Top 7 Best food for cavalier king charles spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are considered to be the happiest dogs around. They love to play and they love to eat! What kind of food should I feed my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel?

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniels breed was developed in England during the 19th century. This dog is known for its intelligence, trainability, and friendly temperament.

A Cavalier King Charles Spaniels’ diet should consist of high-quality protein, vitamins, minerals, and fiber. These ingredients provide energy to their body and help them stay fit.

Quick Summary

1. Royal Canin Cavalier King Charles – Best Overall

2. Healthy Breeds Cavalier King Charles Spaniel – Best Budget

3. Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry – Editor’s Choice

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How To Choose The Best food for cavalier king Charles spaniel

When it comes to choosing the best food for your pup, there are many factors to consider. Ingredients, macronutrients, and added vitamins and minerals should all be taken into consideration. Pet owners may find this a bit overwhelming.

This complete buyer’s guide was written to help you make the best purchasing decision. This guide will explain how to choose the best dog food.

All the dogs also seem to be eating grain-free diets, so grain-free diets may be avoided for now.

Despite all of this, it is difficult to find dog food free of peas on the market these days. Therefore, you may want to switch your dog’s food more often instead.

It is likely that D.C.M. is a result of an imbalance of nutrients or chemicals, which is related to peas. Changing your dog’s food often prevents a buildup of potentially harmful ingredients, as well as a deficiency.

Protein and fat

Fat and protein are the main sources of energy for dogs. Researchers have found that when given the choice, dogs prefer a low-carb diet with a high fat and protein content. 

This is a good indicator of the natural diet of an animal as it corresponds to their needs.

As a result, our dogs should be fed as much protein and fat as possible.

It is not a good idea to feed dogs a lot of carbohydrates, which is exactly what many store-bought dog diets today contain.

Meat by-products and meals

There’s no doubt that whole meat is the best choice for your pup. However, meat meals and byproducts are a little more difficult.

As a general rule, dogs can eat meat meals. Just make sure you tell the dog where the meal came from. This is because you would rather choose “chicken meal” rather than “meat meal” or “poultry meal.” Meat is a mystery to you. A dog should not be fed vaguely described ingredients unless that is what you want.

Basically, a meal consists of meat that has been boiled down so that most of the moisture has been removed. The process is similar to making broth, except you cook it until it becomes powder. Because whole meat has a lot of moisture, it is less nutritious than minced meat.

A different story is told about by-products. However, most dogs don’t have any problems with them. Byproducts are parts of meat that humans usually do not eat, such as snouts and ears. However, in the wild, dogs would consume these parts. Additionally, they contain nutrients like collagen and are quite nutrient-rich.

Grains-free and grain-included

Nowadays, pet parents are being led to believe that grain-free foods are the best option for all dogs. That’s not the case. Dogs have evolved alongside humans in order to consume grains. Due to this, almost all dogs are able to eat grains.

Whole grains provide a lot of nutrition to dogs, so they make a good choice for them. You may want to choose grains over some vegetables, like peas, simply because they are healthier.

Refined grains are another matter. You should avoid feeding them to your dog because most of their nutrients have been removed.

Dogs that are allergic to gluten should not eat grain. It is quite rare for dogs to have this issue, so yours is likely to be fine eating grain.

Your dog might have a food sensitivity if they become itchy after eating grain-inclusive food. Grain-free foods are only required under these circumstances.

Potatoes, lentils, and peas

Our dogs may not necessarily be as healthy as us when it comes to peas and lentils.

A link between canine dilated cardiomyopathy (D.C.M.) and diets containing peas is currently being investigated by the Food and Drug Administration. We don’t yet have any concrete answers because the investigation is ongoing.

Preliminary findings suggest that the rise in DCM cases is likely the result of diet-related factors. Additionally, dogs with DCM seem to eat diets high in peas. Potatoes and lentils have also been suggested.

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1. Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition Cavalier King Charles

best food for cavalier king charles spaniel

Best food for cavalier king charles spaniel – Cavalier King Charles Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition Adult Dry Dog Food is specially formulated nutrition to meet the needs of the Cavalier purebred dog.

This exclusive breed-specific diet is tailored to your small breed, containing the specific nutrients needed to help him thrive, whether he is a Tricolor, Black & Tan, Ruby, or Blenheim Spaniel.

Small dogs’ tapered muzzles and scissor bites make it easy for them to pick up and chew this specially designed kibble. Creating an ideal weight is supported by an appropriate calorie intake, while targeted nutrients promote heart health.

Vitamin A, as well as EPA and DHA from fish oil, play an important role in providing skin support and nourishing the skin and coat of your Cavalier.

  • First 5 Ingredients: Brewers Rice, Wheat Gluten, Chicken By-Product Meal, Corn, Chicken Fat
  • Type: With Grain
  • Breed Recommendation: Best For Cavalier King Charles spaniel
  • Caloric Content: 339 kcal/cup
  • Our Rating: 8.5/10

What We Like

  • Contains the correct ratio of protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals to provide optimal nutrition for your Cavalier.
  • Provides essential fatty acids (EPA and DHA) for healthy skin and coat.
  • Supports heart health.
  • Promotes good dental health.
  • Helps maintain proper weight.
  • Contributes to a shiny coat.

What We Don’t Like

  • Price

2. Taste of the Wild Roasted Bison

best food for cavalier king charles spaniel

Best Dry food for cavalier king charles spaniel – Taste of the Wild High Prairie Grain-Free Dry Dog Food is a balanced diet nature intended for your dog.

This grain-free recipe contains novel proteins such as buffalo and bison, as well as peas, and sweet potatoes that provide highly digestible energy, as well as natural antioxidants from fruits and vegetables and dried chicory root for prebiotic support.

A chelated form of essential minerals ensures maximum absorption, so your furry friend gets complete and balanced nutrition while still enjoying a taste of the wild!

  • First 5 Ingredients: Water Buffalo, Lamb Meal, Chicken Meal, Sweet Potatoes, Peas
  • Type: grain free dog food, Gluten-Free
  • Breed Recommendation: Best For Cavalier King Charles spaniel
  • Caloric Content: 422 kcal/cup
  • Our Rating: 7.8/10

What We Like

  • Balanced protein and carbohydrate ratio provides optimal nutrition for dogs.
  • Highly digestible energy from natural ingredients.
  • Prebiotics support gut health by promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria.
  • Contains no wheat, corn, soy, artificial colors, or preservatives.

What We Don’t Like

  • Some dogs may find the taste unpleasant at first

3. Hill’s Science Diet Adult Small & Mini Perfect Weight Dry Dog Foods

best food for cavalier king charles spaniel

Best food for cavalier king charles spaniel Puppy – Give your small and mini dog the nutritional boost they need to lose weight with Hill’s Science Diet Adult Perfect Weight Small & Mini Chicken Recipe Dry Dog Food.

Specifically designed for small and toy breed adult dogs who are mindful of their weight, this recipe is made with protein from real chicken to support lean muscle maintenance. You’ll love knowing that it’s backed by decades of cutting-edge research, as well as how delicious it tastes.

  • First 5 Ingredients: Chicken, Cracked Pearled Barley, Brown Rice, Pea Fiber, Corn Gluten Meal
  • Type: With Grain
  • Breed Recommendation: Best For Cavalier King Charles spaniel Puppy
  • Caloric Content: 291 kcal/cup
  • Our Rating: 8.4/10

What We Like

  • Made with real chicken to provide essential amino acids.
  • Protein from real chicken provides lean muscle maintenance.
  • Tasty, nutritious dry dog food for your small and toy breed dog.
  • Backed by decades of scientific research.

What We Don’t Like

  • Only For Small Dogs

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4. Healthy Breeds Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Jerky Bites Chicken & Rice Recipe

best food for cavalier king charles spaniel

best treats for cavalier king charles spaniel – These delicious Jerky Bites Chicken and Rice dog treats are made from all-natural ingredients.

Since it is made from all organic ingredients, your dog will love the taste as much as you will love knowing what it is eating.

As with all Healthy Breeds organic dog treats, these wholesome snacks are made with organic chicken as the main ingredient. These bite-size dog training treats are made by Healthy Breeds.

  • Type: Non-GMO
  • Breed Recommendation: Best For Cavalier King Charles spaniel
  • Our Rating: 8/10

What We Like

  • Made from 100% organic ingredients.
  • Great tasting treats for dogs.
  • Made from all-natural ingredients.
  • Can be used as a reward or a training tool.
  • Perfect gift for your dog.

What We Don’t Like

  • Limited flavors

5. Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry

best food for cavalier king charles spaniel

Best weight loss dog food for Cavalier King Charles – With Wellness Complete Health Turkey & Peas, you can care for your older canine.

A natural dry food designed exclusively for small breed senior dogs, this food features carefully selected ingredients and a smaller kibble size to make feeding easier.

This homemade dog food features premium proteins and wholesome grains to support a healthy immune system, enhance energy levels, and keep skin and coat in good shape.

Omega fatty acids, antioxidants, glucosamine, probiotics, and taurine are all included in this dry dog food. There are no meat by-products, fillers, or artificial preservatives in this product.

  • First 5 Ingredients: Deboned Turkey, Chicken Meal, Ground Brown Rice, Peas, Rice
  • Type: With Grain
  • Breed Recommendation: Best For Cavalier King Charles spaniel
  • Caloric Content: 435 kcal/cup
  • Our Rating: 8.4/10

What We Like

  • Made with real turkey and peas
  • Smaller kibbles help reduce choking risk
  • Contains omega fatty acids, antioxidants, and glucosamine

What We Don’t Like

  • This tasty dish will not appeal to your adult dog

6. Royal Canin Size Health Nutrition Medium Adult Dry Dog Foods

best food for cavalier king charles spaniel

Best Adult dog food for Cavalier King Charles spaniel – Royal Canin’s Medium Breed Adult Dry Dog Food is tailored to meet the high-energy needs of medium dogs.

His body is able to remain strong with the support of antioxidants and prebiotics. Dogs need omega-3 fatty acids for healthy skin and coat, which EPA and DHA provide.

Your dog’s digestion and absorption of nutrients are improved with an optimal combination of highly digestible proteins and fibers. Furthermore, the exclusive kibble is very tasty.

Adding a little variety to your dog’s bowl is as simple as mixing it with his favorite wet dog food.

  • First 5 Ingredients: Brewers Rice, Chicken By-Product Meal, Oat Groats, Wheat, Corn Gluten Meal
  • Type: With Grain
  • Breed Recommendation: Best For Adult Cavalier King Charles spaniel
  • Caloric Content: 435 kcal/cup
  • Our Rating: 8.3/10

What We Like

  • High energy level
  • Optimal nutrition for active dogs
  • Improved digestion
  • Delicious kibble
  • Easy to add to your dog’s diet

What We Don’t Like

  • Expensive

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7. Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition

best food for cavalier king charles spaniel

Best dog food for large Cavalier King Charles spaniel – Your large breed dog will thrive with this specially formulated, breed-specific diet. Specially designed kibble shapes and textures encourage chewing in large dogs, with their straight muzzles and scissor bites.

Nutritional supplements help support the skin barrier and protect the coat. Heart health is supported by essential nutrients like taurine, EPA, and DHA.

Additionally, this food contains just the right amount of fat and calories to help your dog maintain optimal weight. Wet dog food from Royal Canin is a great compliment to dry food for a meal that’s sure to please any Cavalier King Charles.

  • First 5 Ingredients: Brown Rice, Chicken By-Product Meal, Oat Groats, Brewers Rice, Wheat
  • Type: With Grain
  • Breed Recommendation: Best For Adult Cavalier King Charles spaniel
  • Caloric Content: 276 kcal/cup
  • Our Rating: 8/10

What We Like

  • Large Breed Dog Food
  • Dry & Wet Formulas Available
  • Supports Healthy Skin & Coat
  • Contains Essential Fatty Acids (EPA & DHA)
  • Contain Taurine

What We Don’t Like

  • Price

Cavalier King Charles health problems

Dog lovers should keep an eye out for Cavalier King Charles Spaniels as this toy breed stands out as one of the most sensitive dog breeds for certain health concerns. There are a number of health problems associated with the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, including heart disease.

By the age of five, half of Charles Spaniels will develop mitral valve disease-MVD- and all of them will have it by the age of 10. Patella luxation and allergies are also problems for Charles Spaniels.

Here are the three most common health issues and problems associated with this toy breed. Fortunately, there are ways to deal with some of these health concerns with Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dry food.

Hip Dysplasia

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are susceptible to hip dysplasia or Patellar Luxation. As your cavalier grows, and if he doesn’t get enough exercise, these conditions develop. A vet must perform an x-ray on your King Charles Spaniel to make a proper diagnosis.

You might notice that your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel exhibits a genetic condition known as luxating patella when it is between the ages of 4 and 6 months. If the condition is severe, your veterinarian might recommend surgery. (1)

One tight patella – four a loose knee cap that is easily dislocated is the grading system for patellas. With physical rehabilitation and exercises, your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel might avoid needing surgery if they have a grade one or two conditions.

A Cavalier King Charles Spaniel limb in Grades 3-4 might require surgery to correct the problem, preventing arthritis and lameness. (2)

Allergies and Skin Problems

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel has a smooth coat and healthy skin. A food allergy, for instance, can cause allergic reactions on the skin. As a result of these sensitivities, your dog experiences discomfort and pain, which negatively impacts his quality of life.

During excessive itching, your King Charles Spaniel will scratch and bite themselves to relieve the itchiness, causing severe damage to their skin. Charles Spaniels may become irritable if yeast and bacteria infections are not treated on time. (3)

A Cavalier Spaniel develops allergies in specific parts of his body, mainly the face area, the legs, the paws, the sides, and the hind end. A Charles Spaniel that is regularly itching, biting, and falling off dandruff from any of these areas should be taken to the veterinarian.

A Cavalier King Charles Spaniel’s skin allergies are largely determined by genetics and the environment. Internal food intolerance, especially to a protein like chicken meal and beef meal, is the primary cause of skin allergies in King Charles. (4)

Aside from that, there are known elements in dog food for cavalier dogs that cause skin problems for them, such as fillers, additives, and chemical preservatives.

It is genetically predisposed to develop ichthyosis in King Charles Spaniels. Ichthyosis is a severe skin condition characterized by scaly and dry skin. Unfortunately, this is a condition your dog suffers early in life and it cannot be treated. (5)

Fleas, dust mites, pollen, mold, and household chemicals are environmental triggers. Regular dog bathing and medication are the best remedies. If your dog is suffering from these problems, then you should purchase medicated shampoos and essential oils such as fish oil.

You are responsible for keeping your Charles Spaniel dog away from the pollen, mold, and household chemicals if they are in your home. However, choosing the best dry food ensures that your dog’s coat and skin are cared for holistically. (6)


Symptoms of syringomyelia can range from mild discomfort to chronic pain with partial paralysis in your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Dogs with this condition experience problem with their brains and spines. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels have a malfunction in the back of their skull that reduces their brain’s available space. As a result, the brain is compressed and eventually forced out through the spinal cord.

In your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, cerebral spinal fluid cannot flow around the brain and spine due to herniation. This turbulence causes fluid pockets or syrinxes to form in the spinal cord as the pressure of the fluid increases. Syringomyelia is hence named.

This condition does not affect most dogs. The latest international research indicates, however, that Cavalier King Charles Spaniels suffer from the malfunction at least 90% of the time.

It has been reported that 30-70% of Cavaliers have syrinxes. 85% of symptomatic dogs will show the effects and have pain between the ages of six months and four years, according to Clare Rusbridge, a research scientist.

Symptoms include the following:

The head, neck, and shoulders of your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel are sensitive. Whenever your dog scratches the side areas of his body, he makes whimpering sounds.

Your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel might scratch a lot but without ever touching your skin

There is a rapid onset of scoliosis on the back of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Your cavalier may show low awareness of their body position if they suffer from severe cases. They may fall frequently due to this condition.

A veterinarian should be consulted if your King Charles Spaniel exhibits any of these signs. An MRI may be recommended by your vet. After the MRI, your vet will provide you with a signed certificate.

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Nutritional Requirements For Cavalier King Charles

Maintaining a healthy weight is the key to balancing their high energy levels. Spaniels of this type need exercise, but large stomachs may make them difficult to feed adequately.

You may find your dog resorting to mischief to make up for the fact that they aren’t eating a nutrient-dense diet. Providing them with high-quality protein and complex carbohydrates will give them steady energy throughout the day.

It is also important to consider their coat. A good diet will contribute to a good coat. Keeping the coat and skin supple requires adequate vitamins and essential fatty acids in your spaniel’s diet.

To maintain weight and energy levels, an adult Cavalier King Charles consumes 530 calories per day. Due to their rapid growth and higher energy level, puppies need nearly double that amount.

Compared to larger dogs, toy dogs don’t have the same risks associated with growth. 

More important than slowing growth is keeping up with nutrients despite tiny stomachs.

Cheap, ultra-processed dog food is bad for any breed, but the Cavalier King Charles is particularly susceptible to allergies and nutritional deficiencies. It is important to understand what feeding habits this breed requires before investing in one. 

It may not be that they eat a lot, but their food should be of the highest quality. There should be no exceptions.

Requirements For Feeding

It is recommended to divide the daily serving size into smaller portions to maintain weight and make sure your Cavalier King Charles has enough energy. The spaniel will be able to digest food properly without sacrificing nutrients as a result.

Keeping your Cavalier King Charles within the calorie requirements is one of the most important things to remember.

Because of the fur on your spaniel, it may be difficult to tell if the dog is at the right weight, but when you put your fingertips on the ribcage, the outline should be readily visible. In order to find the ribs, you will have to prod and push your spaniel.

When you divide your meals, give your spaniel a certain amount of time to consume his food before giving it back to him. It’s hard to know exactly how much food your spaniel is eating when it’s grazing, which can lead to weight problems.

There Can Be Drastic Differences In Calorie Recommendations For This Breed. Making Sure Your Dog Has Enough Energy Means You Should Double Check The Portion Sizes. Keeping A Formula Specific To Each Stage Of Life Is Helpful.

Despite not eating much, their food is more costly than that of some other dog breeds. Unlike some other breeds, they are unable to tolerate generic, processed foods. So you don’t end up with health problems down the road, you must find the best kind of diet for this breed.

What do Cavalier King Charles Spaniel eat?

Your puppy needs protein-rich foods like chicken, beef, lamb, fish, eggs, dairy products, etc. These are all good sources of protein. You can also give them cooked vegetables such as broccoli, carrots, peas, corn, and other cooked veggies.

You can also add healthy fruits to his diet. Apples, pears, bananas, grapes, oranges, and berries are all great options. Just remember not to overfeed your pup. He may become overweight if you don’t watch his weight.

Adding supplements to your dog’s diet is also an option. These include vitamins A, C, D, E, B6, B12, calcium, zinc, iron, selenium, omega 3 fatty acids, probiotics, antioxidants, glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM (methyl sulfonyl methane), and essential oils.

What human food can a King Charles Cavalier eat?

If you own a King Charles Cavalier, then you know how much of an appetite he has. He craves delicious human food! So why not let him indulge himself by giving him special treats made from real human food?

Some examples of these treats are cheese, peanut butter, honey, milk, yogurt, cake, cookies, crackers, pizza crust, bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, beans, lentils, nuts, meats, poultry, and seafood.

All of these are nutritious foods that contain essential nutrients that your dog needs. However, you must ensure that you only give them to your dog once a week or less. Overfeeding your dog will cause him to gain too much weight.

How to feed a Cavalier King Charles Spaniels?

When feeding your dog, always keep in mind that he is still a carnivore. His digestive system is designed to process meat. This means that you can’t feed him any vegetable matter because he won’t be able to digest it properly.

To avoid overeating, try to limit yourself to 2 small meals per day. Make sure that you feed him at regular intervals throughout the day. This way, he won’t feel deprived of food.

Make sure that you clean out his bowl after every meal. Otherwise, you might end up having to clean his entire house afterward.

Never force-feed your dog. When he eats on his own, he should finish eating within 30 minutes. If he refuses to eat, leave him alone for 15 minutes until he finishes eating. Then refill his bowl again.

Feed him twice a day. Give him one large meal in the morning and another smaller meal in the evening.

Don’t forget to provide plenty of water for your dog. Your dog needs about 1 cup of water for every 10 pounds of body weight.

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What do picky cavaliers eat?

Picky dogs aren’t necessarily bad dogs. They’re just more selective than most dogs. That’s okay! It takes time for a new puppy to learn everything they need to know about their world. And sometimes, puppies just need to figure things out on their own.

So when it comes to what your dog likes to eat, there isn’t anything wrong with letting him be picky. As long as he gets enough nutrition, he’ll be fine.

However, if you notice that your dog doesn’t like certain types of food, then you have two options:

1) Feed him something else.

2) Be patient.

Your first option is to find other sources of protein for your dog. Chicken breast, beef, pork chop, turkey, fish, and eggs are all great choices. Just make sure that you don’t overdo it. Don’t feed your dog so many chicken breasts that he ends up looking like a rooster.

Your second option is to simply wait. You can’t rush this process. A dog’s palate changes continuously as he grows older. Sometimes, he may even change his taste preferences later in life.

How much dry food should I feed my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel?

You want to feed your dog as much as possible without causing him to become overweight. So you have to balance how much food your dog eats with how much exercise he gets.

The best way to determine how much food your dog needs is to weigh him. To calculate his daily caloric requirements, multiply his weight by 4. Then add 20% to that number. For example, if your dog weighs 25 pounds, his daily calorie requirement would be 100 calories. Add an extra 20% to get 120 calories.

This will give you a good estimate of how much food your dog requires. However, it probably won’t be exact.

This number can be calculated in a variety of ways. Some people use a formula based on age and activity level while others go by the amount of energy required to maintain their current size.

But regardless of which method you choose, the point is to keep your dog healthy. No matter what, always remember that too little or too much food can cause health problems.

If you think your dog is getting too much food, try cutting back on portions. Or switch from regular dry kibble to a lower-calorie alternative such as raw meaty bones.

How many times a day should I feed my Cavalier King Charles?

It depends on how old your puppy is. Puppies usually eat two to four meals per day at around 10 am and 4 pm. Older puppies can increase this amount by eating more often throughout the day.

What vegetables are good in a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel food?

Vegetables are not a part of every meal. But some vegetables are better than others. Here are some examples:

Green beans – These are one of the easiest vegetables to grow. A small garden is all you need.

Broccoli – This vegetable is high in fiber and low in fat. Additionally, it contains vitamins C and K.

Peas – The peas we buy at the store are already cooked. That means that they contain no nutrients. Cook them yourself if you can.

Spinach – One cup of spinach has about 15 grams of protein. It also provides lots of iron, vitamin B6, calcium, magnesium, zinc, potassium, phosphorus, and selenium.

Carrots – They are very nutritious. Carrots provide both beta carotene and vitamin A.

Celery – Both celery and carrots are rich in antioxidants.

Sweet potatoes – Their orange flesh is packed with vitamin A and potassium.

Beans – They contain proteins, carbohydrates, and minerals like manganese and copper.

Why is my Cavalier King Charles not eating?

When your Cavalier king dog suddenly stops eating, it means they aren’t feeling well. Make sure they are not showing any other symptoms such as weight loss, diarrhea, or vomiting.

If your dog is experiencing any of the above, you should immediately take them to the vet for an examination to find out what the cause is.

Do Cavalier King Charles Spaniels need grain-free dog food? 

Although there is little conclusive evidence that grain-free diets are unsafe for dogs for the long term, there has been a great deal of controversy surrounding them.

Given the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel’s high food allergy risk, you might want to consider feeding him grain-free foods or at least a diet with limited ingredients. Your dog, however, may have no trouble digesting grains because it is an individual.

Do Cavaliers have sensitive stomachs?

It is well known that Cavalier King Charles Spaniels make excellent therapy dogs. Gracefully, they earned this title due to their gentle and affectionate demeanor.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels have a problem digesting fats and animal protein, so they often suffer from sensitive stomachs.

Are Cavalier King Charles Spaniels picky eaters?

Due to their sensitive stomachs and a few health issues combined with their food allergies, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels tend to be picky eaters. However, the royal canin food seems ideal for this dog breed.

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Final Thoughts

Having learned the basics about the nutritional needs of your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, you can start shopping for the best Cavalier King Charles Spaniel food.

The best Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog food contains a combination of animal protein, fat, and carbohydrates which are easily digestible.

You might want to consider a grain-free recipe or a limited ingredient diet for this breed due to its tendency toward food allergies and skin problems.

As well as fruits and veggies, chelated minerals, and probiotics, you should look for beneficial supplements.

You can always choose one of our top 7 picks if you’re still not sure where to start choosing the best Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog food!

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