Top 7 & Best dog ramp for pontoon boat

Having a dog along for a boat ride is the best way to spend your day. Boats and water sports have always been excellent ways to bond with your dog. Our team has reviewed six of the most popular choices for the best dog ramp for a pontoon boat.

There are many things that you need to consider when purchasing any type of boat ramp, whether it be for a pontoon boat or a trailer-mounted boat ramp.

These factors include the size of the boat, the length of time you plan on using the boat ramp, as well as what kind of access you will have to the boat ramp. Here we review some of the top-rated dog ramps available today.

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Top 5 smartest Dog Breeds x
Top 5 smartest Dog Breeds

Quick Summary

1. Harbor Mate – Best Overall

2. PetSafe Happy Ride – Best dog ramp for Cars

3. Solstice Inflatable – Best Inflatable Dog Ramp for boat

How to Choose a Dog Ramp for a Pontoon Boat?

For pontoon boats, boats, and swimming pools, there are several different types of boat ramps. Wood is also not a good option for dog ramps for SUVs.

Boat ramps must offer traction when wet and be easily attachable to a pontoon boat. It is possible to take pet boat ramps on vacation with you and they are lightweight enough to bring along. Here are some things to consider:

Size – How big is the area where you intend to use the ramp? Is it large enough for all of your pets? The larger the area, the more stable the ramp can be.

Length – What is the distance between your vehicle and the end of the ramp? This factor determines how much room you will have to maneuver your boat into the water.

Accessibility – Will you have easy access to the ramp in order to load and unload your boat? If you do not have a trailer, then this may not matter but if you plan on taking your boat out onto the lake without a trailer, easy access is important.

Cost – You should budget for the amount of money you want to spend on your new ramp. Prices range from $50 to over $500.

Weight – Do you want a heavy-duty ramp? Some ramps weigh over 100 pounds and are too heavy to carry around. Others are lightweight and easier to transport.

Best Dog Ramp For Pontoon Boat Reviews

1. RecPro Pontoon Boat Aluminum Loading Ramp

best dog ramp for pontoon boat

Best dog ramp for pontoon boat – It can be a lot of fun to have a pontoon. Enjoying your Dogs, children swimming in the water while relaxing on the deck can cure your summer blues. It can be difficult, however, to load that pontoon.

The pontoon deck is separated from the land, regardless of whether you board from the dock or from shore.

If you are carrying supplies, have children or pets, or have difficulty making the jump, you may not want to jump the gap. An easy-to-board pontoon ramp can be a solution for this part of the voyage.

This lightweight aluminum pontoon boat ramp measures 74″ long by 21″ wide by 1 3/8″ deep, and includes a pull handle on the end for easy access and use. This ramp has a 600-pound weight capacity and a traction surface that keeps the ramp from slipping, even when wet. 

While not in use, the ramp is stored securely under the deck using the mounting plates and hardware. With a pontoon boat ramp, loading and unloading from a dock or shore are easy and safe for coolers, equipment, pets, children, and adults.

This pontoon dog ramp can ease your frustration and make all the difference for your vacation if you and your dog enjoy the water in your pontoon but are not so fond of boarding it.

Our Rating: 8.5/10

What We Like

  • Easy to install and remove.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Can be used on both sides of the boat.
  • Made of heavy-duty aluminum.
  • Strong traction pad.
  • Sturdy construction.

What We Don’t Like

  • Price

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2. Beavertail Aluminum Folding Dog Ladder

best dog ramp for pontoon boat

Best Pontoon Ladder –  Unlike other options which are clunky and difficult to maneuver in situations with limited maneuverability, it’s easy to store and convenient to use, so you can put it on practically any small or medium-sized boat, and keep on looking for a new hot spot- never stopping when you’re in the middle of the action.

The space-age design makes it fold perfectly to fit your lifestyle, and it’s awesome to use when you need to move to a new hunting spot quickly. In hunting, this is one of the most difficult problems to solve. It provides an ultra-strong solution to it.

A product like this should also have a nice color. Its olive color blends right into the water, unlike plastic ladders that are brightly colored- and if you wish to color it, the metallic design makes the process easy. Because of this ladder’s design, you won’t have to struggle.

This design makes it easy for your dog to jump on the ladder, so he can reach the safety of your boat with just a few steps.

Our Rating: 8.6/10

What We Like

  • Easy to carry and store
  • Foldable for storage
  • Sturdy construction
  • Convenient to use
  • Dog friendly
  • Colorful

What We Don’t Like

  • I would recommend making the width about 6″ wider.

3. PetSafe Happy Ride Folding Pet Ramp

best dog ramp for pontoon boat

Best dog ramp for Cars – Without watching your dog’s ears flap in the wind, road trips just wouldn’t be the same. You can take your furry friend on every adventure with the Happy Ride® Folding Dog Ramp while allowing him to enter the car by himself.

This lightweight ramp weighs just 10 pounds, so you can easily lift and carry it into your vehicle. Although it is lightweight, this ramp is strong and durable and can support pets up to 150 pounds. You can ride along with your dog in any vehicle with this ramp, including vans, SUVs, and cars.

With the high-traction treads, side rails, and rubber feet on this pet ramp, your dog will be able to walk up and down without any fear. Whenever the treads start to look worn, simply replace them with new fabric or high-traction treads.

Fold this ramp in half and lock the safety latch to store it conveniently between excursions. Every trip with your dog deserves the best. PetSafe® helps keep your pet healthy, happy, and safe.

Our Rating: 8.4/10

What We Like

  • Easily folds and stores away when not in use
  • High traction treads provide stability and traction
  • Rubberized footpads protect floors
  • Lightweight at only 10 lbs
  • Can support dogs up to 150 lbs

What We Don’t Like

  •  I doubt it would be able to support much weight. If a child steps on it, it might break.  

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4. Avery Dog Ramp

best dog ramp for pontoon boat

Best Dog on water ramp – Ramp for Sporting Dogs and Hunting Dogs by Avery. Avery Sporting Dog’s Dog Ramp makes it easy for your hunting buddy to board your boat.

The ramp folds down to 14 inches for compact storage and has grip steps for positive traction. A fully adjustable system that hooks to boat sidewalls.

Jumping is easy for young dogs with boundless energy. The ease with which they move decreases as they age. Do not injure yourself or your dog while loading or unloading a truck or SUV.

This ASD Folding Dog Ramp makes loading and unloading a breeze. With the non-slip fabric surface and integrated steps, it is easy to climb up and down. When folded, the ramp is easy to store and transport.

Our Rating: 8/10

What We Like

  • Easy to fold and unfold.
  • Non-slip surface.
  • Integrated step system.
  • Convenient hook-and-loop fasteners.
  • Can be used with boats, trucks, SUVs, etc.
  • Great for boarding and training puppies.

What We Don’t Like

  • Not easy assembly

5. Harbor Mate Aluminum Pontoon Boat Ramps

best dog ramp for pontoon boat

Best durable dog ramp for pontoon boats – The durable aluminum ramp makes it easy and safe to load and unload your pontoon boat. With a weight capacity of 600 pounds, this aluminum ramp is durable and rust-resistant.

A specially designed grit coat covers the entire surface of the ramp, making it safe to walk on even when wet for children, pets, and adults.

Featuring a smooth incline, a wide surface, and a tapered foot, this ramp is 6 feet long by 24 inches wide and allows for the smooth loading, unloading, and boarding of your boat. No need to climb ladders to load coolers, supplies, or other pontoon equipment.

With all mounting hardware, including self-drilling mounting screws, this ramp is easy to install. When the boat is in motion, the rubber handle secures into the mounting brackets and eliminates any rattling.

A one-year warranty is included with the Harbor Mate Aluminum Pontoon Boat Ramp.

Our Rating: 8.3/10

What We Like

  • Easy to use and store.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Safe for people, animals, and vehicles.
  • Made of heavy-duty material that won’t crack, dent, or warp.
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors.
  • Great for loading and unloading your pontoon boat.
  • Includes mounting hardware.

What We Don’t Like

  • Expensive

6. Great Day Load-A-Pup 

best dog ramp for pontoon boat

Best Boat Platform For Dogs – Designed from durable, lightweight aluminum, the Load-A-Pup platform provides solid footing for your pet as he climbs back into the boat after a swim. The Load-A-Pup’s handsome, off-white, powder-coat finish fits with any boat finish but will ensure years of dependable service.

Load-A-Pup ensures that “Ole Rover” will never again have to sit home alone with a sad face when you head out to the lake! Simply hook the Load-A-Pup to your boat’s boarding ladder and your dog is ready to go.

He can enter and exit the boat at will, and the great thing is, he does it all himself! No more bending, tugging, or straining on a wet doggie!

Any boat with a boarding ladder can use the Load-a-Pup. It weighs just seven pounds. The platform is generously sized at 14″ x 20″. When not in use, it folds flat for compact storage and comes with security straps.

Our Rating: 8.5/10

What We Like

  • Easy to use, no tools required
  • Lightweight, 7 lbs
  • Folded for easy storage
  • Fits boats with boarding ladders
  • Made of sturdy, lightweight aluminum
  • Powder coat finish matches any boat color

What We Don’t Like

  • Extra-large dogs may not be able to use it effectively.

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7. Solstice Inflatable Pup Plank Pet Ramp

best dog ramp for pontoon boat

Best Inflatable Dog Ramp for boat – With the Pup Plank, you can enjoy being in the water with your pets in an entirely new way.

A mesh entry point with a weighted construction sinks underwater to create a seamless onboarding experience for your furry friends. In addition to being suitable for all swimming environments, the Pup Plank can also be used on a boat or dock.

It features an EVA traction pad that serves as a comfortable launch pad before returning to the ground. Despite its size, the Pup Plank is easy to deflate, fold, and store in a bag provided – making it perfect for small spaces.

At only 13 pounds, the Pup Plank is also extremely portable. Pets weighing up to 100 pounds can use the extra-large size, which measures 48 x 32 x 5 inches.

Our Rating: 8.5/10

What We Like

  • Pet ramps are not designed for human safety.
  • Suitable for dogs of all sizes.
  • Easy to inflate and deflate.
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors.
  • Made of durable material.
  • Perfect for boats, docks, and pools.

What We Don’t Like

  • Pricey 

What is a floating ramp for dogs?

With the help of a floating ramp, dogs can get back onto the boat platform after being in the water. Each brand of floating ramp for dogs will come with its own set of instructions.

How to Get Your Wet Dog Back on a Boat?

It’s important to consider how you’ll get your wet dog back on your boat if you’re spending the day out boating with your best friend. You may have an older dog that is arthritic and unable to get up and down ladder ramps.

A special boating ramp for dogs is an added safety measure for owners of hyperactive dogs. You’ll want a dog ramp for your pontoon boat if you have a wet dog breed like a Retriever.

How to Clean a Dog Boat Ramp?

If you are planning to keep a dog ramp for a long period of time, it’s a good idea to clean it every few months. A simple solution is to wash off the dirt and debris with warm water and soap. Then rinse thoroughly. After that, dry the ramp completely by blowing air at it. Be sure to blow away the dust and dirt particles.

Boating & Swimming with Dogs

You can enjoy some time in the water with your puppy by boating. However, before you take your dog on board a pontoon boat, make sure it’s suitable for the animal, and make sure all safety measures have been taken to keep them safe. It’s important to bring things like life jackets, sunscreen, and plenty of water. 

You should make sure your boat is large enough for your puppy to move around in, and that the sides are high enough so he will remain safe.

Dog breeds the size of Labradors can be accommodated by any boat, from small centers console boats such as the Boston Whaler to midsized boats like sailboats and cabin cruisers.

Where to put a ramp or ladder on a pontoon boat?

You should place the ramp or ladder near the bow of the boat so that there isn’t too much distance between the ramp and the water.

If possible, try to position the ramp so that the ramp extends over the bow of the boat. This will help prevent the ramp from getting caught in the propeller.

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Are steps or a ramp better for dogs?

A dog suffering from arthritis may have pain, speed up joint degeneration, and ultimately be unable to hop up and down as the disease progresses.

Ramps are a better alternative to stairs for senior dogs and dogs with joint ailments who find it increasingly difficult to climb stairs.

Do you need a dog boat ramp for a pontoon boat?

The answer is yes. If you own a pontoon boat, you must have a dog ramp for your pet. There are many reasons why owning a dog ramp is essential. Let us help you find the right one for your needs.

The Advantages of a Dog Boat Ramp or Ladder

Consider your dog’s weight, size, activity level, etc., before choosing a dog boat ramp or ladder. Usually, a few cords attach the dog boat ramp to the pontoon. You can also attach some dog ladders to the boat’s side.

You give your dog extra safety measures in and out of the water when you use a dog boat ramp. Your dog will move more freely. There are also mini docks that can be attached easily to the underside of a deck. 

These ramps are slightly submerged under the water, as you can see. The advantage of using these is that your pup will have a place to stand after swimming. However, you should always keep your dog safe in the water by using a dog life jacket.

Other benefits

You can benefit from using a dog boat ramp for your beloved pup in several ways. A dog boat ramp is a must-have for any dog owner who loves spending time around water!

Getting out for water sports with your dog is easy peasy lemon squeezy with dog water ramps. These advantages include:

Dogs are natural swimmers, but that does not negate the anxiety that comes with boarding a boat, especially a small one. It is important for your pet to feel safe while boating, so a dog boat ramp is essential. A dog swimming pool is also an option so that they can enjoy themselves indoors.

There is a tendency for dogs to be reluctant to get inside a boat, so you will have to pick them up. It’s okay for a small or medium-sized dog, but I doubt you would enjoy carrying a 200-pound St. Bernard. When lifting your large pet, you can avoid breaking your back by using a dog boat ramp.

Dog boat ramps can be used for a variety of purposes. You can use the ramp for a variety of uses when you’re not out at sea, such as getting into the car or ascending a high bed.

What is the Best Way for Your Dog to Go Out on a Boat for the First Time?

To get your puppy accustomed to the sounds and vibrations of the boat, it is best to start with short boat trips. You should also train your dog to walk on the dock or jump from the dock into the ocean.

It would be helpful if you rewarded your dog with a favorite treat and encouraged him to behave. Do not force him onto the boat or into the water.

You can introduce your dog to water by using a rowboat, canoe, or kayak. It is important to do this when the weather is nice. It is best to avoid small sailboats and Sunfish, Lasers, and Jet Skis. 

Get your pup used to the water by boat with an experienced dog boater who can explain the ropes to you. Make sure to cover your dog’s eyes with dog goggles to protect them from dryness and flying debris and block out UV light.

How do you transport a dog on a boat?

If you are transporting your pet on a boat, make sure that he has access to freshwater. You will need to keep his food in a safe place and store any medications in their original containers.

Use a dog crate or basket to take your dog on board if possible. Keep your dog’s leash attached to something sturdy so that he does not slip off the boat while being transported.

How do you make a dog ramp less slippery?

Make sure that there is no ice on the surface of the ramp before taking your dog out on the boat. Once the ice melts, it could cause serious injury to your dog. To prevent this, you may consider using a non-skid mat underneath the ramp.

Are dog ramps worth it?

Yes! They help dogs feel more comfortable around boats. They can even be used to safely launch your dog into the water. Just remember to always supervise your dog while he is on the ramp.

Are ramps good for dogs?

Ramps allow dogs to have fun at the lake without having to worry about getting wet. However, they are not suitable for all types of boats. Some boats are too large or unstable to fit over a ramp. Dogs may also fall through the gaps between the decking boards.

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Are ramps better than stairs?

In most cases, ramps have less slope than stairs of the same total rise, so the cardiovascular cost of negotiating a ramp is less than that of negotiating stairs.

Due to the flatter slope, a fall on a ramp may also be easier to arrest than a fall on stairs. Even so, ramps aren’t without their problems.

What is the best way to maintain dog boat ramps?

Dog boat ramps come in several varieties, and their maintenance and cleaning procedures may differ.

Regardless of the material or size of the dog boat ramp, there are a few steps that must be followed. Among them are:

When you get home, wash off any dirt or debris with a pet-friendly detergent

Store the ramp in a clean area after wiping off any water or soap residue

To prevent any damage to the dog ramp, keep it out of reach of children and the dog himself

What is the best way to install a dog boat ramp?

Manufacturers and sellers usually provide a setup guide for setting up the product. Various ramps are foldable, some come with ropes, and others come with detailed instructions.

This is why you should look for an easy-to-install dog boat ramp before purchasing one.

How big is your boat opening?

You will need to take a few measurements before purchasing a dog boat ramp to ensure that it will fit your dog.

Telescoping or folding dog boat ramps

There is more room with telescopic dog boat ramps, and the surface slope is less steep. You have more flexibility with a folding ramp. You can also fold up folding ramps to make storage easier.

Is it within your budget?

Ramps for dogs are usually more than $100 and range up to several hundred dollars. 

When embarking on a boating adventure with your furry best friend, the American Kennel Club (AKC) suggests you should do the following.

The first time the boat is docked, let the visitors visit on board while the boat is docked.

Other safety tips for dog owners on boats include:

Put life jackets on your dogs when the boat is moving or whenever you cannot closely supervise them.

Prepare a first aid kit for your pets.

Be prepared in case your dog falls overboard.

Verify any regulations pertaining to pets on boats with your local and state authorities.

A day at the beach is a great way to enjoy the weather when it’s nice outside. If you’re out on a boat or at the beach, you should always watch your dog closely and take frequent breaks so they don’t get tired. 

Additionally, you should not allow your dog to drink seawater or lake water and provide him with plenty of fresh drinking water that you should always keep nearby.

Use collapsible camping bowls when boating to make transportation easier. Fido can also benefit from boat ramps for dogs as part of a family’s safety measures.

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Final Thoughts

Your dog’s weight increases whenever they emerge from the water after swimming. This is especially true if the dog is a large breed. When making a final purchase, it is important to consider this aspect.

You can use the ramps to help your canine get into the boat if he or she isn’t much of a swimmer.

If you’re looking for a boat ramp for your dog, be sure to pay attention to the product’s material, size, and capacity. Best wishes to you and your furry pal.

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