Are Akitas good with kids? Important Facts about Akitas

Are Akitas good with kids? Akitas have been widely regarded as protective of their owner and are often shy or silent with strangers and guests. If you are planning to have children or are already expecting one, then you need to do some thorough research. Since temperament is incredibly variable you never know how your child will react. Thanks for reading, you should read this post to know what you need. Akitas good family dogs? In general, Akitas aren’t good dogs for children. They’re huge, powerful, and strong and will be aggressive when they need protection.

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are akitas good with kids

Is Akita hypoallergenic?

Some 10% of American adults have a dog allergy. In most homes, hypoallergenic dogs are the most important factor. No one wants to experience allergies to his/her dog, or stop his or her interaction with him if he gets hurt in some way. Sadly, many people don’t understand that allergies to dogs are not caused only by a hair and you can get allergic to some of them: they can be sensitive to saliva, urine, dander, etc.

It is very important to find out which dog is causing your allergy before deciding whether it’s worth getting another one. If you’re going to adopt a puppy from an animal shelter, make sure that you know what kind of breed he/she has (for example, a Labrador Retriever is more likely to cause allergies than a Chihuahua).

This means that even the less shedding dogs do not have hypoallergenic characteristics. It is actually impossible for humans to have hypoallergenic breeds anymore. Some animals however may be more suitable than other animals when the allergy is to dander or hair, but it does not cause much loss.

Are Akitas dangerous?

Akitas have strong protective instincts. The dog is not capable of attacking humans. However, due to his power and “scissor-like”, bites are not possible to open until the dog chooses. In addition, they never attack the owners without being properly trained. It’s a dog that possesses courage and confidence naturally and protects its owners if necessary. If handled poorly, the Akita may cause severe damage. The Akita is extremely aggressive to people and has a high tolerance for similar sexual behavior. It takes time and socialization to overcome this tendency.

How do you train your Akita for kids?

Akita are highly intelligent, which is a prerequisite for obtaining a higher-level education. However, Akita is not the easiest dog for training. They’re smart but equally capable with willpower. They’re not dogs who can hear you if you want them doing something. Akita wants to be assertive – they often bore when training. Their knowledge is sometimes used by others for a particular purpose. Training Akita requires some skill. They are best able to receive retraining. The form for training is poor. In addition, a kite must demonstrate respect during training.

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Teaching Your Children to Behave Around Your Akita

You must train the Akitas to be friendly and gentle with children as well as teach your child to behave properly with them. You should help children develop an intimate bond with their pets by gently handing and patting their fur. Give them a lesson on treating animals with respect. Keep them informed of the possibility of dangerous dogs and how should we treat them? Make the kids aware that their behaviors and actions can damage their dogs and can even damage them. Teach them to never hit or kick your dog, and to never leave your dog alone with small children.

How should kids behave around Akitas?

Children should know about proper manners of interacting and playing with Akitas. It might be even more crucial that it must be thought about in advance. It’s important that children understand the way to be a good pet owner. It should always be noted that you have children who don’t care for an AKITA. When you are teaching a child the proper behavior of their dog make sure to put in the proper punishment if it hurts the dog in any way. Animals should receive kindness and respect and this will give them an invaluable life lesson.

The best thing to do is to teach your child how to interact properly with all animals. This includes teaching them how to walk on a leash when they go outside, how to clean up after themselves, how to play safely, and how to treat others with kindness.

Are Akitas easy to train?

Training dogs may prove challenging for the Akita Inu who has a strong will and is easily bored. Training willfully Akitas can be arduous and requires knowledge, experience, and patience. The Akita is a breed that can be very challenging. It is advisable to work closely with coaches who understand the range. Take your preparations in mind. You only need to be patient while keeping the Akite strong. The boy would have to prove himself as a wonderful companion. It’s rewarding to praise Akito during training.

Are Akitas dangerous for children?

An Akita could cause danger to children however again this is dependent upon the dog, personality, temperament, and environment of raising. It turns on his protective instinct. Akitas have a complex personality that is incredibly difficult to raise. These protective, powerful & reserved dogs have renowned guarding instincts. The guard dog makes great guard dogs for these reasons. This instinct is dangerous when it is indiscriminate, so young kids will feel much less vulnerable to a tame predator.

Are Akitas good guard dogs?

Absolutely. You won’t need security systems if this breed is brought back. They can be incredibly steadfast in loyalty, strong-hearted, vigilant and they can protect themselves easily. During his stay with his family, the Akita will look for clues in their home immediately and will be inspected. But unlike most dog  breeds, they do it quietly. Barking can only be sparked when the alarm has arrived and there are a lot more sounds. It is important not to take the bark of Akita very seriously.

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are akitas good with kids

Do Akitas Shed A Lot?

In most dogs sexes, Akita is clean and usually has little odor. They also need little to be groomed, even though their double coat is very thick. It sheds hardly throughout the year though has two ‘blowouts a year’. A blowout means that your Akita sheds its hair so intensely that its hair can spread to your entire home. It’s not the best time to have an allergy-prone dog. Keeping the shed under control is important to keep it from happening.

Do Akitas bark a lot?

No, Akitas won’t start barking until they have a logical reason to. But if they do they can be quite vocal. However, Akitas are not silent breeds except with strangers who are known for singing and talking often. Some akita owners report that Akitas’s views are always valid and they are sure to speak out. It may sound like grunts and mumbling and can also sound a little like singing!

Things to Consider When Owning An Akita And Having Kids

Choosing a kita for children requires much thought from your side. Fortunately, Akita breeds are being bred with a lot of careful attention to temperament and a particular emphasis. Due to this, the Akita species has become much less aggressive. We have to remind ourselves of our dog’s characteristics. The Akita is a loyal companion and good family dogs. They love to please us and are eager to learn new things. They are also very intelligent and capable of learning commands quickly.

It is essential that you choose a healthy, mature adult male. Young puppies are often too energetic and playful and could possibly injure your child.

It is better to choose a female over a male because she tends to be calmer and easier to handle. However, males tend to be more dominant and naturally protective Akita Males are also known to be more vocal than females.

When choosing an Akita puppy, look at its eyes. Puppies with brown eyes are usually calm and easy to handle. If you’re looking for a puppy with blue eyes, then he may be more active and playful.

When selecting an Akita breed, consider the size of your home. A large house means more room for your dog to run around and play. Smaller houses mean that your dog would need to stay close to you.

If you plan to get a puppy, ask yourself whether you want one that is going to grow into a big dog or a smaller dog. Bigger dogs require more space and time to exercise. Larger dogs also take longer to mature. On the other hand, smaller dogs are easier to handle and are not as likely to cause injury to humans.

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Do Akitas Need A lot Of Exercises?

No, Akitas do not need much exercise. However, they do need a walk every day. An Akita needs several hours of exercise per week.

How Much Does An Akita Cost To Own?

The cost of owning an Akita depends on many factors such as: how old you select him/her; where you live; what kind of care you provide; and whether you want to own a pet or just a show dog. You should expect to spend between $800-$1,500 for a puppy and about $700-$900 for an older dog.

Is a Male or Female Akita Better for a Family?

Both genders make great pets. However, there are some advantages to having a female in the household. Females are generally quieter than males. They are also more docile and gentle. They are not as likely to bite when they feel threatened.

How Long Do Akitas Live For?

Akitas can live up to 15-20 years. They have a lifespan similar to most other medium-sized dogs.

Do Akitas Drool A Lot?

All dogs drool in some sense but a mistake will happen. Is it not ok when someone has seen something delicious? And your Akita will make you swoon. However, Akitas are an obliging breed and shouldn’t drool at all. Akitas will often drool because of these reasons:

The food they eat contains lots of salt which causes saliva to flow.

They are thirsty and drink water frequently.

Their tongues are long so they lick themselves clean after eating.

Akitas are highly sensitive to smells and they like to sniff everything.

Akitas are natural hunters and they love to chase prey. This makes them drool a lot when hunting.

Akitas are very affectionate and they love to cuddle up with people. So, if you see your dog drooling excessively, then it is best to wipe off his mouth with a wet cloth.

Are Akitas aggressive?

Bred originally in Japan as an effective hunter of wild boar deer and the much-feared Yezo Bears, the Akita definitely has an aggression capacity. According to the book author ‘Akiti’ Dan Rice, it can be hard — perhaps impossible — to change!

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are akitas good with kids

Activities for kids and Akitas

Spend time doing activities that involve children and Akita can promote bond-building times. What is a good activity for kids or Akita?


The Akita has many fun games for kids. This popular game encourages students to work collaboratively and is fun. There are many different exercise programs which involve the two children as well as the dog. It is also possible to have a photoshoot with your child at your house!

Training dogs

It is very important for your child to train their Akitas! That game will be interesting. Your children are encouraged to learn and have an enjoyable experience with the activity and your Akita gets lots!

Frisbee Toss

Akita will catch some of the Frisbies while in midair. It takes skill, coordination, and timing. Akita excels in these games. These are good energy burners for your child and Akita.

Hide and seek

Akita and the kids enjoy hiding out. You have the best chance of teaching the dog to wait until you get the call. If the kids see yours they may get a reward.

Bubble blowing

You could make your child play bubble blower for your Akito to capture. Some special flavors of bubbles are specially created to be used on dogs.


Your kid, Akita, will enjoy playing soccer together. Naturally, a dog’s nose is used for “kicking” around.

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Are Akitas really that bad?

The animals have a territorial nature that can strike strangers or even animals. It’s not a wise investment for first-time owners of dogs, and should not be used for those who don’t know how to handle such a pet. Akita is a stubborn, strong-willed dog which needs the assistance of a well-qualified and trained dog owner.

Are Akitas aggressive to humans?

Akita is a courageous hound, a natural shyer about strangers but incredibly loyal to his home. They’re able, smart, and courageous. They’re often aggressive in regard to another pet, particularly a dog of a similar sex. This is best for the home with one or more dogs.

are Akitas good with other dogs?

Yes, Akitas are great with other dogs. They’re naturally protective of their family and friends. But they do need training and supervision. A properly trained Akita will never attack another animal unless provoked.

What are some pros of owning an Akita?

There are many advantages of having an Akita. The most obvious advantage is that this breed is known for its loyalty and intelligence. Akitas are intelligent and athletic. They are extremely friendly towards humans and other pets. They are very active and energetic. They are very playful and love to run and chase balls.

What are some cons of owning an Akita?

The biggest disadvantage of owning an Akita is that it requires a lot of attention and care. An Akita needs daily walks, grooming, feeding, and training. In addition, they require regular checkups from a veterinarian.

How to Train your Akita to be Good with Kids and Babies?

If you want to teach your Akita to be good with kids then you must start from the beginning. You must understand what makes them tick and why they behave the way they do. To begin with, you must take your Akita to obedience classes where he will learn basic commands like sit, down, stay, come when called, etc. Once your Akita has mastered these basic commands, you can go ahead and teach him to obey commands related to kids and babies.

Akita Puppy Training Tips:

  • 1) Be firm and consistent.
  • 2) Never hit your Akita.
  • 3) Don’t yell at your Akita.
  • 4) Always praise your Akita when he does something right.
  • 5) Give lots of treats.
  • 6) Always use positive reinforcement.
  • 7) Keep your Akita away from children and other animals.
  • 8) Make sure that your Akita gets plenty of exercises.
  • 9) Have fun!
  • 10) Do not leave your Akita alone with small children. 

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 Are Akita a Good family member?

An Akita is a wonderful companion for any family. They make excellent guard dogs as well as loving pets. They are highly trainable and obedient. Akitas are also affectionate and have a high tolerance level for children. If you decide to get an Akita, you’ll find yourself in good company with thousands of people all over the world who own Akitas.

Final Thoughts on Akita’s Kids

Akitas are a loyal dog breed that loves to play and protect their families. They’re very smart and athletic and need lots of exercise. Their coats require regular brushing and trimming. You should know what kind of environment you’d be willing to provide for them before adopting an Akita.

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