of any size can enjoy Nylabone dog toys, but it is crucial to choose the right size according to your dog’s age and breed. Nylabone Puppy Chews allow you to teach your puppy proper chewing habits. Additionally, strong chews, moderate chews, and a wide selection for power chewers are available.

Is Nylabone causing dogs seizure?

About a year ago, a Facebook user started spreading a message about dogs suffering seizures from Nylabones. Some pet owners have claimed that Nylabones cause seizures in dogs, but there is no proof to support that claim.

Snopes, a popular fact-checking website, investigated this further and also found that these claims are unsubstantiated, and that no evidence exists that Nylabones cause seizures or harm dogs in any other way. Additionally, the company posted a statement on their website to clarify the situation.

Help! Nylabone part eaten by my dog! Do I need to do anything?

You should take your dog to the vet immediately if he ate a large piece of a Nylabone! As a result of the components of these bones, your dog may have difficulty digesting them and may have many problems, not only for his health but also for your wallet.

Watch your dog whenever he plays with his toys and make sure they are in good shape and that nothing is missing before giving them to him.

Immediately take your dog to the vet if he swallows a large piece of Nylabone or another chew toy. The patient may need to undergo an x-ray, stay overnight, or undergo emergency surgery.

In case of an accident during playtime, pet insurance can help you avoid paying hundreds of dollars in vet bills. Rather than worrying about how to pay for everything, you can focus on helping your dog.

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Nylabones are made in where? 

According to their website, most of their chew toys are made in New Jersey, in their factory. Packaged with an American flag, these chews are made in New Jersey.

Nevertheless, some of their chews are made in China, and those will not carry the American flag. These options may be the ones you would want to avoid, even though the company ensures that all safety protocols are followed when they manufacture these toys.

According to the company’s website, China made dog chews are:

We regularly check the policies and procedures of these plants to ensure compliance with our rigorous regulations. To ensure the safety and quality of our products, we have a regular ongoing testing program.

Our testing is done by independent third-party facilities for added assurance. It is of paramount importance for us to gain the confidence of the consumers who use our products.” –

can dogs eat nylabones

How Is Nylabone Made?

The Nylabone company makes both inedible and edible chews for dogs, also known as “Nylabone healthy edibles.” But what are Nylabone’s ingredients, both edible and inedible, and are they safe for dogs?

The company makes it clear on its website that Nylabones are not intended for consumption and are only made for chewing and not ingesting. If you choose the right size, Nylabones are safe to chew on.

Nylabone healthy edibles: They have many different varieties, and all the ingredients will vary. Generally, they have the same ingredients you see in most dog treats – protein, starch, and flavor.

Every package will have the ingredients and guaranteed analysis listed on it, so make sure to check it. While they are generally safe, they aren’t the healthiest options you can buy.

What size Nylabone should I get?

Make sure you purchase the right size Nylabone for your pup because they come in different sizes. Nylabones aren’t meant for puppies. Don’t buy one for your 90lb Labrador Retriever. The thing will be torn up so quickly that you’ll be on your way to the vet in no time!

Getting Rid of Nylabones

When a Nylabone’s knuckle ends wear down or when the parts become so small that they can be snapped off, it is the perfect time to toss it.

The Nylabone in this example was probably left with a dog for too long. A dog is unlikely to swallow a single knuckle and the shaft of the bone, but a large dog may swallow this single knuckle whole. (An 80 pound dog chewed on this Nylabone Galileo for six years.)

The Best Way to Keep Your Dog Safe

There are a few things you should do before purchasing a Nylabone toy for your dog.

You need to choose the right Nylabone toy for your dog if you want to ensure that he can use the toys without major risks. You need to choose the right toy for your dog based on his size and breed.

You should also consider your dog’s chewing habits when choosing a toy. Depending on the dog, you may want to give moderate chewing toys in some cases since some dogs are less enthusiastic chewers. In addition, Nylabone dog toys are almost never ingested by these dogs since they rarely chew hard enough to break larger pieces.

If your dog chews a lot and has a strong chew, either Nylabone Strong Chews or Nylabone Power Chews are good options. You can keep your dog busy with them and they are designed to last longer. Additionally, even if you regularly inspect the toys, your dog will have difficulty breaking them into larger pieces.

It’s important to remember that an adult dog shouldn’t be given puppy chews. Your dog’s health will be at risk if you choose a Nylabone toy that is not for puppies. When choosing a Nylabone toy for your dog, you can also consult your vet.

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Nylabone toys should be inspected regularly.

If a toy is losing its texture and composure, you shouldn’t allow your dog to chew on it. If the chew toy he is chewing is no longer strong enough, your dog is more likely to break larger pieces and swallow them.

If the knuckle ends on your dog’s Nylabone toy have worn down or it has become too small for him to safely chew, you need to replace it. Throw away the Nylabone toy if you think your dog might swallow it whole.

In addition, if you notice that any parts of these toys are missing, you should contact your veterinarian immediately. It is possible that your dog has not ingested the toy piece even if some is missing, but it is always a good idea to be cautious.

If you experience any unusual symptoms, such as lethargy, vomiting, diarrhea, gagging, excessive drooling, etc., let your doctor know immediately. Contact your vet if any of these symptoms occur. The problem may not be caused by ingesting a Nylabone toy, but it is still serious and you should seek medical attention.

Alternatives to Nylabones

Can dogs and puppies eat Nylabones? It depends on what kind you choose. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for an alternative to Nylabone dog toys, there are a number of options out there. Some of these may pose fewer risks than Nylabone dog toys, but may not provide as much stimulation or last as long as Nylabone dog toys.

Furthermore, if you are searching for a chewing toy or edible chew, you will find a number of natural alternatives in the form of healthy treats.

Himalayan Dog Chews

These dog chews are made with an old Himalayan recipe using either yak or cow milk, or a combination of the two. The durability of Himalayan dog chews makes them last for a long time.

Having no preservatives and being edible, these are completely safe. Dogs love cheese, at least in this form, and you might be surprised by that fact. They will certainly enjoy chewing on these.

Bully Sticks

The smell of these chewing treats is not great, and they can also be quite expensive. Bully sticks, however, are a safer chewing treat or toy for dogs, because they are made of natural materials.

The protein content makes them highly digestible, and they are also incredibly durable. With these chewing treats, your dog will have a lot to chew on and he will be able to enjoy them safely because they contain no chemicals.


As surprising as it sounds, carrots are a perfect alternative to chew toys and treats. Dogs really enjoy chewing on them and they are good for their teeth.

You should give him a full-size carrot, otherwise he will eat it too fast. He might even choke on it if he doesn’t chew it properly. Moreover, since carrots contain sugar, your veterinarian can advise you on how much carrots your dog can eat.

Raw Bones

The simple truth is that dogs eat bones. When you give your dog a raw bone, he will go at it with gusto, having a lot of chewing fun. There is a possibility of your pooch suffering a choking accident, as well as an intestinal blockage, as cooked bones can splinter and hurt your pooch.

On the other hand, raw bones are completely safe. Try not to leave the bones in your yard for too long, as they might attract wild animals, and remember that bones get harder over time, so don’t wait too long before giving them to your dog.

Antlers shed by deer and elk every spring, and they are an ideal chewing toy alternative. Put down the rubber, plastic, and nylon, and give your dog these natural, durable antlers designed for dogs.

Before they are sold, antlers are cleaned and cut after being collected, and you can find them in a variety of sizes. Be aware that some breeds can suffer tooth damage from antlers, so you should consult your veterinarian before using them.

Jones Natural Chews

We recommend Jones Natural Chews if you are looking for natural chews that will also suit your dog’s refined tastes. Different flavors are available, including sausage, beef, and chicken.

There are only two ingredients in each one and they are baked in the oven. Each pack includes 20 pieces, which will last your dog for at least 2 weeks, or even longer if you pace him.

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can dogs eat nylabones


Does My Dog Need a New Nylabone?

You should replace Nylabone chews as their knuckle ends wear down or if they become too small for your dog to chew safely (or if they become so small that your dog could swallow them).

How to Sanitize a Nylabone

Hand-washing a Nylabone with a brush and non-toxic detergents followed by rinsing with warm water is the best and safest way to sanitize it.  Nylabones should not be boiled in water or put in microwave ovens or dishwashers in order to sanitize them. By using these methods, the fibers of the Nylabone can be broken down and weakened, making it more likely that your dog will chew off pieces.

Can dogs get sick from Nylabones?

Although your allergic dog may be able to chew on an unflavored Nylabone relatively safely, flavored Nylabones can exacerbate his symptoms. Even one treat containing the allergen can trigger a recurrence of the allergy.

What Is Your Dog’s Chewing Style And Strength?

Nylabones also come in a variety of chewing strengths and styles. Make sure you know what style is appropriate for your dog. Your veterinarian is the best person to talk to if you have concerns.

Do veterinarians recommend Nylabones?

Nylabone’s products are vet-recommended, so any chew toy from this brand will be a good choice.

Are Nylabones toxic?

Nylabones offer a wide range of products made from non-toxic materials that are safe for your pet and tailored to the chewing style and size of your dog. Nylabone has chews for every dog type, from teething puppies to extreme power chewers.

Are nylon chews safe for dogs?

Many nylon bones are made from hard materials that can harm your pet’s teeth despite being touted as a safe chewing alternative. If you press your thumbnail into a soft chew toy, it will indent, but they will not be chewed into pieces by your pet.

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Final thoughts On Can dogs eat nylabones

Therefore, can dogs eat Nylabones safely? Yes, Nylabones are safe for dogs, as long as you monitor their chewing ability carefully and give them an appropriate size for their chewing ability. 

When your dog’s Nylabone is properly cared for, they are less likely to put themselves at risk. There is a Nylabone model for every dog, so it is important to find one that is appropriate to your dog’s individual chewing style, chewing power, and love for gnawing.


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