Top 7 best dog stroller for small dogs

You can still enjoy a nice outing together even if your dog is small or elderly-but that doesn’t mean they can’t physically go for long walks. With a dog stroller, you can push your pet along while you walk, allowing you both to enjoy a stroll without overtaxing yourself. 

Shoppers should take their dog’s size into account when looking for a stroller since most strollers have a weight limit and your dog needs room to sit comfortably. Additionally, you should consider the stroller’s size and weight, as well as whether it can be folded for storage and transportation.

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Our Best Choices

1. Gen7 Regal Plus – Best Overall

2. Dogline Casual Pet – Editor’s Choice

3. Pet Gear NO-ZipBest dog strollers for large dogs

4. OxGord City Walk Best Budget

How To Choose the best dog stroller for small dogs

There are a few things you need to consider when choosing the best stroller for you and your dog.

1. Wheels that are smooth to ride. Stroller tires are available in different types depending on what the stroller will be used for. Choose an air-tread stroller if you want one that will handle bumpy, long rides well. The tires need to be inflated as bike tires do, but they are better suited to absorbing shock. Solid plastic wheels are fine for short, easy rides, but they will break over cracks and tree roots.

2. The top cover is protective. You may want your dog stroller to have a hood that you can close. A hood keeps the sun and rain off of your dog. Another benefit of hoods is that your dog won’t be tempted to jump out of the stroller!

3. Keeping dry versus airflow. There are some dog strollers with mesh hoods that let your dog breathe freely. Some dogs’ kennels will have plastic panes that keep their fur dry but prevent good airflow.

A dog learns so much about its environment through its nose that more airflow (and therefore more mesh) is better. Who, anyway, would want to take a stroller ride in the rain?

Consider your options and decide what is most important to you! No matter what option you choose, make sure that your dog has ample air circulation.

4. Strollers that fold up. If you aren’t a 1-in-1,000 person with a spare garage space, make sure the stroller can fold for easy storage.

You won’t have any trouble transporting or storing any of the strollers on this list! You may want to choose a simpler, more streamlined folding method if you already have a tough time assembling Ikea furniture.

5. Weight & Size. There are a couple of dimensions to consider when choosing a dog stroller. Make sure your dog can fit comfortably in the stroller’s cabin. As well as being compact and lightweight, it should be easy to use and carry.

Last but not least, make sure your stroller can support your dog’s weight. It’s important to note that most pet strollers are designed only to accommodate small dogs, although there are a few exceptions for large breeds. A stroller ride might not be an option for your Great Dane after surgery!

6. Strollers for runners versus strollers for walkers. Strollers simply aren’t designed for running long distances. These shoes are designed for strolling on level, nicely paved paths, or shorter distances. Consider strollers designed specifically for jogging, running, and off-road travel if you plan on long, bumpy rides or runs along gravel paths!

Even though these dog strollers will likely be more expensive, they are durable enough for more vigorous activities. Skip the running strollers if you just want a stroller for occasional walks, surgery recovery, or short walks around the park.

7. Features of safety. Many dog strollers come with hand brakes, which are useful when you’re chatting with a friend and don’t want your pet to run off. Some have safety belts or other safety features as well. If your dog isn’t used to strollers and may be bit wiggly inside, keep an eye out for these.

8. Whistles and bells as a bonus. Cupholders, undercarriage storage, and fancy colors are common features of dog strollers. Consider how important these features are to you – if you want to go for a morning walk with your dog while sipping Starbucks coffee, you’ll probably need a cup holder!

9. Dogs can stay together in pairs. You’ll need an extra-wide stroller designed to hold multiple pets if you plan on taking your two pups on a ride. There are even some that have separate panels for both pooches to enjoy their own space.

It is important to look for strollers that are easy to maneuver, sturdy, and safe as with all products. Strollers that are difficult to assemble, fragile, or unsafe are bad strollers!

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Top 7 best pet stroller for small dogs

1. Gen7 Regal Plus Pet Stroller for Dogs and Cats

best dog stroller for small dogs

Gen7Pets Regal Plus Pet Stroller carries dogs up to 25 pounds and will be a blast for small dogs. With this stroller, your dog can stick his or her head out of the mesh canopy, and there is a safety tether and hidden steel bar in the front to keep them safe. 

It has front shock absorbers and swiveling wheels for a smooth ride, and it has a braking system for safety at the rear. Keys and phones can be stowed in the rear pouch, which zips closed, and the stroller folds flat for storage.

Our Rating: 9.5/10

What We Like

  • It is extremely lightweight and easily manageable by one hand over bumpy sidewalks.
  • Easily folds up for transport.
  • It makes sense to fold up the zipper and put it out of sight of the dog.

What We Don’t Like

  • My speed is slowed down on busy sidewalks when people say “awwwwwwhh!” to my cute dog in his stroller.

2. Dogline Casual Pet Stroller with a Removable Cup Holder

best dog stroller for small dogs

You can take your pet outside in comfort while using the Dogline Casual Pet Stroller. Stylish fabric, mesh windows, a storage compartment, a multi-zippered entry point, and soft bedding materials are among the features of this stroller. Its large wheels allow it to handle rough terrain with ease.

Our Rating: 9.6/10

What We Like

  • Toys treat, and supplies can be stored in the storage compartment.
  • Easy to store and use folds quickly.
  • Three wheels make it more mobile.
  • Includes two leashes for comfort and safety.
  • Screen meshes – keep the bugs out while keeping the view!
  • Both sides of the zipper are accessible.
  • Capacity: 33 lb.

What We Don’t Like

  • The small wheels limit its off-road capabilities.

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3. Pet Gear NO-Zip Pet Stroller with Dual Entry

best dog stroller for small dogs

The No-Zip Expedition Pet Stroller by Pet Gear is the best pet stroller for large dogs. This is one of the few dog strollers that can accommodate dogs up to 150 pounds. Through either the front or rear entryways, pets of varying ages and abilities can easily be loaded.

The ability to enter the vehicle from one side and exit through the other is beneficial for injured or aging pets who may have trouble turning around in a tight space. Due to its spacious interior and high weight-bearing capacity, this pet stroller can accommodate both a large dog and a variety of smaller pets at the same time.

Each door opening is equipped with a quick lock/unlock system and zipper-free button entry. Through panoramic windows and a sunroof-style opening that lets them poke their heads out, pets have excellent visibility. The wheels and handle are designed for maximum maneuverability, with 11-inch back wheels and brakes, 6.25-inch front wheels that can be swiveled, and an adjustable handle.

There is one 600 Denier nylon and one EVA plastic frame on the Pet Gear No Zip Expedition Pet Stroller, as well as a fleece pad, parent tray, cup holder, and two safety tethers. Boysenberry, candy red, dark platinum, fog, midnight blue, and mountain lilac are some of the striking colors available.

Attachment. As a car booster and stroller booster, the booster seat can be used easily. Pets do not need to be removed from their carriers; the booster can just be lifted off the stroller and placed in the car, or vice versa. Additionally, the carrier and stroller frame is ultralightweight and folds flat for easy transportation and storage.

This carrier features a removable fleece pad, safety tethers, and 360-degree mesh panels that provide superior ventilation. Featuring padded handles and push-button openings on both sides, this carrier is extremely convenient and comfortable.

Small dogs and cats up to 30 pounds can travel in this pet stroller. Gray animal print, pink floral, silver pearl, and jet black are some of the attractive patterns and colors available.

Our Rating: 9.4/10

What We Like

  • Pushes very easily.
  • Works well in mud and sand.
  • Cushioned handles.
  • Phone and cup holders.

What We Don’t Like

  • The stroller’s bonnet is totally open, and I wish it could be locked in the open position.

4. Pet Gear No-Zip AT3 Pet Stroller

best dog stroller for small dogs

The Pet Gear No-Zip Jogger Pet Stroller is a great option for pet parents who want to jog with their pets. Pet strollers with 3-wheel designs, airless 12-inch gel-filled tires, and ergonomic handles are perfect for joggers. Additionally, this bag incorporates a removable liner and large storage basket, as well as 600 Denier water-resistant material and an easy-to-fold mechanism.

In summary, it is a perfect pet stroller for those looking for excellent stability and an easy to clean stroller without a lot of worry about flat tires. Dogs up to 70 pounds can be carried in this jogger-style pet stroller, which is especially convenient for dogs who are extra-sensitive to jerks and jolts. Even on hard surfaces, it provides a gentler ride for dogs who are elderly or injured.

The front opening and zipper entry makes loading and unloading small to medium dogs a breeze. The colors available are forest green, midnight river, rugged red, and summit gray.

Our Rating: 9.5/10

What We Like

  • The push is generally good.
  • There is no difficulty opening or closing it.
  • Light use of nearly 5 months did not result in it falling apart.
  • Hiking is possible with it.
  • The assembly is simple. All you have to do is attach the front tire.
  • This scooter folds up very compactly.

What We Don’t Like

  • While the dog is in the stroller, it is difficult to access the storage basket because it is so small.
  • It is nearly impossible to hold drinks in the cup holders.

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5. Pet Gear 3-in-1 Travel System

best dog stroller for small dogs

A detachable stroller system is the best option for pet owners who wish to take their pets on a bigger than average adventure. This stroller is the best for pets who travel when it comes to this Pet Gear View 360 Pet Travel System 3-in-1 Carrier. A stroller frame, a carrier, and a booster seat attachment are included in the three-part stroller set. Strollers and cars can easily be used with the booster seat.

Changing the stroller into a car is as simple as lifting the booster from the stroller and placing it into the car. Additionally, the carrier and stroller frame is ultralightweight and folds flat for easy transportation and storage.

The carrier features a reversible fleece pad, safety tethers, and 360°-view mesh panels inside for superior ventilation.

A padded handle and dual-sided, push-button opening make this carrier both comfortable and convenient to use. Small dogs and cats up to 30 pounds can travel in this pet travel stroller. There are several attractive patterns and colors available, such as gray animal print, pink floral, silver pearl, and jet black.

Our Rating: 9.4/10

What We Like

  • Stroller, Click N Go Carrier, and Click N Go Booster Seat Attachment are all included in this 3-in-1 travel system.
  • You can easily access your pet from either side of the carrier using the zipperless, push-button entry.
  • The interior tether can be attached to a pet’s harness and the comfort pad can be removed and washed.
  • The foldable frame and lightweight carrier allow for convenient storage.
  • There is no need for tools.
  • Ventilation mesh allows for 360-degree views.
  • Measurements: 20″L x 12″W x 18.5″H.

What We Don’t Like

  • You can’t fully collapse the stroller until you take off the front wheels.

6. OxGord City Walk N Stride 4 Wheeler Pet Stroller for Dogs and Cats

best dog stroller for small dogs

With this roomy pet stroller, you’ll have rear safety brakes, multiple harness clip positions, and an easy-fold design for easy storage. The stroller fits cats and small dogs up to 18 pounds and has plenty of toy and beverage storage, making it one of the best strollers for dog walking that we have seen.

This luggage stroller and large dog carrier weigh just over 11 pounds and can be folded down into a compact size for easy storage. It’s easy to fold and unfold with a pair of pull hooks. The stroller is equipped with rear brakes to prevent runaways on hills, which is an essential feature for strollers with three or four wheels. The stroller is also equipped with a seatbelt and harness clips, so it is safe.

With undercarriage storage for toys and treats, as well as cup holders for water bottles and small travel bowls, this dog carrier makes a great pet stroller for dogs and cats weighing 20 pounds or less. It also features mesh windows for keeping bugs away while allowing airflow and ventilation.

It’s also designed to glide smoothly on most types of sidewalks and pavement. Pet owners will love this stroller for taking their pets on walks.

Our Rating: 9.5/10

What We Like

  • The HD Lightweight Stroller meets GB14748 Stroller Safety Standard and is manufactured to GB/T2161 Production Standards
  • It has 2 cup holders, a seat belt leash, rear security brakes, a hooded peak top window, and it’s simple to fold for daily use and storage.
  • Mesh screen windows for ventilation, storage compartment under the chassis for pet supplies, medications, toys, and treats
  • Easy access front and rear retractable waterproof rain hoods – Folded 32″L x 17″W x 11″H / Stroller 34″L x 18″W x 40″H / Carriage 21″L x 14″W x 19″H

What We Don’t Like

  • When my dog scoots away from the front, I find it “back heavy.

7. Ibiyaya 5-in-1 Pet Carrier with Backpack

best dog stroller for small dogs

In addition to being a 3-wheel pet stroller, it can also be transformed into a travel carrier with a telescoping handle, a pet car seat, and even a pet backpack.

A convenient five-in-one pet stroller that can be reconfigured to fit small dogs, cats, and other small pets of most kinds is the ideal travel companion. Pet strollers with three wheels are useful for urban areas and courtyards because they can hold up to 16 pounds and are maneuverable.

The stroller can be configured into a pet backpack, an over-the-shoulder pet carrier, or a traditional telescoping-handled rolling pet carrier by using a clever interlocking zipper system and some easy-to-operate tabs. With webbing loops for fitting seat belts, it even functions as a pet car seat.

Our Rating: 9.6/10

What We Like

  • Multifunctionality in 5 configurations.
  • A compact, collapsible design that saves space.
  • Easily transportable and storable.
  • Side pockets with zippers.
  • Front wheels swivel 360 degrees, with rear safety brakes.
  • Simple folding mechanism.
  • Two cup holders with a snack tray are included.
  • This product is patented.

What We Don’t Like

  • Our cat prefers to lie down anyway, but it would be difficult for larger animals to stand without opening the front screen.

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Does Your Dog Need a Dog Stroller?

Probably most dogs prefer to walk alongside you rather than be wheeled along in a stroller. Strollers make it difficult to sniff fire hydrants and roll in the dirt. Nevertheless, some dogs do better in a stroller than on their own four feet.

Many kinds of dogs can be accommodated by dog strollers:

It doesn’t matter if an old dog can’t keep up on runs and walks the way it used to, they’ll still enjoy getting out for a breath of fresh air and new sights. For older dogs, some light exercise is still recommended, but they may not be able to walk their favorite 5 mile stretch on the beach anymore. Using a dog stroller allows senior dogs to enjoy the outdoors without wearing themselves out.

Our older dogs will especially benefit from this. A Miniature Pinscher I met recently was 18 years old. Whenever the young dogs went for a walk, you bet she was rolling around in a stroller!

A dog that is injured or disabled may also have difficulty keeping up during an outing. No matter how sick or exhausted your dog is, or how physically incapable they are of moving much, getting outside is still beneficial for them – all dogs love enjoying the sights and smells of nature!

It is also beneficial for unvaccinated puppies or sick dogs to get out in a safe and controlled manner. Unvaccinated puppies should not be left on the ground where they are likely to come into contact with diseases like distemper and parvo, but stroller walks will offer them tremendous socialization! In addition to healthy dogs, sick dogs can benefit from stroller rides if they are fit enough and won’t make others sick.

A very small dog cannot keep up with an active owner. A running stroller may be the best compromise for you if you are an avid runner with a small dog!

It is important to take your dog outside every day so that they can explore the world, even if they need assistance to move around the world safely.

It is important to keep in mind that some dogs would rather lounge in the sun and be carried to a small potty patch while recovering or aging. Dogs that have just had surgery or who are sick might not want to ride in a stroller, and jostling might hurt arthritic joints.

If you plan on buying a stroller, you should test drive a friend’s stroller first, since your dog may not enjoy it. You should keep in mind that your dog should enjoy the stroller and his opinion matters!

Consider getting a stroller for your dog, but make sure that the first few trips are fun for them. Bring treats and keep the walks short and smooth. The moment your dog starts showing lots of calming signals (or even crying and trying to escape the stroller), it’s time to call it quits for today.

If your dog sits quietly in a stationary stroller, go home and reward him. Once again, roll it short distances (a few feet) and reward. Continue until your dog shows no fear of strollers!

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Pet strollers: are they worth it?

A good pet stroller offers unique safety and convenience benefits depending on your needs and those of your pet. Injured pets can use some of these specially designed wheelchairs to aid in mobility, allowing them to travel as needed while maintaining a sense of routine. Small pets can even be carried in a pet stroller when you go running or biking.

Do stores allow dog strollers?

The policy of each store should be checked. While department stores and malls generally allow service animals in strollers, pet stores such as Petco and PetsMart generally do not.

Is it possible to bring a dog stroller on an airplane?

You can use a stroller to keep your pet secure on planes, and it’s easier than carrying a traditional carrier, which can be cumbersome. It is possible to check a pet stroller at the gate before boarding, just as you would a baby stroller (double check with your airline to be sure), but you may also need a carrier that is approved by the airline to transport your pet. 

Are dogs attracted to pet strollers?

Pet strollers work well for most small dogs, depending on the breed. The lapdog and breeds like Pomeranians and the smaller spaniels, particularly, tend to enjoy being taken on trips and feeling like part of the adventure, without having to do any work.

Dog strollers are good for dogs?

Dr. Barrack says strollers are a great and efficient way to transport pets who are older or disabled, as they can go outside for fresh air. This applies equally to dogs that, whatever the reason, have a habit of “pooping out” shortly after leaving, leaving you to carry them back.

Do dogs enjoy riding in strollers?

Pets can enjoy the company of their athletic humans while riding in strollers or bike trailers even if they can’t run the distance themselves. I had a Wire Haired Fox Terrier named Scooter, who enjoyed the thrill of the ride more than anything else.

But why do dogs need strollers?

Dog strollers make it easier to transport your dog from the car to the office, create a safe and familiar den for napping, and create a confined space when the dog needs it. Pet strollers are becoming more popular than carriers.

What is the best way to fold a pet stroller?

While different brands of pet strollers fold and unfold differently, we have found that the most convenient strollers with folding pet compartments are typically designed with one or two latches for quick folding.

Can a dog be put in a stroller with a baby?

Dogs should not be pushed in strollers as these products lack the safety features necessary to keep them secure. A dog stroller usually has a completely enclosed compartment to prevent animals from jumping out, and many have a leash that can be used as a backup. A baby stroller, on the other hand, usually has an open front, which does not adequately protect your pet.

What is the best way to walk a dog with a baby?

Taking your dog for a walk with an infant, baby, or young child is most easily accomplished with either a stroller or a baby carrier.

Can I walk my puppy at what age?

It is best to wait two weeks after your puppy’s final vaccination booster before taking him on a walk. Usually, they’ll be ready (and sufficiently protected) to explore by the time they’re 16-18 weeks old.

Do dogs enjoy car rides?

The thrill of a good car ride feeds into a dog’s sense of adventure and love of hunting. This mimics their instinctual roots of riding in a pack, which gives them comfort and a sense of euphoria. When a dog rides in a car, he is able to explore new sites, sounds, and smells.

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