10 Reasons Why my dog stinks no matter what i do

Reasons Why my dog stinks no matter what I do?

If you don’t brush your dogs’ teeth and give them water, they could get bad breath. Also, if you let them lick out of the garbage or off of dirty dishes, they can develop a stank mouth.

They are eating their poop! Please make sure that your pet is not eating its own fecal matter. Smells like a fish?

Dogs especially like to eat their own poop because it contains nutrients such as vitamins and minerals that they may be lacking in their diet.

1- Intestinal Parasites: Your dog would stink really bad if he/she has a parasite such as tapeworms, roundworms, hookworms, etc. These parasites live inside your pet’s intestines, among other things, infections, so they will smell since they have a high metabolism.

2- Smelly Dog Foods: When selecting dog foods, always check the label and pick out one that is of higher quality as this will give them more nutrients that your pet’s body needs to function properly. Lower quality food may contain fillers or other products such as by-products which may make your pet stink!

3- Diseases: If you notice any changes in the way your pet’s stool looks or smells, then it could be a sign of worms or parasites in their system or possibly even cancer if he/she has been sick for a while. Consult with your doctor immediately so they can diagnose what it is and prescribe treatment accordingly. Also, if there are any visible lumps on your dogs’ skin or if they are sneezing or have a cough, make sure you take them to the vet.

4- Genetics: If your dog comes from a long line of smelly dogs, then it may be genetic, and he/she won’t ever stop stinking no matter how many times you bathe them! Also, if their coat is naturally oily like that of a pug or an English bulldog, then they will always smell no matter how much grooming you give them.

5- Pregnancy: During pregnancy, dogs tend to smell due to hormone changes in their body as well as other ailments and tiredness. This can be prevented by exercising throughout the day. Also, try shaving your female down for easier cleanups after she

6- DENTAL PROBLEMS: If your dog’s breath smells really bad or they have bleeding gums, then it is likely that the problem is not their teeth, but rather that there are serious problems in your pet’s mouth. Consult a veterinarian to find out what may be causing this issue and how to get rid of it!

7- Pets stinking can also be from health-related reasons such as allergies, diabetes, kidney disease, liver disease, heart/lung disease, etc… So please take your dog for regular checkups

8- Bad Diet: Dogs can eat like any other carnivores and are usually fed meat-based foods containing fillers etc. These fillers ultimately lead to an unhealthy digestive system which makes your pooch smell terrible!

9- Bad Skin: If your dog has open wounds or is scratching themselves, then their skin is most likely infected and will smell really bad! This can be treated by bathing them with a special medicated soap and applying an ointment afterward. Just make sure you don’t use too much water, or else it may reopen the wound!

10- Sweaty Pits: Underneath dogs’ armpits (or near their tail) is where they sweat the most; this leaves behind an odor that smells like rotten eggs! A solution to these smelly pits would be to get rid of any mats on their coat around those areas as well as keeping them clean-shaven from time to time so that bacteria doesn’t grow there.

my dog stinks no matter what i do
my dog stinks no matter what i do

How to Get Rid of Dog Smell in your House?

There are a few ways you can get rid of the dog smell in your house! If the smell is coming from outside, such as the grass or maybe where they poop, then make sure you spray it with something containing enzymes like nature’s miracle.

This will eliminate any bad smells by breaking down the molecules that create them! Natures Miracle also has fantastic deodorizing sprays for pet stains which can be applied to the carpet and/or furniture, so everything smells clean again.

If the smell is coming from inside (ex. It’s coming from your dogs’ bed!), then spray Febreeze on their blankets, etc…

Also, use a product containing enzymes called Odo-Ban, which is a carpet cleaner as well as a deodorizer! This product can be used on skunk odor and other odors like cigarettes, urine, vomit, blood…. So your house will smell clean again in no time.

What to do when you cant get rid of the dog smell, or you have guests over?

In this case, it might be a good idea to buy some Febreeze air fresheners that can be hung from doorknobs and whatnot around the house.

Also, essential oils such as lavender are known for their ability to eliminate bad smells.

You can also make your own absorbent cleaning spray by mixing 2 cups of white vinegar with water in a spray bottle; just make sure it’s placed in a room that is not used often.


Step1: Prepare the space. I would recommend turning off the lights and closing the door. If you have a wood or tile floor or any room that you do not wish to get wet, then cover it with plastic carpet runners (Rubbermaid squares work great for this).

Step2: Take your dog outside so that they can relieve themselves because some may want to go during bath time. Also, make sure there is no hair around their private parts which will be exposed once we begin bathing them.

Step3: Put on tight-fitting rubber gloves, and wear clothes you don’t mind getting stained since most of the water used in baths ends up on your body if you’re trying to clean up your dogs’ backside as well theirs paws from dirt/mud.

Step4: Next, fill up the bathtub with a few inches of warm water and put in your specially prepared dog shampoo. If you have one that’s formulated specifically for odor elimination, then use that.

Make sure, though, to turn off any hot water heaters if the prepared bath is taking place upstairs since hot water rises.

I know what you’re thinking “Why don’t we take them downstairs where there’s already hot water?” Because there are usually more steps involved since most actual bathing takes place on the 2nd floor (I did say prepare yourself!).

So now begin washing and be careful not to get any soap or shampoo inside your dogs’ ears! Don’t even ask me how I know this…lol

Step5: Once your dog is all washed and rinsed, it’s time to dry them off. So start with their back end. The water tends to travel down there quicker than any other part of their body, so doing this first will help you save more time! (Any additional drying can be done with a blow-drier on low heat.)

Step6: Your last step would be brushing out your dogs’ coat! And that’s it… I hope this article helped some of you out in your bath times as well as gave you new tips for keeping your home clean from pet odors.

Bathing your dog is one of the easiest ways to get rid of bad smells! First, you will want to make sure that your pet has been brushed or combed before bathing, and a small brush can be used in between baths.

This helps to remove loose hair and dead skin, so it doesn’t clog up the drain during bath time. Also, be sure not to use too much water when rinsing off the shampoo, as this can lead to knots within their fur!

Pet shampoos should contain moisturizers to prevent drying out their skin and oil, which attracts dirt/odors such as dog’s doggy odor!

When using dry shampoos on pets, always remember not to spray near their eyes since some ingredients can be toxic for them!

Here are a few examples of good dog shampoos:

1.Earthbath All Natural Dog Shampoo & Conditioner, Oatmeal, and Aloe Vera Formula (16 oz):
This Oatmeal formula contains aloe vera, which is great for calming your dog’s skin that may have dry or itchy patches! Also, this shampoo has no artificial colors or scents, and it has been dermatologist tested as well as approved by the animal rights organization “PETA”! This product also comes with a conditioner, so you are getting two products at one affordable price.

2.Oliver’s Dog Shampoo with Oatmeal and Aloe. Shea Butter for Smelly Dogs:
This product contains oatmeal which is great for soothing dry skin and a delicious Shea Butter scent. This shampoo also has some aloe vera which helps to soothe the skin of your pet as well. It’s tough on dirt but gentle enough for regular baths!

3.Bubble Bath For Dogs Sensitive Skin 16 fl oz:
This is a fun bubble bath that will make your pet smell fresh and clean without causing any irritation or being too drying for their skin! It can be used with dogs of all ages, including puppies or kittens! You only need one cap full per bath, meaning this bottle will last quite a while!

my dog stinks no matter what i do

My dog stinks 2 days after bath, what should I do?

If your dog is stinky 2 days after a bath, the chances are that you didn’t rinse the shampoo out all the way. Dogs have hair and skin that trap smells.

This is due to their oily coats. To get rid of the doggy smell, use some dish soap (Dawn/ Joy) in warm water and bathe them again just like before.

Dilute 1 tbsp of soap with 1 cup warm water and run it over them. After rinsing out the soapy water, follow up with another thorough rinse in clean water!

If you still smell dog odor after this last bath, try cleaning their bedding or buy anti-odor sprays/fabric fresheners!

The best thing about these sprays is that they help to eliminate odors and discourage your pet from going to the same spot where he/she peed on!

I just bathed my dog, but now I can still smell him. How do I get rid of this?

If there is a noticeable scent within 24 hours after washing, then we have 3 results:

1) you didn’t follow the directions properly(see above).

2) you’re using poor quality or old shampoo.

3) your pet’s skin doesn’t need bathing at all. Try giving them a bath no more than once a month so as not to dry out their skin. If it continues to be an issue, try finding a new cleaner (and leave us feedback if you find one that works!)

Pet fur can make your house dirty and smelly over time. It is important to vacuum weekly in order to get rid of accumulated hairs. You can also try using a lint roller on your throw rugs/carpets/sheets for easy cleanup!

If you have hardwood or linoleum floors, try sweeping daily or every other day to keep them from getting too dirty or stinky! Make sure you are not using harsh cleaners as they may dry out your pet’s skin, causing irritation which will lead to more itching or scratching!

Bad smell in old dogs because of food what should I do?

The odor of a dog’s breath is caused by the build-up of bacteria in their mouth. Just like people, they need to brush and floss their teeth daily. However, food treats are easy to give but hard to take away as bad breath can be a result of these!

Bad smell from my dog’s paws what should I do?

Very similar to humans, dogs have sweaty feet that attract dirt/debris over time, making them smelly after a while! To get rid of this problem, you will need some glycerine soap for dogs, a towel, and your dog’s foot.

Wash him/her as you normally would, but when done, rinse with cool water, then dry off with a wet towel, press the dirty side on their paws to help remove any dirt or stray hair that escaped earlier!

I need to bathe my puppy what should I do?

When it comes to bathing puppies, many things come into play. How active are they? Are they allergic to products? Do you have time every few days to clean up after them? What kind of hair do they have (short/long)?
If you answered yes to most of those questions, then here is what we recommend: A puppy between the age of 2-3 months should be bathed twice a week.

The first bath should be warm water and a mild shampoo with no conditioner. The second bath annually should have some baby/pet odor spray mixed in for rinsing purposes!

The main issue with bathing puppies is that their skin will get irritated easily due to all the changes going on inside them during these early ages.

My dog still smells even after giving it a good bath? Can I give it another?

Giving 2 baths back to back is recommended, but if you really need to use another one after the first bath, do not follow these instructions that are for the first time use.

-Give 50% dilution of warm water (use a ratio of 1 cap shampoo with 2cups of warm water). Wash your pet thoroughly, then let him/her stand in place for 10 minutes. After this time, clean and rinse the area again. If it still has an odor, try using lemon or vinegar rinses!

Bathing your dog too often can dry out their skin and cause irritations, so try giving them baths no more than once a month!

As many dogs owners know, bathing is also hard on clothes from tearing off collars and dislodging leashes during the process. We recommend washing or swapping out your clothes before and after every bath for the sake of getting the most use out of them!

How to clean a dog with sodium bicarbonate?

We recommend using a 1:5 ratio of warm water to sodium bicarbonate (use a ratio of 1 cap shampoo with 2cups of warm water).

Wash your puppy thoroughly, then let him/her stand in place for 15 minutes. After this time, clean and rinse the area again.

My dog’s ears smell what should I do?

It is not uncommon to see that some dogs have crusty or smelly ears after bathing. This happens due to an accumulation of dirt and dead skin over time!

To get rid of this issue, you will need some glycerine soap for dogs, a towel, and your dog’s ear.

Wash him/her as you normally would, but when done, rinse with cool water, then dry off with a wet towel, press the dirty side on their ears to help remove any dirt or stray hair that escaped earlier!

my dog stinks no matter what i do

Why My dog smells rotten?

This usually happens when the dog gets into anything past their mouth like rocks or sticks. It can lead to infections in the stomach and bowels!

To treat this, put a little sugar water down his throat with a dropper twice daily until it clears up.

Why My dog smells like rotten meat?

This usually happens when the dog eats a spoiled cut of meat. The meat then begins to rot in the stomach, causing a horrible smell that will affect anyone around him.

Why My dog is smelling like a skunk?

This can happen after your dog rubs their scent gland against something or steps on something foul!

If you have not found where it came from, try buying some perfume or cologne for dogs and dabbing a bit of it behind the ear and in the groin area.

Should I give my pet vitamins?

This is highly dependent on how healthy your pet eats!
-If they eat a large amount of chicken/fish, then yes, because this has omega fatty acids in them, which are great for skin/hair health!
-If they do not eat much, they are already getting everything they need from their daily food!

My puppy’s ears smell like corn chips! Why?

Most likely, your puppy has gotten into something that is not safe for him/her to eat, like leftover food or trash!

Try washing his/her mouth with water and rub soap on his/her nose or call your vet immediately if you find any other symptoms.

How to Make the Odor Go Away?

There are many ways you can get rid of your dog’s smell! We recommend using these methods to make your life with a dog much more enjoyable.

-Vinegar. They have used this since the old days because vinegar is natural and works great on breaking down organic compounds causing smells! You can mix it about 50/50 with water or use it by itself if the smell isn’t too bad.

-Baking soda will also help break up oils, smelly stains, and dirt. If you do not want to use vinegar as a base, then you could pour baking soda right over the stain and leave it overnight, then vacuum in the morning for best results!

Using both of those items together will be the best method to clean up the smell!

You will be amazed at how well it works and how fast you can get rid of that stinky, rotten odor.

How do I treat my dog for Hydrocephalus?

Hydrocephaly is a condition where fluid builds up in your pet’s skull, which pushes against his/her brain causing him/her to lose coordination.

Most often, this occurs after birth, but there may be times where the dog could have been injured and is taking longer to heal than normal.

You should take your puppy to a vet right away. If they are having trouble balancing or walking normally, then you could schedule an appointment for a proper diagnosis!

If left untreated, hydrocephaly can lead to severe brain damage or even death! You know your pet better than anyone else, so if you think something is wrong, then don’t hesitate to get help immediately!

How do I get my dog to stop stinking?

Brush your dog regularly to distribute natural oils on his or her skin and fur. It will ensure that they have a nice coat for their hair.

You can also give them treats and chews with chicken, salmon, or peanut butter flavor, which are great for keeping bad breath at bay!

How do I get my dogs smell out of the house?

You should sweep or vacuum every day! This will get rid of any dust from your floors that has accumulated from dog hairs/fur.

This is especially important if you own a shedding breed such as huskies!

If you want to keep the house smelling fresh, try placing an air purifier in strategic areas around your home (an example would be near pet beds)! This not only filters the air but keeps your house smelling good as well!

my dog stinks no matter what i do
my dog stinks no matter what i do

How do I get rid of that damp dog smell in my house?

Damp dogs can be smelly, and you need to dry them off completely after a bath or trip out to the water. Make sure to give them a towel rub down before letting them into your home.

If they have wet hair from running or swimming, then wipe them down with towels prior to entering. Some puppers like soaking first thing in the morning and shake themselves dry outside for their daily shower!

It’s important that you make sure all excess moisture is removed so there aren’t any issues with mold/mildew growing on their fur, which will cause the area where they lay (carpets, beds, etc.) to begin to smell; musty!

Why does my dog have a bad odor all the time?

A bad smell from your dog all the time could be a medical condition. Dogs need to have routine checkups at the vet to ensure they are healthy!

If you want to see a difference with bad breath, try brushing and flossing their teeth daily. You can also buy them collars or dental treats that will help keep their mouth cavity clean as well!

Your dogs’ old skin consists of dead cells and needed nutrients for healthy skin growth and renewal. When not shaved/trimmed/brushed on a consistent basis, fur can create hairballs in an animal’s stomach, causing discomfort and even vomiting.

Most pet grooming experts recommend that dogs should have their nails trimmed every month. This is because long nails can cause your dog to be uncomfortable running and playing. If they scratch on the wrong surface, it can also cause damage to the nail bed which can lead to infection.

As you walk into a pet store or online shopping site, you are sure to see many grooming kits for sale! It is important for your pet’s health that you choose the right one as improper grooming can make them more prone to diseases! Here are some tips when choosing a groomer:

There are very specific reasons why your dog needs its nails trimmed and fur shaved/brushed out regularly. They include, but are not limited to:

If your dogs’ feet get dirty from being outside often, then it may be a good idea to have them bathed occasionally! It is best to choose a shampoo that doesn’t have any aroma/scent in it if your dog has bad breath.

Make sure when they are all done, you give them a nice warm bath and put them on a fresh towel for that post-bath smell!

There are several everyday habits you may not be aware of that can turn your dog’s fur into a smelly mess fast! Here are the top 3 reasons why:

  • 1 Long hair dogs need grooming because their long fur can shed dirt and oils, leading to an unpleasant smell. Long hair also collects dust and other allergens making your pet more prone to diseases such as asthma or eczema.
  • 2 Dogs with short hair get dirty just like long hair dogs. Their coats can’t be brushed enough to get the dirt out or absorb sweat/oil, which leads to a stinky smell. Shaved dogs also need grooming because it is very easy for them to have an overgrowth of fur in their ears.
  • 3 Dogs that are not trimmed properly get dirty extremely fast and will start smelling very quickly! If you don’t want your dog to have excess fur all over the place, then please groom them every two weeks or as frequently as possible. Keeping your dog bathed/brushed/shaved on a regular basis will help keep their coat healthy and prevent any bad smells from developing over time!

How do I stop my dog’s bad odor?

If you’re going to keep your pet dog, you must learn how to eliminate the bad odor from their body. You might think that there are many ways of doing this, but hoo boy!

It takes only one or two simple tips and tricks to make them stop smelling bad. If anyone around you tells you that it is too hard for them to do it on their own, then we suggest strongly that you get it done at a dog grooming salon as they have experts who can help to trim the fur of your pets and also get rid of all the dirt stuck in their skin without causing any pain or panic in your beloved pal.

Or better yet, why don’t you just figure out how they smell so bad in the first place and then cleanse them yourself? It is very easy to do so if you follow these few tips. We will go into detail below:

my dog stinks no matter what i do

For Shaved Dog’s Smell Solution :

It is best to bathe your dog every week or two as that helps keeps their skin fresh and healthy.

You can balance things out by giving them shampoo baths less frequently but making sure that they are being groomed with a conditioner every day!

Groomers recommend using a brush for longer hair dogs which gives them a much fresher tone of fur and also helps promote new growth.

If you don’t want to use an air freshener inside your house, we suggest keeping your windows open as often as possible.

This not only keeps the house fresh but also helps improve your dog’s overall health by giving them a larger supply of oxygen to breathe in!

If you don’t want to use an air freshener inside your house, we suggest keeping your windows open as often as possible.

This not only keeps the house fresh but also helps improve your dog’s overall health by giving them a larger supply of oxygen to breathe in!

Avoid using pet sprays if you’re looking for a quick fix; they may mask the smell for a few seconds or minutes but will do nothing for long-term results.

Even deodorizing wipes and sprays are not recommended by most groomers because they can irritate your dog’s skin. Instead, you can opt for dog grooming services that offer professional advice on how to take care of your pet from all facets.

my dog stinks no matter what i do

For Long Hair Dog’s Smell Solution :

If you have a long hair dog but are not intending to keep their fur this way, then we suggest giving them regular brushing and shampoo baths.

You can use a thick conditioner that will help make the coat look better while also preventing any bad odor from developing over time.

Talk about excess fur! Shaved dogs should be trimmed every six weeks or as required by the groomer if they see it too long. We recommend using thinning shears that do not cut too much at once and cause any pain or panic in your dog.

The thinning shears help to itch and clear the undercoat without causing any damage to their precious skin!

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