Neurodoglux mission is to rescue dogs from shelters and adopt them to loving homes. We provide both novice and experienced dog owners with all the necessary information.

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Neurodoglux provides reliable and useful information about dogs, including:

Dog’s Nutrition education: This is where we discuss the things we’ve discovered and researched. There is a myriad of foods your dog can and cannot consume.

Dog Breeds: Learn more about your family member, or any future members.

Dog Training: It is essential to teach your dog how to behave and guide them in how to react and behave. We provide some simple advice and other articles to aid you in becoming more knowledgeable in your training and assist your dog to develop their behavior.

This is essential in establishing lasting positive relationships. We’re happy to share our knowledge and what we’ve discovered and learned with you so that you don’t need to.

Dogs Health: Basic Health issues that are often discussed when you have Dog. These can help you master the basics and get knowledgeable. This is in no way a substitute for or replaces medical advice. Consult your vet.

Product Reviews: Here we review products that we’ve reviewed to make it easier for you to focus on choosing the best products for your furry companions.

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Why We Are Trusted

Every single post is written by a professional with the intention to aid ordinary dog owners to learn more about their pets how to train and handle them, and how how to take care of their dogs.

We’re using our writers’ and team members’ experiences as well as input from experts in dog care. Our guides and articles are thoroughly researched and include evidence-based scientific references.