10 Beautiful Dogs


1- Beagle

Beautiful Dogs: They are a good partner for adults and kids too, their nose is their guide, so they follow it at any time, and they can hunt hare.
They are very stubborn, so you have to be very careful when you play or walk with them.

Beautiful Dogs
Beautiful Dogs

2- Golden Retriever:

They like taking photos very much, which makes them lovely, active, and adorable, they also are powerful but not clumsy.
They have to be awake in any condition of hardworking, so they are always number one in hunting. Number Two From 10 Beautiful Dog

Beautiful Dogs

3- Dachshunds

You cannot use them for long-distance jumping, running, or swimming, but they are active, smart.
They have a lovely nature and special look, which makes many people love them at first sight.

Beautiful Dogs

4- American Eskimo Dogs

That type of dog known as the dog beautiful by their breeders because they always seem to be smiling all the time, they have so many beautiful colors, such as they have white nails and eyelashes, and black coat and eyes.

Beautiful Dogs

5- Siberian Husky Dogs

They are famous for their colors, you will find them brown, white, tan & black, silver, red, and black & white, and their eyes’ color blue and black, they can live in winter and snow climate because of their double coat, which protects them from cooling.
They are very smart and athletic, they are not guarding dogs, but they are very hard-working dogs.

Beautiful Dogs

6- Bernese Mountain Dogs

They can do many tasks in the farmlands, which had been learned by their breeders for pulling carts and herding cattle.
They are intelligent, trainable by nature, so calm and friendly with children, they can live for almost 8 years.

Beautiful Dogs

7- Labrador Retriever

It is very smart, so it earned a medal for helping in fisherman’s work retrieving fish from the North, pulling nets, and fetching ropes.
Its coat has many colors like black, yellow, and chocolate, it can live for almost 14 years.

Beautiful Dogs

8- Cairn Terrier

It is very kindly, intelligent, loyal, courageous, independent, and friendly with family members.
It can live about 15 years, its colors are cream, red, grey, black and brindle, its double coat is wiry and harsh.

Beautiful Dogs

9- Portuguese Water Dogs

They are very smart and love the water, so they can go in a team on fishing trips, take care of the fish into the nets, retrieving the lost tools.
Their colors are black & white, brown & white, white, brown, and black, they can live for 15 years.

Beautiful Dogs

10- Shiba Inu

It is strong, courageous, spirited, agile like cats, and confident, so it is going to hunt wild boar.
Its colors are red sesame, cream, black & tan, and it can live from 10 to 15 years.

Beautiful Dogs

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