Top 6 best dog ramp for small dogs

Dogs, small or large, can suffer joint damage if they jump on or off furniture or in and out of vehicles too much, causing arthritis and pain. Vets recommend ramps at any age to protect against joint and back injuries. If your pooch is still active and jumping with no problem, you may not think about a ramp.

There are so many options for dog ramps that it can be difficult to decide which is best for you and your dog. For most dogs, these ramps provide the best value and construction, according to our research.

In this article, we’ll discuss ramps in detail, followed by a guide to choosing the best ramp for you and your furry friend.

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Hip and Joint Vitamins for Small Dogs

How To Choose The Best Dog Ramp For Small Dogs

You’ll notice that dog ramps and stairs come in a variety of sizes, materials, and styles, and prices can vary substantially.

It may be more appropriate to use a large dog ramp to get pets in and out of vehicles, while a small dog ramp or stairs may be more suitable for getting pets on and off furniture. 

“The physical build of the dog determines whether to use a ramp or stairs,” says Downing. A Dachshund, for example, would benefit from a ramp so that they would not have to arch their backs to move from step to step.

The reason why very large dogs generally prefer ramps over stairs is that they are large enough that using steps is awkward for them since they cannot shorten their strides enough.

Likewise, dogs with weakness in the rear legs, regardless of their size, do better with a ramp so that they can walk up, rather than have to step up.

In addition to these factors, consider the following when shopping for a dog ramp:


If your dog slips and slides down a ramp that is supposed to help him get where he needs to be, then that is the last thing you want. It is important to note the type of tread material or surface he will walk on the ramp.

Others have ribbed carpet or ridged rubber surfaces, while others have rougher surfaces like sandpaper. 

While some pets may have trouble getting a good grip on a non-slip product, the product may still be non-slip. Modifications, such as the addition of anti-slip tape or strips, may help in those cases. In addition to rubber feet or grippers, a good ramp will also ensure stability.


It is important to consider the dimensions and weight limits of a dog ramp before purchasing. For your pet to feel comfortable walking up and down the stairs, a gentle incline is ideal. You might need a longer ramp for your dog to climb into a pickup truck than you would for climbing up onto your bed or sofa. 

Choosing a ramp for your dog will also depend on its size and weight. Your pet’s cage should be wide enough to accommodate him and sturdy enough to hold him. 

According to Downing, a ramp that is too narrow and too flimsy will frighten the dog, making use of it impossible.


Ramps for dogs can be folded or retracted so they can be stored more easily, whether in a trunk, a closet, or under the bed. Some ramps are fixed in length. When choosing a ramp for traveling, make sure it’s easy to carry and pack.

You may end up injuring your back if the ramp is heavy or bulky. You may need a fixed ramp if you plan to keep it next to your couch or bed at all times.

telescoping ramps that slide in and out are dangerous, according to Downing. Despite the appeal of an adjustable ramp to accommodate different heights and angles, you may end up pinching or crushing your fingers. 

The purpose of this post is to help you make an informed choice about the best dog ramp for your dog. Get familiar with dog ramps now!

1. PetSafe Happy Ride Half II Dog Ramp for small dogs

best dog ramp for small dogs

The PetSafe Solvit Half Ramp may be the best option for you if you don’t need a longer ramp. A solid, polyethylene construction weighs approximately 7 pounds and is ideal for small height requirements of up to 20 inches, such as couches, chairs, beds, or even low outdoor decks. Minivans or cars can also be accessed with this ramp.

While in use, the ramp is held steady by rubber feet that provide a non-skid surface. Even though this ramp is small and compact, it supports up to 200 pounds without any issues.

Our Rating: 9.5/10

What We Like

  • Easy to set up and take down.
  • Small enough to store easily when not in use.
  • Holds up to 200 lbs.
  • Non-slip surface.
  • Rubber feet hold the ramp steady.

What We Don’t Like

  • As well as inside, the ramp is difficult to keep in place. In the end, I placed it on a square of carpet near the lab bed and used carpet tape to hold the carpet and ramp in place.

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2. Pet Gear StRamp Pet Stair Ramp Combo for Cats and Dogs

best dog ramp for small dogs

It is possible to protect a dog’s joints and spine with ramps, and this small, lightweight ramp does the trick. 

The Pet Gear ramp comes with SupertraX to ensure your pup’s paws are comfortable, and unlike most walking surfaces, it is machine washable and removable. 

There are 18 inches of height on this small ramp that weighs just 8 lbs. It’s perfect if your baby wants to snuggle up on your couch or chair.

Our Rating: 9.6/10

What We Like

  • Easy to assemble and use.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Made of non-toxic materials.
  • Machine washable and removable.
  • Can be used indoors or outside.
  • Ideal for dogs of all sizes.

What We Don’t Like

  • Since the ramp does not reach ground level, our little guy must either jump or run to get to the top.

3. Gen7Pets Natural Step Ramp for Vehicles

best dog ramp for small dogs

When you need a ramp that can be used for multiple purposes, this portable ramp is ideal. The ramp weighs 17 pounds and is made of sturdy plastic with an artificial turf surface that can be easily cleaned. The dog walker is small enough to fit small to medium-sized dogs, but the weight limit is 80 pounds.

Gen7 designed the ramp with rubberized ends to grip virtually any surface and fold in half to fit into small spaces, making it easy to use at home and on the road.

Our Rating: 9.5/10

What We Like

  • Easy to set up and take down.
  • Lightweight and compact.
  • Can be used indoors or out.
  • Folds flat for storage.
  • Made of durable plastic with an artificial turf top surface.

What We Don’t Like

  • Adding a second handle (on each section) is a good idea, so perhaps that will be added later.

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4. DoggoRamps Dog Ramp for Beds

best dog ramp for small dogs

When your pet climbs to your bed, the DoggoRamps dog ramp will prevent her back from hurting and protect her joints. The dangers of a high bed for a small breed dog are well known.

In order to ensure the safety of your dog, the DoggoRamps company offers a high-quality, solid-wood dog ramp. The grip surface of this dog ramp (PAWGRIP) ensures extra grip and traction as your dog climbs.

You can use this ramp to easily let your dog go up and down without any problems. Despite its simple design, it is highly functional since it can be adjusted whenever you want (in 7 intervals), depending on the height of your bed (12 to 37 inches).

As an additional safety feature, DoggoRamps offers reversible and removable safety rails, so you can adjust the orientation of the dog ramp according to the position of your bed. A rope anchor can be tied firmly to stabilize the ramp so that it does not move.

Its unique design and foldability allow it to be stored under your bed without taking up a lot of space.

Our Rating: 9.6/10

What We Like

  • Safety for your dog when climbing onto your bed.
  • Adjustable to adapt to different heights of beds.
  • Easy to store away.
  • Reversible and removable safety rail.
  • Solid wood construction.

What We Don’t Like

  • The price is a little high considering the quality

5. Pet Studio Pine Frame Dog Ramp Steps

best dog ramp for small dogs

It is an innovative mobility aid that transforms in just seconds into a pet staircase. Small dogs, short-legged dogs, growing puppies, or sick pets will all benefit from this.

A pet with arthritis can use it to move up and down beds, couches, and ottomans without putting too much strain on their joints or muscles. The only drawback of this ramp is that it shouldn’t be used for pets on vehicles as it’s more of an indoor design.

The steps can be folded down, and the carpet on each step ensures a secure step. There are 40 inches of length and 17.5 inches of width measured in the ramp steps frame, which is made of mahogany-finished pine.

Our Rating: 9.7/10

What We Like

  • Easy to fold down and store away when not in use.
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors.
  • Pet ramps are easy to clean.
  • Made of sturdy wood and non-toxic materials.
  • Folds down easily and stores away.
  • Perfect for pets with arthritis or other joint problems.

What We Don’t Like

  • The carpet is pink/salmon in color and shows dirt.

6.  PetSafe Happy Ride Folding Dog Ramp for Cars

best dog ramp for small dogs

This lightweight folding ramp from PetSafe may be worth considering if you like the idea of a folding ramp. Due to its lightweight, you can easily carry it, open it, and close it.

However, it may not be comfortable for larger dogs, as it may feel too narrow or unsupportive. Despite the fact that it is rated to hold up to 150 pounds, it is likely to be most useful for small and medium dogs.

As an added safety measure, you may also want to consider PetSafe’s side door ramp adapter if your dog will enter through a side door instead of the cargo area. 

Although the ramp and adapter together are still less expensive than other foldable ramps on our list, it would be better if the adapter was included. 

Our Rating: 9.6/10

What We Like

  • Lightweight and easy to use.
  • Folds flat for storage.
  • Can be used indoors or outside.
  • Made of sturdy plastic.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Holds up to 150 lbs.

What We Don’t Like

  • Because it is not very grippy, I could see my lab sliding down it. He needs momentum to climb it. If you have an extremely old dog, I wouldn’t recommend it.

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Ramps For Dogs – What Are They?

As mobility aids for old, disabled, or arthritic pets, pet ramps are designed to help them climb up high beds, couches, and cars. The inclined surface of pet ramps is easier on the joints of the pet than stairs when it comes to safety.

Dog ramps are exactly what they sound like. It is a ramp that helps dogs move up and down furniture and vehicles as well as elevated walkways and other taller structures. There are a variety of styles, sizes, and colors of dog ramps. They are also made of a variety of materials.

The surface of some dog ramps is sticky or rough to prevent slipping and sliding. The ramps are made of metal and are adjustable. The adjustable dog ramp can be used anywhere, even under your bed, and when it’s done, it can be folded neatly and stowed away anywhere. This guide is a helpful resource for dog owners looking to buy the best dog ramps on the market.

The problem of getting around, up and down high furniture is a common one if you own a corgi or a small dog with short legs. Her pet must always be taken up and down her bed, according to a friend who is a corgi mom.

It was also difficult to get into and out of the car, especially when you have a high SUV. However, how do you get small dogs up high places and back down again? Dog ramps are the solution.

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Why does your dog need a ramp?

In the beginning, your dog may be getting in and out of your vehicle and jumping onto your couch or bed with no problem, but unfortunately, as they age, they become less able to jump those heights.

A ramp may not occur to you when your dog is young, but vets agree that ramps are beneficial regardless of a dog’s age, and ideally, they should remain in place for the whole life of the dog.

It may be difficult for small dogs to jump down from the couch because their legs and ligaments are overstretched. Additionally, they may be genetically predisposed to patellar luxation or, like dachshunds, spinal weakness. 

Using ramps early will help your dog avoid preventable injuries, protect its joints, and keep its back healthy.

There is a high incidence of arthritis in large dogs, including hip dysplasia, so vets advise using ramps as early as possible, especially when getting into vehicles and on high beds and furniture. When you have your dog use a ramp from a young age, they will continue to enjoy high mobility as they age.

Ramps For Dogs Have Many Benefits

A dog ramp can be used for cars and other kinds of heights according to different studies conducted by experts.

In addition to preventing breed-specific issues and helping older dogs who may be more prone to injuries, dog ramps can reduce the strain on your pet’s joints. Below are a few benefits dog ramps provide.

Accessibility on high beds, couches, or chairs

There are many tiny breeds of dogs that are too short to jump on beds, couches, or chairs. You can let your pet enter their preferred areas without having to intervene by using a dog ramp. In this way, they can be happy and free while also being safe. 

Reduces strain and pain

Dog ramps reduce leg and back pain triggered by excessive jumping in giant, arthritic, old, or obese dogs. By providing your pet with the opportunity they once enjoyed during their heyday, you let them be more comfortable and free. Additionally, you may need less frequent trips to the veterinarian if your leg and back strain is reduced.

Joints are less hassle

You might be able to tolerate the part of jumping up for your dog, but he may suffer more when he jumps down. Getting a dog ramp can lessen the stress on a dog’s joints, particularly those of a giant one or an old dog with vulnerable joints. Large-breed puppies benefit from ramps, as well as senior dogs.


A dog ramp can be accessed not only by cars or SUVs but also by large dogs. If your pet has trouble getting to beds, tables, or anything else your pet has to enter, a dog ramp can help. Because it is lightweight and portable, you can use it pretty much anywhere to help your dog.

Injury risk is reduced

You can easily injure your pet when jumping in and out of your car, and it is particularly hazardous in the rain or snow. Your dog will be more likely to remain healthy for quite a while if you use a ramp with an anchored surface. 

Anxiety and Fear in Vehicles

The majority of dogs enjoy car rides, but some suffer from anxiety and fear, which prevents them from jumping when in a car. Fear can also prevent your dog from jumping when in a car. Possibly they haven’t yet tried it, or perhaps they’ve had a bad experience with cars in the past. 

Another possibility is that they just aren’t familiar with what to do. Some dogs will let you just pick them up and put them in the car, but other breeds hate it. Their weight could also make it harder to pick them up. If you notice this, you can guide your dog into your car by using a pet ramp, combined with a treat. 

The treat will also help your pet understand that your car is not something to be feared, and that the pet ramp will actually make the entire process easier for you both. 


Puppies and older dogs can use ramps. Using a dog ramp during his early years will help him avoid injuries and joint problems. 

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Are dog ramps worth it?

Purchasing a dog ramp is definitely worthwhile for many owners, regardless of the type of dog they own. Older dogs and large dogs who are experiencing mobility difficulties and cannot get themselves upstairs, onto furniture, or into a vehicle, can benefit greatly from these products.

Large dogs can be challenging to lift, making it more likely for either the dog or the owner to suffer an injury. Ramps make it possible to transport your pup to the vet or to go to other locations with you, whether you’re driving a car, SUV, or truck.

Even small dogs can benefit from ramps. Dogs that are small are unable to climb into vehicles or onto beds or couches. As well as allowing them to climb up and down the couch themselves, ramps can prevent them from getting injured.

Additionally, ramps can be found at different budget levels, meaning you can ensure that your dog can continue to access your car and furniture in the house.

Are stairs bad for dogs hips?

Dogs’ hips can be damaged by stairways. Puppy breeds that are more prone to hip dysplasia may be more likely to develop the condition if they frequently use the stairs. Certain dogs with hip problems may find going up the stairs particularly challenging.

Are ramps easier than stairs?

Older dogs with joint issues may find ramps easier than stairs in general. In homes with stairs that are difficult for dogs to manage, a ramp will provide a more even surface so they can walk easier.

What slope should a dog ramp be?

An appropriate slope for a dog ramp depends on the dog’s size. Larger dogs do OK with an incline of 22 to 25 degrees, while smaller dogs need an incline of 18 to 20 degrees. There is no difference in the slope of these two ramps compared to that of a wheelchair ramp since the center of gravity for a canine is lower than that of a human.

How do I choose a ramp for my dog?

When selecting a ramp for your dog, keep in mind its size, the length and slope of the ramp, and the location(s) where it will be used. Ramps designed for couch use often look completely different from those for SUVs, cars, or trucks. Furthermore, the best ramp for small dogs is likely to be different than the best ramp for large dogs.

How do you make a dog ramp less slippery?

Slippery surfaces are dangerous for pets. If your dog has arthritis or other conditions that cause him pain, he may not be able to get up and down stairs safely. Slips and falls can lead to broken bones, cuts, and internal bleeding. To avoid this, apply non-slip mats to the floor of your dog’s room before putting his bed on the floor.

Are ramps better than stairs for old dogs?

Older dogs may have difficulty deciding whether to use dog stairs or a dog ramp. You may be able to solve your problem by buying dog steps if your dog manages the stairs in your house fine, but has trouble getting into the car or onto the furniture as they once did.
In contrast, if your dog has trouble ascending and descending the stairs in your home, then buying dog steps won’t help them enough. A dog ramp is the better option in these situations.

Is a ramp or stairs better for small dogs?

Small dogs are less likely to experience injuries when using a ramp rather than stairs. They also tend to be less active than larger dogs, which makes them less likely to injure their joints climbing stairs.
If you live in an apartment building, though, it may not be feasible to install a ramp. Instead, consider installing a couple of dog steps instead. These are much safer for small dogs.

How do I keep my dogs paws from slipping on hardwood floors?

Hardwood floors are generally safe for dogs. However, if your dog has arthritis or another condition that causes him discomfort, you may want to protect the area around his feet with carpeting or rugs. This way, he doesn’t have to worry about slipping on the wood floor.

What can you use for traction on a dog ramp?

Dog ramps come in a variety of materials, including rubber, plastic, cork, and composite. Some people prefer one type over another because they feel certain types work better than others. For example, some people like the grip provided by rubber mats, while others find plastic mats more comfortable.
The most important thing to remember when choosing a material for your dog ramp is that it should be durable. Rubber mats, for instance, last longer than other materials.

How do I clean a dog ramp?

You don’t need to spend a lot of money cleaning your dog ramp. All you really need is soap and water. Use a damp cloth to wipe off any dirt or debris that accumulates on the ramp. Then, rinse the ramp thoroughly with warm water and let it dry naturally.

How do I prevent my dog from chewing on the ramp?

Your dog might chew on his ramp if he gets bored or frustrated. Try placing toys near the ramp so he’ll have something else to play with. Also, try giving him treats at different times during the day. In addition, change out the ramp every few months to keep things interesting.

Can I buy a dog ramp online?

Yes! There are many websites where you can purchase a dog ramp. You can also check local pet stores or even visit garage sales to find a used ramp. Just be sure to inspect the ramp carefully before purchasing it.

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